Mr KRudd, please explain: What does “intercepted” mean?

Mohammedan welfare seekers keep invading Australia

Andrew bolt:

How Kevin Rudd’s navy “intercepts” boat people:

A media release issued by Home Affairs Minister Brendan O’Connor yesterday announced: “HMAS Broome. . . operating under the control of Border Protection Command, today intercepted a suspected irregular entry vessel in the vicinity of Christmas Island.”

In fact, the opposite was closer to the truth: the boat’s 41 passengers and three crew effectively intercepted HMAS Broome.

Sources on the island said the boat sailed under the nose of the patrol boat as it lay at anchor before arriving at Flying Fish Cove, the island’s harbour.

The Australian has been told authorities became aware of the vessel only after Australian Federal Police duty officers on the island received two phone calls from a heavily accented person, apparently an asylum-seeker using a mobile phone.

The Australian has been told that, in one of the calls, a male caller told the officer: “You need to come, you need to come.”

When asked where the caller was, the voice replied: “At Christmas Island. We arrived today.”

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The costs mount:

The 100th boat … brings the number of asylum seeker arrivals under the Rudd Government to 4386.At $80,000 each, according to official figures, boat people have already cost taxpayers an estimated $350 million to process on Christmas Island.
The cost of running Christmas Island has already blown out by $132 million this year, according to revised Budget estimates.