Blood on Kyrgyz streets ruled by demonstrators

The Australian

BISHKEK: Blood spreads around the body of a riot policeman on a Bishkek pavement as 120km away protesters beat his boss to death in his own headquarters.

As stun grenade explosions echoed across a capital torn by violence and chaos, protesters in Talas beat up Interior Minister Moldomusa Kongatiyev, forcing him to call off a crackdown by his officers on the rally in Bishkek.

Opposition activist Shamil Murat said Kongatiyev died after the beating in police headquarters in Talas, where the minister and Deputy Prime Minister Akylbek Zhaparov – who has been kidnapped by the protesters – went after violence exploded in the western city on Tuesday.

The square outside the offices of President Kurmanbek Bakiyev was engulfed in a choking fog of teargas and the crackle of automatic gunfire filled the air as the security forces charged the protesters and then retreated. More

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  1. WTF? Great reporting! I didn’t see this on any news sites. Drudge doesn’t have this. Thanks.

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