Crackpot on Steroids

Looks like Charles Johnson has gone so far over the cliff that he  can’t remember  whether he wants to be a lizard or a spiderman. (I crossed the “man” out for a reason)

The symbol-chasing loon will write  stories about “how I broke with the right” until the day when he converts to Islam and becomes a suicide bomber.

The great Nazi-hunter Charles Johnson bags another

Libelblogger Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs is dead and buried as a source that anyone takes seriously — even the New York Times did a post-mortem — but Johnson’s latest ridiculous discovery of neo-Nazis warrants a revisit to this whole sad affair.

Robert Spencer points out:

Weasel Zippers has found the comment above, in which Johnson says that he is “fairly sure” that the Tennessee state flag is a neo-Nazi emblem. Johnson himself is seething and whining about this: “the comments that followed minutes later in the same thread…I clearly concluded that the flag was a Tennessee flag.”

Well, that’s mighty generous and perspicacious of him, but he only did it after speculating about the Tennessee flag’s alleged resemblance to various neo-Nazi insignia:

Weasel Zippers:

Charles Johnson “Fairly Sure” the Tennessee State Flag is a Neo-Nazi Logo..Update: Someone Call the Waaaambulance, Charles Johnson is Being “Smeared by a Wingnut”…