France: Busted Burqa Momma is Fourth Wife of Polygamist on Benefits

Islamization Watch:

The incident has now reached ministerial level.

On Friday, the Interior Minister requested the Immigration Minister look into revoking the French nationality of the driver’s husband as information he possessed showed the man was a polygamist married to four women with 12 children.

“Each of these women benefit from single parent benefits and … each one wears the full veil,” Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux said in the letter seen by Reuters, adding he had asked the local authorities to look into possible benefit fraud.

“I would appreciate it, should these factors prove true, if you could study whether this individual could be stripped of the French nationality,” Hortefeux said, addressing Immigration Minister Eric Besson.

According to the woman’s Algerian-born husband acquired French nationality in 1999.

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Shocker: French Muslims complain of feeling “stigmatized” after woman fined for driving with vision obscured by niqab

The rules of “rock-paper-scissors” are more grounded in reality: here, hurt feelings trump safety behind the wheel. Indeed, this case is so much like others in which practices in the Muslim world, or by Muslims who continue those practices in the West: You can’t criticize without apologists claiming the problem does not really exist even as it stares them in the face, and if you do, you cannot possibly have any motive other than bilious, seething hatred.

An update on this story. “French muslims [sic] feel stigmatised in veil row,” from RTÉ News, April 25:

Muslims in the French city where a woman was fined for driving in an Islamic veil complained of being stigmatised by the affair as the political repercussions rumbled on.

With the government planning to ban the full Islamic veil in public, the fining of the French woman took a political turn when a minister threatened to punish her muslim husband for offences including polygamy.

‘The muslims of Nantes… are worried by this systematic stigmatisation which goes against the values of the Republic,’ the collective of Nantes mosques said in a statement.

There may be a certain urgency here to deflect attention from the practice of polygamy — that could be an entirely new proverbial can of worms, alongside the ongoing issue of the niqab. And there’s no better diversionary tactic than claiming victim status as loudly and as often as possible.

And, how about those “values of the Republic?” Does “liberty” apply only to the freedom to adhere to Islamic law? And how do “fraternity and equality” among Muslims and non-Muslims fare under Sharia?

The association ‘considers that the stopping of a driver is a judicial procedure and is angry at how such an event has been turned into being all about Islam.’

The woman has challenged the fine as a breach of her human rights.

Ah, yes. The fundamental, inalienable right to drive a large, heavy, and fast-moving piece of machinery while half-blind.

President Nicolas Sarkozy’s government said last week it would push ahead with a ban on wearing a full-face veil in public, despite a warning from state legal experts that such a law could be unconstitutional.

In this context, the Nantes incident gained political momentum and dominated the news this weekend.

France’s interior minister, Brice Hortefeux, alleged the woman’s husband may belong to a radical group and may be a polygamist with four wives and 12 children and guilty of welfare fraud. […]

The deputy mayor of Nantes, Socialist lawmaker Jean-Marc Ayrault, said the state authorities had known about the polygamy allegations for some time. ‘Why are they pretending just now to have discovered the situation? he said.

The state prosecutor in Nantes, Xavier Ronsin, said that so far no charge had been lodged against the husband but an investigation could be launched if there were grounds to suspect fraud.

Mr Hortefeux wrote that the husband was born in Algeria and acquired French nationality by marrying the woman in 1999.

Polygamy, being married to more than one person at the same time, is a jailable offence in France, but only civil marriages conducted by a state official count – not religious marriage ceremonies.

It was not clear whether the veiled woman’s husband was joined to his other alleged wives by civil marriage or by religious rites such as Muslim weddings.

As to whether the man could be stripped of his French nationality, a source close to the investigation said that French law allowed this only in the case of serious crimes against the state such as terrorism, not for polygamy.

Naturalised citizens can however have their nationality revoked if they are found to have obtained it fraudulently.

25 thoughts on “France: Busted Burqa Momma is Fourth Wife of Polygamist on Benefits”

  1. Sponge the jizyah, steal the exchequer. The european countries doing this charity will collapse one by one as these muhammadans take the state for a ride. 4 wives, 12 children this is pigs multiplying to slit your throats one day.

  2. The question is how many more of these parasites are stealing our social welfare funds? Social welfare is for citizens who are having difficulties, to support them until they can get back on their feet. Social welfare is not for parasitic islamists who are incapable of contributing to any country in a meaningful way.

  3. “France’s highest court has warned the government that a complete ban could be unlawful. It cold be a violation of Fance’s Constitution.”

    Hey, Constitutions are being changed all the time. We’ve seen it wherever Islam touches a country. It’s being changed daily in the US.

  4. Here in Canada the taxpayers are forced to fund cradle to grave welfare for Muslim polygamists. Instead of being ashamed that they are using our social saftey net they pat themselves on the back for abusing a system that was designed to give a person a hand up and a hand out. Five generation from now what will those communities look like when you have men and women who have never worked a day in their lives for decades? Well that’s England today at this moment.

  5. What a bunch of morons !!! Why do these people come to Europe? Why cant they thrive in that desert nation called Sordid ooh sorry… Saudi Arabia? Are they mad or disoriented??? Do they still think they are in the desert???

  6. How funny. I thought they treated infidels as ‘evil,’ yet clearly their money isn’t. (rolls eyes)

    I hope their kids take Western influence and grow up to be another religion or something. That’ll serve these people right.

  7. This is a joke….

    It’s funny to see people working everyday for a living… while trying to raise 2 kids withOUT welfare or any other help from the state, while at the same time paying taxes…

    And then, here come the baby jihad on welfare.. (happening in the UK and apparently also france, no clue about germany, italy or spain status in this new trend)….

    Please do Ban the Burqa and enforce it…
    Go Sarkozy…

  8. It is not a new trend. It has always been part of the plan. In 1980 , Muslim leaders said ,” We will not need to take Europe by the sword , we will take Europe with our children.” This is the plan everywhere.. In many countries they are also receiving free maternity services.

  9. I agree with you theresaj, this is the plan. We are the morons for allowing this to happen. Everyone in every western country knows this is going on and fail to make a formal complaint to their local political authorities. People everywhere are absolutely furious about these people but our lame dick politicians are doing nothing with three exceptions, Belgium, France and of course Holland. We are fighting for our very survival. Revoke all Islamic citizenship – Send them all back home. If we don’t we can say goodbye to the lives we know, the standard of living we have worked our guts out for, and our countries ruined for our children. GET ALL THE BASTARDS OUT NOW!!!!!!!

  10. Spot on Therese, spot on. Don’t think for a moment that our politicians are ignorant of this fact. It suits them to turn a blind eye to what is happening, because all these dole bludging parasite politicians and muslim turds are collectively taking the system for a ride. As pointed out, the dole system was put in place to assist and help citizens in between jobs. These desert, camel humping JIHADISTS have made our dole system a way of life. They are populating faster than rabbits with the sole purpose and intention of ruling our countries in the not too distant future.

  11. Deport all those wives that cheated on welfare benefits
    put the Frenchwoman to jail and strip her of parent rights
    all younger children are to be put on adoption, elder ones deported with parents. and when she will come out of jail, sue her for the rest of welfare benefits.
    I think if this would happen, baby jihad will die out in 2 years.

  12. If citizens of the world freaked out and started bombing Islamists in the market places and on the buses, OH the cry that would go up. “You can’t do that. That is inhumane. Profiling.”

    It wouldn’t mean squat if people said,” We learned it from the Islamists.”
    The Islamists would somehow turn it around with words that make sense only to them.

    I dread the day if it comes to an all out war with shootings and bombings but a wise man once wrote, “Where there is no justice, there is violence.”

    Countries of the world need to set limits on family assistance. Especially if the recipients are foreigners. They get no more than six months and that’s it. When the money runs out, their visa runs out, and back they go or to prison. That will at least reduce the abuse and may eventually stop it. Few would go to the trouble of relocating for only six months if they knew jail was waiting for them.

    Non-Islamic people better read and learn what Islamics intend for them or ignorance will NOT be blissful. They will be prisoners in their own homelands.

    Islamics do NOT play fair, they play to win and win it ALL.

  13. ozzman: Why do you call these people morons? Isn’t it we who are the morons for enabling and protecting a system that allows people to do just that?

    Back off for long enough to realise that the West, shackled to pc’ness over common sense, and with its protected rights of cradle to grave benefits that attracts feverish horde of parasites, is ultimately doomed to bankruptcy, political decay and social rupture. Take a look around you, it’s happening as you read, so please do not blame others when the fault lies with our own pigheaded complacency.

  14. Hugh | April 25, 2010 4:13 PM | Reply

    You either start dealing with this nightmare situation now, one that was entirely avoidable, and one that has been created, because of not a single but rather a series of confusions, misconceptions, the wish to satisfy felt but false needs, that explain how the advanced peoples of Western Europe, misled by the nearly-criminal negligence of their political and media elites, have created for themselves a hideous problem. For the large-scale Muslim presence in Western Europe has caused a situation, for the indigenous non-Muslims, and for non-indigenous but non-Muslim immigrants too, that is far more unpleasant, expensive, and physically dangerous — not to mention the dangers to the political and legal institutions, and cultural level and even cultural coherence — than would be the case without that large-scale presence.

    Now, here and there, political figures are trying to make the first steps that demonstrate they will no longer collaborate, or go along with others in the same political class who have collaborated, in this state of affairs. Sometimes the resistance takes the form of drawing a line and saying thus far, about such things as the minaret (entirely unnecessary, as is the muezzin’s wail, in the age when clock, watch, computer, radio, give the time) in Switzgerland, or the miqab or burqa, where the reasons obviously include public safety.

    And each little act of at-long-last resistance will cause the Muslims to be exposed more and more. In the case at hnad, the very idea that wearing a niqab while driving, or while sullenly, ungratefully, accepting the tribute of all the generous benefits that the French welfare state provides (a system created for, and for many decades paid entirely by, non-Muslims to provide for their fellow French, not for people who have arrived, permanently hostile ideology in their mental baggage, to take whatever advantage they can of that system).

    It turns out that the woman fined for wearing the niqab while driving is one of four wives of an Algerian Muslim who arrived ten years ago, managed to acquire — through marriage — French citizenship, and then had by those four niqabbed wives twelve children. All four wives declared themselves to be “single” and thus entitled to support for themselves and their children, support paid for by French taxpayers. The man, meanwhile, does not work but devotes his time to that most sinister spreaders of Islam, Tablighi al-Jamaat. Thus do French non-Muslims support both campaigns of Da’wa and the demographic conquest of their own country. That is, they pay for their own destruction.

    And so do the other peoples of Western Europe, who must now exercise their intellect and their imaginations in order to create the conditions that will make their countries not welcoming, but hostile, to the Muslims they so heedlessly allowed into their midst, taking care to recognize at every step that adherents of the ideology of Islam are a threat to the political and legal institutions, to the art, to the science, to the cultural coherence, to the physical well-being, of the non-Muslims who owe the Muslims exactly nothing, and must find ways to cut off not only the sinister Saudi billions and billions that pay for so much propaganda, so many mosques and madrasas, so many local hirelings in positions of influence, but also cut off the very system of money — free and subsidized housing, education, medical care at the Western level — that the Muslims everywhere in Western Europe have proven masters at exploiting, using every fraudulent art, and then some, known to man. If those sources of support are cut off, many Muslims will no longer remain in Western Europe, especially if the re is a push-back, here and there and everywhere, and no longer the yielding and cravenness as before.

    But more and more need to be educated and alterted about both the Total Belief-System of Islam (its texts, its tenets, its effects on the minds of its adherents) and on the 1350-year history of Muslim conquest of, and conflict with, every sort of non-Muslim — Christian, Jew, Zoroastrian, Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, Sikh, Confucian, and many others, the smaller groups such as the Mandaeans or Yazidis or Samaritans, “too numerous to mention.”

  15. Make no mistake. The more the feigned outrage from these muslims in France, the more it points to it going much deeper than one guy and his four “wives”. I would bet that this is a far reaching scam that is perpetrated by more than a few and in fact, the whole “mistress” defense is probably something they’ve all decided will fly if called on it. Kind of like a chapter in a manual of how to get the most out of Infidel governments and people. Perhaps it could integrated into the Koran as a new chapter?

    They need to find a way to see how far this goes and deal with it in a clear and unwavering manner.

  16. We need to directly pressure our politicians to throw these muslim parasites out. Time to assert the law of the land!

  17. 4 wifes beter than girlfriend . muslim law is law of ibraham and salamon and mohamed peace upon him the is no wrong to have 4 wife us they axept it but the franche low in not like god*alah law u have to understand .no one is perfect any one can make mistake just because franch low they dont axeptit

  18. most of you who claim owner of land, need to think thrice. certainly you will find your ancestors were not owners or even close to the land (just as my self)

    we catch 1000`s every year and if one may happen to be a white women, whos relgion is islam, lets throw them all out…yeah right mr president

  19. It is right of Muslims to have five wives, as any French man can have as many mistress as he likes. So if a Muslim man has four wives then why you object. Almighty Allah has give extra strenght to Muslim men to have four wives. As for American and European men, they have not enough strengh to satify even a single wife. Therefore, woman of West try to have satisfication from other man than husband.

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