Free Speech in America? Only if it Promotes Islam….

Tufts in the grip of PC

Carl in J’lem

Tom Gross reports that JPost ‘Palestinian’ reporter Khaled Abu Toameh, who is a Muslim, has had a speaking engagement canceled at Tufts University just outside of Boston for fear that it would be ‘misunderstood‘ by Muslims.

Moderate Palestinian journalist Khaled Abu Toameh, who is a subscriber to this email list, writes on his Facebook page:

“Tufts Friends of Israel, the pro-Israel group on campus, has decided to cancel a lecture by Khaled Abu Toameh, scheduled for next week, in fear that I will be seen as anti-Islam by the Arab students and would make Tufts Friends of Israel look bad.”

This follows the recent decision by the Israel Society at Cambridge University in Britain to cancel a talk by Benny Morris (see a previous dispatch on this list for details.)

Aren’t you glad there’s freedom of speech in the US?

5 thoughts on “Free Speech in America? Only if it Promotes Islam….”

  1. Glad you were not able to voice that sentiment in WW2


    If you think that the majority of America endorses the Hussein Obama PC Pro Islam UN regime then you are mistaken.

    It’s not main stream Middle Class Americans who impose this shit upon Americans it’s the “Beautiful People” the “It” boys and girls ., the hollywood idiots and the ” intelligencia”
    Belive me you would enjoy and want to hear from Americans should you ever speak to them, they are no different to Australians reading this web site with one exception they, unlike Austarlians, me you dont have to share their shopping aisle’s with crippled and disfigured men and women in wheel chairs who have given their all in the fight against Islamic Terrorism, I have seen them with my own eyes and will never forget it.

  2. Aussie-I am 70 years old, I know what I have seen,after WW2,in Kalgoorlie,I saw Australian soldiers wirh amputated arms,hands,legs,feet sometimes more than just one of these gone ,far worse than these,were the terrible burns,they endured, arms and legs ending in points where the melted flesh cooled and solidified, bright red burned disfigured faces,noses burnt off etc,and worse than this again were the state of their minds,now called PTSD,do you think our soldiers received any help for this,they were ashamed of what they had become ,and tried to hide it by wearing greatcoats summer and winter
    In the Grandfather Report,the author states that America entered WW2 with NO CREDIBLE ALLIES, I suppose you know this war was going on for 2 years before they were dragged kicking and screaming into it,via Pearl Harbour,-,America has never done anything for any one if America did not benefit, the fact that other people happened to benefit was incidental,and Australia benefitted big time,so,while there are crippled Yanks around,they let this happen to OUR soldiers for 2 years.Australia has more than pulled its weight in any war it has been in ,and yes ,when I was 24,I volunteered to join the CMF, and signed on for 2 years,plus the duration of any declared war,plus 3 seeing that you claim to care for your country,what have you done,besides talk.Be interesting to read your reply,if any.

  3. Aussie,
    Australia has outperformed itself in every endeavor that it undertakes – and we are the reason why the USA managed to get a hold on Guadalcanal in 1942. We halted the Japanese drive to Port Moresby, thereby diverting a significant number of troops assigned to Guadalcanal to New Guinea. They were held back on the Kokoda trail, and despite the bleating of MacArthur, the USA did not contribute significantly to the defeat of the Japanese in New Guinea. Incidentally, the kids that did this were not the fully trained and battle experienced AIF divisions – they were fighting in North Africa – the kids that did this were volunteers and conscripts – many of whom barely knew were the front end of a rifle was. At this time we had already been at war in Europe and North Africa for over two years! Why was Guadalcanal important – it marks the start of the push which removed the Japanese imperial Army from the pacific. Now we are standing with America, not with Obama, against the islamic thugs that threaten our societies and we will more than do our duty. We will stand with the USA against these islamic scum, and we will do more that our share. An Aussie or a Kiwi are worth two or more on the field!

  4. I am currently watching Steven Spielbergs ”The Pacific” is an all American affair so far.
    Years ago, I saw a doco about the Aussies fighting in Vietnam , about how good they were at jungle if it had been an Aussie war they would have won it. The city I lived in , in Borneo had been liberated from the Japanese by 500 Aussie soldiers who made a lot of noise to make the Japs think there was a lot more of them. The sad thing was that gratitude had not been fostered the way it is in many parts of Europe.

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