Genocide Against Whites in South Africa

You knew that was coming, didn’t you? Just a “wage dispute”, nothing to see here, move on!

Eugene Terre’Blanche, the notorious far-right South African politician, was hacked to death with machetes while he slept at his farm on Saturday.

How many blacks did Terre’blanche kill?

Killing people who are smeared as “Far Right” is okay for the perps in our lame stream media. He was a “racist”, so that makes it okay.

Al Reuters reports:

(Reuters) – South African white far-right leader Eugene Terre’blanche, who fought to prevent the end of apartheid in the early 1990s, was beaten and hacked to death at his farm on Saturday, his party said.


Police said two black workers in custody for the killing of Terre’blanche, 69, appeared to have been angry over unpaid wages rather than having had a political motive for the killing.

But his Afrikaner Resistance Movement linked it to the recent singing of an apartheid-era song with the lyrics “Kill the Boer,” by the head of the ruling ANC party’s youth league in a row that has drawn fears of growing racial polarization.

“That’s what this is all about,” said Andre Visagie, a spokesman for the AWB. “They used pangas (machetes) and pipes to murder him as he slept.”

Meanwhile… the firebrand youth leader of the ruling African National Congress (ANC) landed in Harare, Zimbabwe today where he received a hero’s welcome.

The crowds chanted “Shoot the Boer” as the black African National Congress youth leader arrived in the former bread basket of Africa.
The Telegraph reported, via Free Republic/ thanks to Gateway Pundit

Terre’blanche, who described himself as a Boer, was the voice of hardline opposition to the end of white minority rule, but had lived in relative obscurity since his release from prison in 2004 after serving a sentence for beating a black man nearly to death.

His party — whose flag resembles a Nazi swastika — was revived two years ago and he had begun efforts to try to build a united front among white far-right parties to fight for a white homeland, but had gained little traction.

Terre’blanche was a powerful orator in his Afrikaans language and was a distinctive figure, heavily built, with a thick grey beard and dressed in khaki. He often attended rallies on horseback during his fight to stop majority rule.


Police said the suspected killers were aged 16 and 21. Both had worked for Terre’blanche.

“They apparently attacked the leader because they were not paid for work,” said spokesperson Adele Myburg, giving no details of how the killing was carried out.

Whatever the motive, it is likely to further stoke the concerns over tensions between races in the country dubbed the “Rainbow Nation” after the relatively peaceful transition that brought white minority rule to an end in 1994.

Friction has come to the fore over the singing of the “Kill the Boer” song by African National Congress Youth League leader Julius Malema last month, which the party has also defended despite its commitment to reconciliation.

The main opposition Democratic Alliance also drew a link between the killing of Terre’blanche and the atmosphere in the country of 50 million where roughly a tenth are white.

“This happened in a province where racial tension in the rural farming community is increasingly being fueled by irresponsible racist utterances by the leader of the ANCYL leader,” said Juanita Terblanche of the main opposition Democratic Alliance. She was not a direct relation.

There was no immediate comment from the ANC.

President Jacob Zuma, who took office last year, has made special efforts to court white Afrikaners, assuring them they have nothing to fear from his government and that all South Africans must live together.

In the local language, however, black leaders call for killing whites, sing songs about killing whites and that’s what they do….

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  1. The whites should clear out whilst they still can. SA will become another basket case in less than a decade.

  2. R.I.P to a very courageous man, it is a huge loss to all the white communities throughout South Africa.

  3. Eugene Terre’Blanche, was a white supremacist. I am by no means “Left” in my political leaning but I find your apologising article on this man to reflect something sinister in motives of this blog. I think you’re turning people off from the legitimate cause of opposing Islamisation.

  4. Obviously, you don’t have a problem when whites are being killed, their farms burned or confiscated and driven out of the land that their forefathers cultivated?

    You agree with genocide on whites? You support blacks who chant “kill the Boer?”

    What a sensitive soul you are!

    Bye bye, ex-reader!

  5. In 1652 the Dutch landed in South Africa, they settled and started spreading north. At the same time, the North African muslims were spreading the religion of peace amongst the African tribes and the tribes started moving south. When they met they clashed. End of history lesson.

    Basically South Africa and the United States started of at the same time in the same situation. The difference was that the blacks were nowhere nearly as truculent as the Indians, hence they were not exterminated. Because slavery was unheard of in South Africa and the Boers did to a large extent live in relative peace with the blacks they prospered far more in South Africa than in most other places on the continent. An example of this is that one of the first things the newly independent government of Portuguese East African government did was to sign an agreement with South Africa. An agreement to let their citizens go to South Africa where they were recruited to work in the gold mines. When you hear the bullshit of the slave-like treatment of those poor blacks in the South African gold mines, it is never mentioned that most of them were recruited outside the country, the blacks flocked there like the illegal immigrants flock to Europe today.

    All the problems have come about for only one reason. In 1950 there were some 3 million whites and 5 million blacks in the country. Today there are 4 million whites and 45 million blacks.

    Today all white South Africans agree that they should have used the American model 200 years ago, they tried it in the 60’s but it was 200 years too late.

  6. I advise the whites to leave. Take their money and leave. Come to the u.s. We need you.
    No wait,obama may not take you unless you are muslim.
    I’ll take you .

  7. Yo, ex- reader- of- this-blog don’t let the door hit you in the ass.
    The man was proud of his race.
    Oh i forgot whites can’t be proud of their race can they?
    So if a white is proud of his race ,he is automatically a racist in your view
    Well get a life and go some where you will be appreciated.

  8. I recently read an article in our local paper about all the white sqatter camps in SA. Many of the white people left in SA are too poor to leave , they can hardy feed themselves.. they have lost jobs , lost houses etc..Of course there are still wealthy ones but the number of poor white S/Africans is growing by the day.
    interesting post..Ciccio
    ex- reader Bon Voyage.

  9. Yes it’s almost impossible to leave a country and legally be accepted into another is one has little money. The ex-tigers currently coming to Australia on the Rudd boats have money. And assets like property are plunging in value under black rule in SA of course (yeah not unlike in the US).

  10. I find this problematic, as I am totally anti-racist. TerreBlanche was a racist, and I always opposed him and have always been very strongly anti-apartheid.

    There is only one race, the human race!

    I think where there is moral confusion is that people seem only to oppose White racism. There are many Black racists e.g. Mugabe. There are also Latin American racists e.g Chavez, Iranian racists eg. Ahmedinajhad, and of course lots of Arab racists e.g. all of Hamas and Fatah. There are also racist ideologies like Nazism and Islam.

    We need to stand against all racism. To only condemn white racists is hypocritical.

    It is also morally indefensible to defend Islam, which is inherently racist. OK, not all Muslims are racist, but those of us who truly oppose racism should strive to insist that the racist parts of their holy books be exised (even if it means we are left with a very small book!)

  11. Totally agreed, Cassandra.

    That’s why I posted this. The blacks are singing “kill the whites” and do it.

    He may have been a racist, but does that justify his killing?

    There is an organized campaign in South Africa to kill the white farmers, just like in former Rhodesia. It is immoral not to take notice and to downplay it with “he was just a racist, he deserved to be killed”.

    I think not.

  12. Hahaa!

    Just wondering, Shiva:

    was he sentenced by a sharia court for not selling the meat in the next village or was he sentenced by the kaffirs for animal cruelty?

  13. Having lived in neigbouring Botswana prior to and during the fall of the Apartheid regime. I do know a bit about South African history particularly from the landing of the Dutch on the Cape to “Great Trek” and the FIRST MUTUALLY violent meeting of the Dutch “Boers” (Farmers) with the Bantu tribes who were over grazing the land and moving South on the very aptly named Blood River. Unfortunately for all you anti White RACISTS the Blood River is located 2/3 rds of the way UP NORTH in the present South Africa. So the Black Bantu claim for ALL of South Africa has no real historical standing at all . The people who lived in the Karoo Desert and the SOUTHERN part of South Africa were the very dark honey coloured Bushmen and Hottentots NOT the BLACK Bantu tribes, BOTH the Bantu and the White alike hunted them like vermin. The Bushmen now only survive living their Aboriginal like Hunter Gatherer lifestyle in very small numbers in the Botswanan and Namibian Kalahari desert and survive due to the protection of the WICKED White man NOT the BANTU’s.

  14. I have been lucky enough to be able to leave South Africa. There was no way that I could raise 2 small children in a place with such violence and hatred. The only sad thing is I had to leave my extended family behind.
    The problem in South Africa is that firstly the whites no longer stand together, because we should be fighting back. It’s a war situation and with 50+ murders a day in South Africa, how can you not believe that we are at war. You don’t even see those sorts of number in places like Iraq on a daily basis.
    What happened at the end of apartheid is that the entire world saw this rainbow nation proving that change could happen, and so on, but meanwhile the extermination started and has continued ever since. There is no way to tell how many white South Africans there are in SA, but I can guarantee you that it’s not 4 million any more. We are being picked off and if you are lucky enough to be able to leave, thank your lucky stars, because the future does not look bright.
    People need to understand that the Terreblanches AWB movement had no major effect, because they were actually quite a small number of people. Far smaller that whites supremicists in the US.
    I was no fan of apartheid and didn’t agree with it along with the majority of white South Africans, but what I find amazing is how the world made an example of South Africa and everyone rightfully disapproved of it, but no one seems to be saying much about the killing of innocent people going on right now and for the past 15 years. Then again, no one did much about the Rwandan Genocide either.
    Lastly, it also sickens me that the only concern there is at the moment is having a successful Soccer World Cup and keeping all the visitors safe from crime. What about looking after your own first?

  15. One other thing I forgot to mention is that if you come from South Africa, you will understand that people that commit crime and murder don’t own up to it and most of them escape punishment. Why all of a sudden would the 2 guys that killed Terreblanche confess to what they did when they could have just murdered him and disappeared into the nearest township never to be found. Murderers are getting away with this on a daily basis with the most ineffective police force ever, so why wouldn’t they try their luck. There is a definite theory that this was a hit that was carried out by the ANC.
    Imagine what would happen elsewhere in the world if you hacked up you boss with a Macheti because he didn’t pay your wages.

  16. There is not one white south african that has not been effected by crime. The white South African is in a no win situation. If you cry about the senseless murders, the governement points out how many black people are murdered each day. (they fail to add that they are black on black murders generally because of alchohol) the black on whites murders are a form of passive terrorism. On the one hand the governement promotes the killing of whites and then almost in the same breath says it is not happening, we (whites) are mad. coming back to the no win situation, America and the EU needs what africa has to offer in commodities and minerals, so it is fine to sacrifice the few for the “greater good” of the citizens of the USA and EU. Every diamond ring you wear, every gold necklace, has the blood of an afrikaaner on it.

  17. Boo- hoo! Now all the whites want to cry. Shut- up and get out of their land. All you people know how to do is take take take and when the rightful owners claim theirs in the same way that it was obtained by your thriving ancestors you want to cry. You should have stayed in Europe where you belonged. Real Africans suffered for hundreds of years because of white supremecy and oppression. I support the real Africans 100%. Kill the boer!!

    1. A little history would do you good, my genocidal ‘Ashley.’

      Apart from that, there are millions of blacks in our lands who might not like it if they are told “to get out of our lands”.

  18. OK. Let me put this into perspective. Especially for those who complain about this story being posted here, because I for one, would rather like to thank SheikYerMami.

    Yes. Terreblanche did some racist things. He beat a black guy and gave him permanent brain damage. He went to jail for it. In jail he made friends with blacks and coloured people (I’m not being racist by using this term; in SA coloured = mulatto). They got along fine. In fact, the ANC government let him out early. He kept contact with his cellmate and other non-white friends he met there. He even helped a black government guy buy some land in the town where he lived (before he was ultimately butchered IN HIS SLEEP WHILE RECOVERING FROM SURGERY).

    They often go after the more vulnerable victims, such as the elderly or those who are fast asleep in their beds. Don’t let them blame it on Apartheid. They have done this en masse in 1838 already after slaughtering Piet Retief and his 69 men. They were led to believe that because they wanted to (and did) negotiate and sign a treaty with the bloodthirsty Dingaan, they were to have a nice party in his kraal, but the unarmed men got butchered instead. Taqiyya, no? Like when Muhammad signed a peace treaty with Mecca, only to use hijra (aka “immigration doctrine” as part of stealth jihad) to flood it with muslims. Which happens to have been Arafat’s modus operandi when signing the Oslo Accord… So anyway, Dingaan then sent thousands of warriors after their sleeping families who got slaughtered shortly after midnight. No one survived to warn the other pioneers. He then sent his ‘brave(?) men’ after other sleeping whites at Bloukrans and Weenen and wiped out basically half of the white population in Natal. Only a handful of people survived. After the Weenen and Bloukrans Massacres, they tried to go after 464 Boers with about 15,000 Zulus at Blood River, but the surrounded and grossly outnumbered pioneers killed 3,000 and the rest of the attackers fled. That day, 16 December would afterwards be celebrated as The Day of the Vow. The Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria was then built because of The Vow to do so if they were to beat the Zulus.

    At the height of Apartheid, a maximum of nearly 1% of the white population belonged to the AWB movement…A couple of thousand out of millions. But in the spirit of Hamas-like kitman and taqiyya, the ANC keep spreading their lies, calling anyone who dares oppose them “right wing racists” or “a right-wing agent provocateur” etc. and are now making some serious attempts to muzzle the media, and free speech in general through censorship (independent media tribunal which won’t be independent, they already control the SABC), as well as a “protection of information act” which can probably be compared with a badly worded Patriot Act. We already have another act to allow them to spy on electronic information etc.

    There were no lynchings by SA whites. Let me add that I read up about lynchings in the US and not only blacks were lynched, as this was done because of crimes committed by those who were lynched. Not that I support mob justice. We see that often in black communities in SA though, and I think it’s terrible. Robbers, rapists and other criminals are often surrounded and beaten badly, some die. In 2008, there were xenophobic attacks in which many people were killed, some burnt alive ( Nelson and Winnie Mandela taught blacks about necklacing ( in their torture camps in Angola and other countries. And now in 2010:

    Foreign Africans flee SA over xenophobia threats 2010

    Facebook 2010: “The xenophobic attacks should include whites, asians and Chinese this time. Can (sic) wait four (sic) the manslaughter to begin”
    Somalis kidnapped and shot execution style: black SA onlooker says “He doesn’t belong here. So what if he’s dead…”

    Terreblanche’s murder has simply drawn international attention to the message that he (like many others) tried so hard to spread during his life. No one seemed to listen or to care about this genocide in SA, usually referred to as “farm murders” (see and and Perhaps we just haven’t really gotten mad enough until now to tell the world. In his last interview very shortly before he died, he spoke choked up with tears in his eyes about the brutal attack on the Lotter women.

    So who were the Lotter women?

    In short, a mother (76) and daughter (57) who was tortured for at least 3 hours, had pieces of flesh and their wombs carved from their bodies with a broken bottle, and their breasts hacked off so their black gardener (22) could write “kill the boer” on their walls in their blood. In front of the courthouse, the local ANC councilor organized a counter protest to whites’ re-enactment of the bloodthirsty events and even taunted the whites.

    Of course, there’s the woman who woke up one evening to find their house burning. When they wanted to get out, they realised the door was wired shut from the outside, when she stuck her arm through the window, she was shot at. People came to their aid, but a shoot out lasting several hours ensued. She has also been shot at while working outside, but the police officers who came out said they didn’t open a case because she didn’t know who shot at her. They have been attacked 5 times at the time of writing.

    Alzheimer sufferer James Frederick Brown, 69, found dead in police cell for ‘stealing’ chocolate worth R8,50… He couldn’t even remember whether he’d paid for a bar of chocolate — but he was set upon on Tuesday at the Shoprite supermarket by a security guard — and then attacked by a vigilante mob, which was egged on by screaming cashiers yelling ‘kill him, kill him”, while they were carrying the sick old man out of the shop, punching and kicking him. (war crimes in SA jails and photos of this poor Alzheimers sufferer’s injuries.

    Where do these slogans come from? Our president Jacob Zuma ‘sings’ “bring my machine gun” while doing a jig, and the ANC Youth League president Julius Malema likes to ‘sing’ “kill the boer”. While Malema is definitely an instigator in this (“Attackers screaming ‘Viva Malema'”:, he is by far not the only one. There are also slogans like “One Bullet, One Baby” ( ). This page also features a video by America’s black Hitler Khallid Abdul Muhammad inciting genocide of whites (incitement of genocide is also a punishable offense according to the Rome convention, see How many of you know that Idi Amin was a muslim who died in exile in Saudi Arabia?


    When SA courts banned “kill the boer” on grounds that it was hate speech, the ANC defended Malema’s right to “free speech”, and launched an appeal. ‘Boer’ means ‘farmer’ in Dutch and Afrikaans, but in this instance it refers to SA whites in general, especially Afrikaans speaking ones. 12 South African leaders are now being investigated for genocide and crimes against humanity by the ICC in The Hague ( Of course, only Rwanda and Sudan makes it to the news, because blacks are the ones targeted there.

    No matter what Terreblanche’s beliefs were, he was the only one whose brutal murder the world paid any attention to. And Amnesty International doesn’t care. WHY WAS THERE NO WORLDWIDE OUTCRY OVER THE BRUTALITY OF THE LOTTER (and other) MURDERS? And now the South African (ANC) government want to cover up their crimes through the protection of information act. According to this ‘law’, they can basically decide to classify anything they want, and anyone in possession of such information (eg. about corruption or crime scene photos) will be in serious trouble, even those who live with them. Like one Zimbabwean said, Mugabe has never done anything illegal because he changed the laws first! The above necklacing video also shows a white journalist being beaten and kicked around. They also often target bloggers and their websites.

    Thanks to the sloppiness and incompetence of SA security during the 2010 Soccer World Cup, a UK fan was able to stroll into David Beckham’s dressing room and to cover their embarassment, they went after Simon Wright (UK journalist who organized an exclusive interview with the guy afterwards) through vague trumped up charges. There have been bloggers who mysteriously ‘committed suicide’ in jail, because they told the truth about what’s really going on in South Africa. The ANC is not very fond of the truth. Not to mention taking responsibility for their own screw-ups. They especially like blaming whites for these.

    Like this truthful article (by a black guy) for instance: “The Killing Fields of Post-Apartheid South Africa” Ashley, please read it, troll.

    Shortly before the SWC, they made a huge noise about how they had this huge operation that swooped down with countrywide raids on right-wing groups who were stock-piling all sorts of weapons and wanted to test explosives in black ‘informal settlements’, in other words: the mean white people want to kill innocent blacks. Call this taqiyya, kitman, propaganda, incitement or anything else you want, but basically it was just a BIG FAT LIE.

    It turns out that it was in reality just a couple of scared kids who vandalised the grave of an unknown ANC diplomat because they were drunk and got upset about “kill the boer”. Of course, they then tortured the white kids into saying God knows what, rather than to say anything about the graveyards and monuments important to whites which are being vandalised countrywide, such as a Voortrekker/Pioneer monument in Bloemfontein being broken down and a monument for Scottish soldiers in Johannesburg. Or about the vandalised graves and broken gravestones in the Heroes’ Acre in Pretoria where heroes from the Anglo-Boer War and Voortrekker leaders Andries Pretorius, Andries Potgieter and Pres. Paul Kruger who died in exile in Switzerland. Let’s not forget the silver crosses on the graves of English soldiers (died during Anglo-Boer War) that are being stolen for scrap metal (along with your brass street numbers & taps outside and copper & fibre optic cables) in broad daylight from the same graveyard. By whom? The workers who are supposed to maintain this heritage site.

    Now you may ask “incite blacks to do what?”. Here’s what:

    “The black man then turned on my husband and the shop owner in a tirade, saying that ‘you’d better enjoy your shop for a few days more, because that shop is going to belong to me after 12 July 2010 because I am going to come and take it. On July 12 we black people will be ready to mow down all you whites,’ he reportedly said. …. the man regularly purchases firearms for Winnie Mandela’s security staff and had just ordered 400 bulletproof vests through them. “The man said that they were going to kill all ‘your people’s’ children, women, old people and men, and that time they won’t be fighting with knobkieries and pangas, they now are well-armed. We are going to come and fetch nice stuff from you whites,’ he said. …. The black man told my husband that he would ‘shoot at people’s legs’. My husband responded that he never did – he would shoot right between the eyes – and that he would not miss …. His friend confirmed that he’d asked a black woman who works there to find out more about this threat, and she confirmed that the black workers are constantly being told on the trains between home and work that ‘the workers will have to start helping to kill them on July 12 when they will start killing all the white people. And if the black workers didn’t help they would be killed too.”

    These attacks were also to be targeted towards other blacks, as mentioned above. Even though this was very much downplayed, it seems that Bill Clinton, Joe Biden and Angela Merkel had “chats” about the xenophobic attacks with our government during the World Cup in July, and Hillary Clinton also dropped some hints on an US channel, saying among other things that it’s time to “get over what happened 50, 100 and 200 years ago”.

    Summary: one elderly smallholder, Mrs Johanna Magrietha Smit, 76, was murdered after returning from church on July 4 in Witpoort, Wolmaransstad; there have been seven farm attacks since May 22 in North West and around greater Pretoria; and three on-duty, one ex-SAPS members were arrested for their role in two thwarted farm-attacks in Schweizer-Reneke, North West province (SAPS = SA Police Services)

    Black policemen attack man, saying: “We’re going to kill all you f***ing whites”

    PS. Ashley, did the Tutsis deserve their own genocide?

    The reason I’m asking is because the situation was reversed decades earlier. But no one ever spoke of that. In both cases, it was just a certain extremist group.

    It’s kind of like less than 1% of whites ever belonged to the AWB at the height of Apartheid. Their membership dwindled post-1994 and you never heard anything of them anymore. Until this happened.

    So by your logic, the Tutsis “deserved it”. Nice. So if the muslims start killing blacks like you after taking over the US, the way they do in Sudan, we should probably also sit back and say you deserve it.

    Ashley, “kill the boer” is hate speech and incitement to commit genocide. You would be considered complicit. We should add you to the list we’ve sent to The Hague. Maybe they’ll hang you like they did Saddam. You know, the guy who was ordering the killing of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis who were a different kind of muslim than he was?

    Maybe Ashley belongs to the black KKK, a.k.a the Black Panther Party who have been intimidating voters and spewing their racist hate speech in public. The ones that Hussein Obama has been covering for.

    Ashley, please pack your stuff and ship back to Africa. You’re the type of person that make an excellent case for why whites should stop all this charity for Africa. White people built that country you’re in, invented the clothes you’re wearing, the chair you’re sitting on and the electricity, computer and internet you’re using. You can leave it behind. Guess you’ll be travelling light. REAL light! Get yourself some some animal skins or fig leaves. And you’ll have to learn Yoruba or something, because English is a European (i.e. white) language.

    As you all can see, SheikYerMami was absolutely right in posting this.

    A while back some al-Shabaab terrorists entered SA and applied for refugee status. Our wonderful SA (ANC) government has refused to answer any questions about where they went.

    Our same government wanted to delay charges against Omar al-Bashir from Sudan. We also have Pakistani murder syndicates being smuggled to SA.

    And we have jihadis inciting the genocide of whites. Let white people everywhere see this and wake up and see what’s going on.

    Thank you, Cassandra, Maximus, Realist, Pam Geller and others who have brains and a clue, in this case especially SheikYerMami.

  19. I guess Ashley doesn’t realise it’s bad for the blacks too. When the whites are gone, we’ll be Zimbabwe. The place where the people want Rhodesia back.

  20. PS. Ashley, your name is English.

    Therefore it is white. Give it back. Thanks.

  21. Update on facebook jihadis and white genocide especially for cassandra:

    “Kill all whites who disagree, … All whites are evil. Kill the babies, kill the elders, kill all whites and your blessings will rise to the heavens.

    Ahmed El Saud Kill the fucking whites now !!! If you afraid for them, lets do it for you. In return you can pay us after the job has been done … Text us …. We are not afraid for the whites like your own people … Its a dicgrace ….he ask you and you don’t want to … We will do it Mandela !”

    Now compare with the consequences such as a 2 year old shot execution style in the back of her head:

  22. Wow.I cant believe how unfair you people are.You’ve made the error of generalising too much.I’m black and proudly South African.But I dont do drugs or rape or go around killing people.If you gave me a gun,I probably wouldnt know what to do with it.All right,lets start with the Anglo Boer cemetery or whatever it is,I know about it,but not once have I even thought about stealing anything from it.Now the issue of farmers.Darn it,Im not stupid,I know everything I eat started as a seed on somebody’s farm,so why would I want to kill any farmer for?Xenophobia:I have dozens of African friends and even white friends whom I love very much.Ever heard of Johan Nel?Yip,I know many have,he went on a rampage and opened fire on innocent and defenseless people on a squatter kamp,he almost killed a little baby,but nobody mentioned it in here,obviously becau7e he was WHITE.What about the Reitz Four?Who humiliated their university’s cleaners?Crime and racism are EVERYWHERE.Go to any English prison and tell me how many white inmates there are,exactly,they far outnumber that of blacks.why?because of the DEMOGRAPHICS of the country.Same principle applies to SA.I,my self was robbed by a pair of White guys 2 years ago,but I didnt blame every white man I saw afterwards.Point is,people are individuals and they differ.Nonetheless I love SA.To all those who dont,or no longer do,just remember that criminals dont kill or rob their victims based on their race.You who mentioned the “kill the boer” and all of that,just ask yourself how many BLACK farmers where killed as well.So then,after you have you will realise that the whole thing is not racial but an act of criminals.Where ever you go,you will always find a criminal and a racist,thats the reason we have Prisons afterall.

  23. One thing I learned about South Africa is that if you want to witness a robbery,you will!If you want to find a farm killer,you will.If you want to find successful and uncorrupt black businessmen or women,you will.You want to find White High School or even Tertiary drop outs,and Im saying this because my white friend did,you’ll find one.The list goes one.Nonetheless,there are many,many families in SA that live peacefully and harmouniosly with their neighbours who are of different races.This country’s democracy is still fragile,but its getting stronger by the day,and that makes my heart pound with joy.

    The WHITE family was hacked to death with PANGAS, the Mother was RAPED and then had a BROKEN GLASS BOTTLE rammed into her VAGINA.

    Animals will only kill to eat, but these savages kill for pleasure.


    As usual the Newspapers in South Africa DELIBERATELY DOWN PLAYED the BRUTALITY of this GENOCIDE of Whites by savage BLACKS.

    Sent: Thursday, October 06, 2011
    Walkerville GENOCIDE OF WHITES

    The killing of a family in Walkerville on Saturday night, these are the TRUE FACTS.

    This happened on a plot/farm near the Walkerville show grounds.
    The WHITE Mother, Father and 12 year old Son plus the family dog, were NOT shot as the newspapers claim.

    The WHITE family was hacked to death with PANGAS, the Mother was RAPED and then had a BROKEN GLASS BOTTLE rammed into her VAGINA.

    The family was chased around their 13 room home and hacked to pieces with pangas as they ran.
    The son was drowned in the bath with his hands tied behind his back.

    The savages brutally tortured this family before killing them, while drinking the alcohol they found in the house.
    There were blood splashes and smears in every room of this large home.
    The family dog was hacked to pieces and shot.

    This horrific GENOCIDE was done by a 20 year old BLACK and his saddest BLACK friends.
    This BLACK savage was the son of a black family who had worked on the farm for many years.
    Anyone old enough to remember the Congo and ‘Uhuru’, will recognise this brutal agenda of Genocide of Whites.

    There is a protest march against the GENOCIDE being planned, but those of us who have done this before, know that this does not help.
    These bastards, when or if they are caught (the son is in custody, found with the family car), will be held in cells while becoming local hero’s.
    They will probably be granted bail and someone will conveniently lose the Police dockets and they will walk free as is the case with so many of our criminals in SA.

    This is what is going to happen more frequently. There will be the usual cover-ups and sweeping under the carpet of these incidents to keep the citizens of SA unaware of just how bad things are here. This is not simply crime. This is GENOCIDE of White Race in South Africa. This is racial extermination and they are hell bent on chasing every white man, woman and child of any age, out of the country.
    They are being fuelled by the likes of Malema and the ANCYL and the rest just turn a blind eye.

    More than 4000 White Farmers have been TORTURED, RAPED and BRUTALLY MURDERED since 1994
    More than 50000 Whites have been TORTURED, RAPED and BRUTALLY MURDERED since 1994.

    THANKS TO THE ZIONIST JEWS NEW WORLD ORDER this Genocide of Whites is completely out of control.
    Warning: This is coming to USA soon.

    Snowy Smith South Africa

    As usual the Newspapers in South Africa DELIBERATELY PLAYED DOWN the BRUTALITY of this GENOCIDE of Whites by savage BLACKS.

    The World cannot continue to turn a blind eye to the Atrocities being committed by Blacks against the White Farmers in South Africa.
    Snowy Smith South Africa

    PLEASE FORWARD to Friends and Newspapers.
    Please e-mail your formal Genocide complaint to
    “OTP InformationDesk”
    Please refer to The Hague:
    Reference: OTP-CR-146/08
    Snowy Smith, Fair Civil Law.
    Office of The Prosecutor
    International Criminal Court
    The Hague, The Netherlands
    Post Office Box 19519,
    2500 CM The Hague,
    The Netherlands
    Genocide of white’s South Africa
    farm killings, farm murders, South Africa
    The WHITE Boer Farmer is NOT your Enemy.

  25. A Glimpse of Europe’s Future … In South Africa

    Posted by Cheradenine Zakalwe

    Whereas non-Western minorities in Europe or North America enjoy special privileges, protection and subsidies from taxpayers, exactly the converse applies in South Africa. We, the Western minority in our formerly Western country with its European architecture, laws and system of government, are being punished for not being truly African, really black. In the Orwellian terminology of the new government, we are the “non-designated group”. Designated people are blacks, coloureds (of mixed race) and Indians.

    The myriad laws that place restrictions on whites represent the culmination of American affirmative action, which is also being applied in some European countries such as Britain and France. The difference is that whites are still the majority in most of the Western world. So the injustice of these affirmative-action laws – or “positive discrimination” as the French call it – only affect a minority of whites, unlike here where all whites have to bear it.

    Many people in the world today wonder what it will be like for Europeans to become minorities in their own countries, given present demographic patterns. Recently in Japan more nappies were sold for the elderly than for babies and that day surely cannot be far off in Germany, Italy and many other European societies where the indigenous populations are set to age and decline.

    South Africa today represents a laboratory for a future world, predicted by UN demographers, in which whites will find themselves in the minority in most countries. That future planet in which Africans will number two billion and Europeans less than 500 000 will come soon, in about 30 to 40 years.

    For one thing, it will be world of racial quotas, as in South Africa. Sports teams will only be allowed to have a small percentage of whites. Places at university will be limited for whites and there will be “racial verification” to make sure that people do not lie about their race when applying for university or for jobs in both the government and the corporate sector.

    I predict this because a few weeks ago a student who had gained admission to the medical school of Stellenbosch University lost her place after it was ascertained that she was white and had mistakenly crossed the box for “coloured”. The Stellenbosch medical school reserves only 30% of all places for whites; the rest must go to the “designated groups”. The town of Stellenbosch was founded by our forebears in the seventeenth century and the university dates from the nineteenth. The university there was built, developed and funded by Afrikaners through their taxes and private donations. And yet today the children and grandchildren of Afrikaners are not allowed to study there or study there in large numbers, simply because they are of European descent.

    Does that not seem like the ultimate irony? Or the grossest form of injustice, far grosser than, say, segregation as it existed in the American South or in many parts of British-colonial Africa including, of course, South Africa? After all, to study at a segregated university, as many blacks had to do in apartheid South Africa, was something of an insult, a kind of psychological wounding. On the other hand, to this day many American blacks prefer to study on their own at so-called “black colleges”.

    At least the segregated student is still allowed to study. But under a system of affirmative action or racial preferences, such as exists in South Africa, many members of the white minority are excluded from education because the black majority must dominate in all fields, regardless of its talent, its performance or its merits.

    South Africa is also the most violent peace-time country on earth. Seventy percent of all women are raped in their lifetimes. The murder rate is about 50 times that of Germany. In some parts of the country, such as downtown Johannesburg, the murder rate is 500 times that of Germany! It is routine to encounter people who have been attacked or have relatives who have been murdered, often in the cruellest manner possible. Children, even babies or toddlers are not spared, such as the two-year old Willemien Potgieter who was picked up by her hair, almost like a doll, and shot point-blank in the head by a black man. Her parents too were massacred in the town of Lindley, in the Free State.

    Sometimes the media carry stories about such incidents, but generally they are likened to natural disasters that “simply happen”. And then life goes on.

    South Africa is also extremely corrupt. According to a recent international survey, 56% of people who encountered state officials last year had to pay a bribe. The effects of corruption and government profligacy can be seen in clubs and bars, in luxury shops and on the streets of Johannesburg where tens of thousands of South African blacks parade their large, expensive German cars, supplied by Mercedes-Benz and BMW. Normally these cars are black too, as if there is some secret quota for car paint, as there exists elsewhere in society.

    The burden of all this falls mainly on the white middle-class who strain under the costs of their security, education and high taxes meant to finance the ostentatious lifestyle of the ruling class.

    Growing accustomed to the “new South Africa” is hard. If ever our system had to be extended world-wide, as seems likely to happen, we would have to talk about “a new earth”, a radically new planet where Europeans would have become a dwindling minority suffering discrimination and calumny, as well as random violent attacks.

  26. I hear there are nurses in hospitals injecting white babies with the AIDS virus…no one is safe. Payback perhaps. We are all getting it….from all sides. Africa has it’s problems like anywhere else dealing with a transitional government. If you are not safe somewhere….LEAVE. It’s not like you chains on you or anything…… After a time, comes another……….

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