Hate-preacher Meets Nutroot Messiah

Qaradawi meets Mandela

Islamic scholar Sheikh Yousuf al-Qaradawi, who is on a visit to South Africa, met South African leader Nelson Mandela and gifted him some of the books he authored on Islam and the Holy Qur’an.

Qaradawi, who arrived in Johannesburg on Friday, hailed the South African leader as the “hero of Africa”.

He also gave lectures at the Muslim Judicial Council on duties of Muslim minorities in the world. The scholar also met with leading figures from the Muslim community in South Africa as well as some Arab diplomats. Gulf Times/via Bunglawussi Watch

Other news:

Obama’s poll numbers are now worse than ever.


Here we go again:

A GROUP of Sri Lankan and Afghan asylum seekers at a Sydney detention centre have begun a hunger strike over the Federal Government’s toughened policy on claims.

KRudd contradicted

Smuggler confirms what KRudd denies


UK: Election Panic Grips Nullabor

All public sector workers will be expected to speak English under manifesto pledges to be announced by Gordon Brown today.


5 thoughts on “Hate-preacher Meets Nutroot Messiah”

  1. Let’s watch and see if KRudd gives in.
    I bet you he does. It is his election year.

  2. Mandelamessiah is a convicted terrorist. He is also a Marxist. He may have mellowed out during his time in jail, but that’s where it ends. His wife Winnie already represents the genocidal, lunatic rabble of South Africa, and the transition period, the period of calm when whites passed power on to the blacks, is now over.

    The destruction, the dismantling of South Africa will now begin in earnest.

    May the do-gooders and the Yuman Rites bastards who caused this mess perish!

  3. [Many of the group, which also includes Iraqis, _are mentally unstable_ and plan to lodge appeals after their claims for asylum were rejected, Mr Daoud said.]

    Wonderful! “History of mental illness” ripe for exploitation.

    I give up – the official monster raving loony party would do a better job.

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