Honor Killing Watch

Cultural Enrichment: Islam’s Gruesome Honor Killing Gallery

Frankfurt/Germany:  a 45-year old Turk assaults and  stabs a 27-year-old woman multiple times in the subway, in front of many  witnesses.

Passers by held the man until the arrival of the police. Otherwise he would have killed her. The  injured woman took refuge in an elevator and escaped.  Shortly after she collapsed on a park bench.

Erdogan, Miinisterpräsident of Turkey:

“The Turkish people are a people of friendship and tolerance,” he says. “Wherever they go, they only bring love and joy.”

Problematic Relationsships

In the early morning hours a 55-year-old man slaughtered his 39-jährige wife In Marburg,  mother of two children, with a butcher knife. The press reports conceal that the murdered Tanja A. was German, the husband a Tunisian, who could hardly  speak  German, despite many years of  living in Germany…… More from PI : “Beziehungsdelikt” mit Küchenmesser in Marburg

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    A small sampling of honor killing, compiled by Isabella, the crusader:

    Then there was Banaz Mahmod who was murdered by a man her father and uncles paid to kill her. The guy was said to have stomped on her neck and was frustrated because she just wouldn’t die. (Dang!) All Muslims, in stereo. Not buying.

    Then there was Abdalla Yones who stabbed his daughter, Heshu, at least 11 times and cut her throat with a kitchen knife for having a Christian boyfriend and dressing in western fashions. He was horrified at what he regarded as a stain on the family’s name and, desperate to restore his honour, stabbed her to death. He and she were in fact, both Muslims. Not buying.

    Then there was Garfar Kirimov, A Muslim of St. Petersburg who told police he paid gangsters almost $3,000 to shoot his daughter after she refused to wear traditional Muslim attire for women. He had asked her to stop wearing make-up, tight tops and short skirts. The 21-year-old girl was shot and killed by the hit men as she left her medical college. Dad and daughter were both Muslims. Not buying.

    Then there was Mehmet Goren who murdered his daughter Tulay because she had a boyfriend he did not approve of and because he feared she was pregnant. Tulay’s mother testified against her husband and has received death threats from the family’s Turkish Muslim community. So much for all those women’s rights under Islam. Not buying.

    Then there is the one about the 16 year old Muslim girl who was buried alive by her Father and Grandfather and found last December in Southeastern Turkey. Apparently, according to the girl’s insecure Muslim father, he was upset that she had male friends. Dad and grandpa are Muslims. The dead girl was Muslim. tell us again how this story has been blown out of proportion. Not buying.

    Then there was Rofayda Qaoud who was raped by her brothers, Fahdi, 22, and Ali, 20 and became pregnant. Her Muslim mother didn’t like this and “suggested” Rofayda commit suicide (I know, I know, not allowed in Islam) but she refused. So mom wrapped a plastic bag around her head, slashed her wrists and hit her in the head with a stick. Voila! No more embarrassing Muslim daughter in this devout Muslim family. Sorry Keggie, not buying.

    Then there was this unfortunate Muslim murder. In November 1989 in St. Louis, the FBI inadvertently tape recorded the entire episode of a teenage girl’s being killed by her Palestinian father and Brazilian mother (the Feds were looking for evidence of terrorism, which they also found). In a ghastly eight-minute sequence, Zein Isa stabbed his daughter Palestina thirteen times with a butcher’s knife as his wife held the girl down and responded to Palestina’s pleas for help with a brutal “Shut up!” The killing ends with Zein screaming “Die! Die quickly! Die quickly! . . . Quiet, little one! Die, my daughter, die!” By this time, she is dead. You can read all about it yourself in a book called “Guarding the Secrets: Palestinian Terrorism and a Father’s Murder of His Too-American Daughter” by Ellen Harris. Dad and daughter were both Muslims. Will buy the book but not buying Kegners lies about isolated incidents involving Muslims.

    Then there is the Muslim man from Morocco named El Ketawi Dafani who is facing murder charges after being arrested for allegedly killing his 18-year old daughter last fall. He slit her throat because she was planning to move in with her 31 year old boyfriend and dad did not approve.

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