I feel a fartwa coming on….

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Islamwissenschaftler Kalisch kein Moslem mehr/ PI

Islam professor declares himself no longer a Moslem

Muhammad Sven Kalisch, a Muslim convert and Germany’s first professor of Islamic theology, calls it quits and declared himself no longer a Moslem. Two years ago he declared that Muhammad probably never lived and that the Koran is not the word of  Allah.

WoJ reported:

Welcome back to reality, Mr Kalisch. Just wondering: why did it take you so long?

Whatever you do, stay safe, because Muhammad said: whoever changes his religion, kill him!

Update: just found an English translation on TRoP:

Outspoken German professor of Islam is no longer a Muslim

Earth Times

Muenster, Germany – An outspoken German professor of Islam, whose initial appointment angered Muslim groups, has renounced the faith, the University of Muenster said on Wednesday.

Muhammad Kalisch, who converted to Islam as a teenager, chairs one of the few departments at a German university dedicated to training teachers of Islam in schools.

The university did not disclose why Kalisch renounced Islam.

“From the perspective of the university, this will not carry consequences,” a spokesman told the German Press Agency dpa.

He added that it is not crucial for a professor of Islam to be a Muslim. The university would not confirm whether Kalisch intended to stay in his post.

Kalisch, 44, upset the Muslim community in 2008 by writing that there was no historical evidence of the Prophet Mohammed’s existence, prompting Muslim organizations to warn students away from him.

At the time, the state of North Rhine Westphalia also agreed to set up a new chair of Islamic education at the university, so students had the option of training under another scholar.

Germany is gradually introducing Islam classes for Muslim children in public schools. An estimated 4 million people of Muslim background live in Germany, making up 5 per cent of the country’s population.

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  1. It is proven fact that Western converts to the cult CANNOT maintain a life out of character. Cat Stevens remains a mystery, though.

  2. Not sure that Muhammad ibn Abd’allah was an entirely mythical figure…

    Methinks he was merely an archetypal murderous and piratical Arabian warlord who desired to outdo Dhu’l-Qarnayn (Alexander the Great) in his conquests…

    It appears that the religious crap followed the imperialist expansion, in order to justify it with recourse to sacrosanct mandate and to establish a totalitarian and hegemonic government “by divine-right”.

  3. Any supposedly intelligent person who willingly converts to islam must have a screw loose.

  4. I think it is probably like all cults…they target the lost and the lonely and then ”love bomb” them…love bombing is a very well established cultish technique. I recall years back when it was a serious problem at one of our tertiary institutes..the cult members were always on hand at the start of the year looking for the loneliest , most vulnerable students.
    In this part of the world , muslims are definetly targeting the most vulnerable races..Maori , Aborigine , Tongan , Fijian..etc..Muslims are sly and calculating and they put a lot of effort into missionary work. One of the main training countries for missionareis to the Pacific , Aussie and NZ is Malaysia. Missionaries marry people who already have PR or citizenship in these other countries so they are not entering as ”missionaries.”

  5. So, perverts convert to muslimabad so that they can live their fantacies as pedophiles, is that right? Uhhhhhh!!! the dirty so and so’s. How could Germany allow an evil cult to be taught in their schools. This is beyond comprehension. Where is Hitler when you need him?

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