Islam in Europe

Or is it “Islamophobia” in Europe?

Muslims give Macedonian government  “a chance to correct Islamophobia”

“We gave the government a chance to correct its discriminative and Islamophobic policy but the last move it made with the amendments to the act is a clear signal….blah blah….Macedonia: Islamic community accuses gov’t of Islamophobia

Self inflicted dhimmitude in Norway

Norway: Journalism conference complied with alcohol ban, claims Muslim org

Muslim agit prop brags:

They closed the bar in the hall, and nobody was allowed there with any type of drink, which was a result of a demand from our side, when it was said that we refused to talk about Islam to intoxicated people.

London: Police commends Mosque leader  for not inciting violence

A MOSQUE leader who called for calm over protests by an Islamaphobic group has been commended by the police.   Ghulam Rabbani, generally secretary of Harrow Central Mosque, was recognised for his determination to help the community in the face of opposition from Stop Islamisation of Europe (SIOE).

And who will be France’s burqa police?

Andrew Bolt

The burqa is offensive, divisive, oppressive and alienating, but I wonder how this law is going to be enforced:

France is moving toward a ban on wearing face-covering Islamic veils in public, with the government set to examine a draft bill next month amid heated debate over women’s rights and religious freedom.

President Nicolas Sarkozy spoke out in favor for a complete ban on Wednesday, and the relevant bill will be presented to the cabinet in May, government spokesman Luc Chatel said on Wednesday.

Sarkozy believed that the full veil, commonly referred to as the burqa in France, “hurts the dignity of women and is not acceptable in French society,” he told reporters.

There will be blood:

Note from Sheik: There are now 780 + ‘no go zones’ in France. There are areas in Paris where you wouldn’t dare to get out of your car. Imagine what the reaction would be if the police would arrest a few burqa mamas in a Mohammedan dominated district. There would be instant riots. There would be  carbeques on end. Unless Sarkozy is prepared to bring the army out in force and allow them to use live ammunition there is no chance this can succeed.

10 thoughts on “Islam in Europe”

  1. I would like to see a segment on COPS where a French cop gets a burka clad babe and cuffs her. I wonder if she will run, or what. Look! A tent with legs!! Look at that thing go!! Then the cop grabs her, pushes her to the ground, puts his knee on her head and cuffs her legs and arms up like a pig on a spit.

    Ok, I got an imagination and am laughing while I wrote all that.

    1. “I would like to see a segment on COPS where a French cop gets a burka clad babe and cuffs her”

      You won’t see it. The burqa momas are always guarded by their minders. Touch one and all hell breaks lose.

  2. You make a good point. The first arrest, and the Muslims will gleefully set the infidels’ hard assets afire. Burn Paris Burn. You can count on it. And they will kneel and submit. France, like England, has already been consumed.

  3. * The burqa momas are always guarded by their minders.

    The minders are not always in plain view – can be lurking around the corner …

  4. …”can be lurking around the corner”

    That’s why they cannot work! Thanks Mullah for clearing that up.

  5. The sooner hell breaks loose, the better.
    Yes. There is not a moment to loose.

    Ban the Burqa, ban Halal, as it cruel to defenceless animals, ban minarets.

    Muslim girls must wear Western swimsuits in schools.

    I’m sure there are other quire sensible laws that are good for the nation, the economy. and the environment, that will make
    ALL hell breaks loose.

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