Jordan's plucky little King: Israel's "long-term future" is in jeopardy, war is imminent

Saber rattling all over the ME:

Thug-In-Chief rattles his genocidal saber: “You (Zionists) should know that an attack on Gaza will end your inauspicious and filthy life”

While Obama mouths empty platitudes about “tough” new sanctions. “Iran’s President Warns Israel against Invasion of Gaza,” from the Fars News Agency/JW

Hamas is pleased with the Obumbler:

Hamas-linked CAIR applauds Obama’s abandonment of terms “Islam” and “jihad” to describe Islamic jihad

“End to ‘loaded’ Islamic terms welcomed,” from UPI/JW

Iranian Major General: “If America presents Iran with a serious threat and undertakes any measure against Iran, none of the American soldiers who are currently in the region would go back to America alive”

Not one? Not even one? How could the Iranians possibly accomplish that, except with a…nuclear weapon?

More bloody threats from Iran, more dithering and empty gestures from Obama: “Iran will not beg to avoid sanctions: Ahmadinejad,” by Hashem Kalantari for Reuters/JW

Jordan stakes a claim on Jerusalem

Jordan is staking a claim to parts of Jerusalem. (Carl in J’lem)

Plucky Little King:

He is probably right that there will be a war. He probably envisions any long-term solution as Israel making concessions to the Palestinians that will ultimately imperil its existence.

Jordanian King (Son of Black September) Abdullah Piles on Israel

Phyllis Chesler

“Jordanian King: Israel’s long-term future in jeopardy,” from Al-Bawaba, April 6  2010/Jihad Watch

Jordanian King Abdullah has warned that Israel’s long-term future would remain in jeopardy unless a permanent solution to the Palestinian problem was achieved. Ahead of his trip to the USA, the Jordanian king said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal: “I think the long-term future of Israel is in jeopardy unless we solve our problems.”The Jordanian leader, who is expected to attend President Barack Obama’s Nuclear Security Summit, cautioned against “wasting too much time” in resolving the conflict in the region. Pointing to the “tremendous tension” in the Middle East, he warned that the “status quo is unacceptable.”

“Over the Israeli-Lebanese border; if you spoke [to some Lebanese] today they feel there is going to be a war any second,” he said. “[It] looks like there is an attempt by certain groups to promote a third intifada, which would be disastrous. Jerusalem as you are well aware is a tinderbox that could go off at any time, and then there is the overriding concern about military action between Israel and Iran.”

“So with all these things in the background, the status quo is not acceptable; what will happen is that we will continue to go around in circles until the conflict erupts, and there will be suffering by peoples because there will be a war,” added Abdullah.

Hugh Fitzgerald comments:

The long-term future that is most in jeopardy is that of King Abdullah himself. He lacks the finesse and the experience of his father, formulaically described as “Plucky Little King” Hussein). Jordan has no oil and gas, and lives mostely on what it has inveigled the West to supply it, both with direct aid, and – in the case of the United States – with most-favored-nation status, that was designed to encourage local industry. What this has meant in practacie is that Arab owners of textile factories have hired non-Arabs, whom they treat terribly, wage-slaves whose wages are often withheld or nearly nonexistent. A few years ago the scandalous conditions in which non-Arab workers lived in Jordan managed even to make it to the New York Times. You can read about it here:
If the American unions were to demand an end to such status, end it would. And there is no suggestion that the rich Arabs would step into the breach.

And has King Abdullah forgotten just how tenuous his hold on power is? Has he forgotten the repeated threats to his regime and country, and does he recognize, does he remember, that it was Israel, and Israel alone (acting at the request, in some cases, of the American government) that , and more than once, has rescued the Hashemite monarchy from internal and external threats?

Has he forgotten that, as winsome Wikiepedia puts it, “ between mid-1968 and the end of 1969, no fewer than five hundred violent clashes occurred between the Palestinian guerrillas and Jordanian security forces. Acts of violence against civilians and kidnappings frequently took place. Chief of the Jordanian royal court (and subsequently a Prime Minister) Zaid al-Rifai claimed that in one extreme instance, “the fedayeen killed a soldier, beheaded him, and played soccerwith his head in the area where he used to live.”

And does he remember that when, finally goaded beyond endurance, King Hussein – Abdullah’s father – attacked the “Palestinian” Arabs who had on September 1 hijacked three Western planes, forced them to land in Jordan, and blew all three up before the world’s cameras – attacked the “Palestinian” troops, it was Israel that rescued him from Syrian tanks and planes moving in to support the “Palestinian Liberation Army” or PLA, an organization with its headquarters in Damascus and essentially a tool, of the Syrian regime?

Perhaps he doesn’t remember that his grandfather Abdullah was assassinated. Perhaps he has forgotten how the “Palestinian” terrorists killed Prime Minister Wasfi al-Tal and then bent down to lick his blood off the floor? Perhaps he has forgotten the bombs in the Jordanian hotels, just a few years ago? Perhaps he thinks that Al-Zarqawi, a “Palestinian” Arab from the Jordanian town of Zarqa, was a unique specimen, and there are no more like him in Jordan? Perhaps he thinks that the Jordanian secret service knows exactly what it is doing, even though it was recently fooled by a double agent of Al Qaeda who the Jordanians thought they had won over, but it was he who blew up not only a Jordanian secret service officer, but a half-dozen C.I.A. agents who had come out to greet what they thought was a new recruit, and had even baked him a cake, because it was, you see, his birthday.

Oh, there are so many other times when Israel rescued the Kingdom of Jordan, that it is amazing that King Abdullah thinks he can make such a statement. Does he not know that his own regime, his own monarchy, depend more than anything else on the survival, and strength, of Israel? The failure to understand one’s own reality is a noticeable feature in the Muslim world, and not surprising. For if you were to recognize that reality, you would necessarily have to admit that many of the failures of your own states and societies are a direct result of Islam itself, and no one wants, no one can, do that. And that failure leads to a whole host of other failures to understand things, because you can never allow yourself to get to the bottom of what the problem is, if the problem is the main thing, the main organizer, the essential fact, of your life and that of all the others among whom you live. King Abdullah, despite his years at Deerfield, is no different.

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  1. * Jordan stakes a claim on Jerusalem

    “In that day the LORD made a covenant with Abram, saying, Unto thy seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt unto the great river, the river Euphrates:” (Genesis 15:18)

    So far as I know, the covenant is still in effect.

  2. The only thing preventing the oblivion of the Royal kingdom of Jordan, is the state of Israel. No Israel, and Jordan is history.

  3. Jordan will never fight Israel as they are the descendents of Esau, Jacob’s twin brother. Mohammed, the so called muslim prophet was a Jordanian, hence we have the false hijacked religion called ‘I Slam.’

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