KRuddwatch: Welfare Seekers Are Fleeing Peace

Andrew Bolt

Rudd panics: now says boat people may be fleeing peace

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Craven opportunist

So why did Kevin Rudd suddenly get tough on boat people? Was it because his weaker laws had caused too many boats to land? Had lured 53 boat people to their deaths? Had cost taxpayers countless millions? Had poisoned relations with Indonesia? Had helped queue-jumpers to push ahead of real refugees?

None of the above. Laurie Oakes explains, without a word of criticism:

The Prime Minister was advised by strategists weeks ago that he had to act. Border control, they told him, posed an election risk in key marginal seats.

Rudd gives us more boats, detainees and detention

The vast majority of asylum seekers arriving in Australian waters by boat are Afghans and some Sri Lankans

I guess KRudd needs to establish a new rubber stamp bureaucracy to deal with this.  The bleeding hearts over at the ABC are already whining over this “inhumanity”

Another boat, and nearly more deaths, forces the Rudd Government to announce that these poor refugees are probably not fleeing danger, after all:

All new asylum seeker claims from Sri Lanka and Afghanistan are being suspended, as news emerges that 70 people were rescued from a sinking asylum boat off Christmas Island early this morning.

Immigration Minister Chris Evans says the Government has decided to implement the processing suspension due to “changing conditions” in both countries…

This means any new asylum seekers now arriving in Australian waters from those two countries will not have their refugee applications processed until the suspension is lifted.

The suspension comes as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees reviews the international protection guidelines for both countries.

But, but, but… weren’t they fleeing genocide” Wasn’t this flood of boats caused by ”new conflicts” and overseas ”push factors”?

It seems to me from this that Immigration Minister Chris Evans is now admitting the Government lied all along in denying its policies had lured so many thousands here in boats:

The changes we’re announcing today send a strong message to people smugglers that they cannot guarantee a visa outcome for their clients.

So it really was the guaranteed visa outcome that people smugglers were advertising that drew so many boats here? Then why didn’t Rudd just say so a few dozen boats ago?

Liars and incompetents.

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  1. Rudd has to understand that the U.N is full of shit. Australia has to do what is best for Australia and these illegal criminals who are trying to force their way into Australia illegally, must be kicked out without mercy, just as we would kick a thief who came to steal from our houses in the dark.

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