Overseas Contingency Operations & Man Made Disasters

Our “friends” & foes, the Afghans

First Hamid Karzai, “our man in Kabool” threatens to join the Taliban, then the Afghan police executes a valiant US hero who earlier covered their asses in a firefight with  suicide bombers that attacked the police station:

African-American Hero Executed by Afghan Police…TRoP

Another Man-Caused Disaster- Female Suicide Bomber Blows Herself Up in Russia (Video) Gateway

–Warning on Content–
Another man-caused disaster in the overseas contingency operation.
A Muslim woman blew herself up in Ingushetia on April 9.
The suicide bombing was caught on tape.  Via Russia Today
A shocking video showing a female suicide bomber blowing herself up in Russia’s Republic of Ingushetia on April 9 has appeared on the Internet. RT warns that viewers may find the footage disturbing.

Accused Navy Seals Head to Court in Iraq (Video)

Scott McCabe said this about the court case:

“First of all, I’ll say it again, I’m confident these men are innocent and I believe they’ll be found innocent. This sends a horrible message to our troops as well as our enemies that all they have to do is accuse some of our folks of beating them and they have three of our top warriors taken off the battlefield.”

Lying charges were dropped against two of the Navy Seals but they still face courts-martial for allegedly not protecting Ahmed Hashim Abed — a terror suspect who the military says masterminded the killing, burning and lynching of contractors for the company formerly known as Blackwater..
The UPI reported:  Gateway Pundit has more: Accused Navy Seals Head to Court in Iraq (Video)

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  1. It’s way past time for the Allied forces to leave those godforsaken arab countries and let them kill each other. muslims have to kill to get any pleasure out of life and better them than our soldiers. They are an evil, devish lot on a one way ticket to hell.

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