The Benefits of Polygamy


Its a blessing, really. Ask Keysar Trad! He’s been telling us for years that he would like to buy himself a new little Aisha…. (on the dole)

Egyptian Cleric Dr. Mahmoud Khiyami Hasan Explains the Logic Underlying Polygamy

Following is are excerpts from a debate on polygamy, which aired on Al-Rahma TV on March 3, 2009.

TV host: Dear viewers, we mentioned on previous shows that the enemies of Islam are planning one abominable and vile conspiracy after the other, in order to finish off the Muslim woman and turn her into a liberated Western woman. Listen to what they ask of women. Listen to what they have in store for the Muslim woman. They demand that the Muslim woman rebel against her role as mother and wife, as well as against her religion, which oppresses her, by granting her husband guardianship [over her].


In addition, they demand that married women be allowed to travel without the permission of their husbands and that a husband who forces his wife to have sex with him be punished, because this, in their view, constitutes rape. They demand the establishment of shelters to protect raped women from their families until they give birth. Then the children would be left to the care of the people in the shelters.


Egyptian cleric Dr. Mahmoud Khiyami Hasan: If a man has been married to a woman for a long time, but this woman does not give birth, and he wants to have a son, but he also wants to keep her – is it better that he keeps her, and that she remains protected in a respected marriage, or is it better for him to divorce her?

TV host: It’s better for her to be protected.

Dr. Mahmoud Khyiami Hasan: Right. So he marries another woman in order to have an opportunity to have children, just like in the case of Sarah and Abraham.


Sometimes, a wife might suffer from a disease, preventing her from satisfying her husband’s desires.


There are cases when there are many women and not enough men.

TV host: What do you mean?

Mahmoud Khiyami Hasan: There might be wars. In World War I, the killing of men in Germany got to the point that there was one man to every four or six women. There were demonstrations in Germany following World War I, demanding to instate polygamy.

Interviewer: My God!

Mahmoud Khiyami Hasan: Even the enemies of Islam demanded to instate polygamy, due to the shortage of men following the war. Sometimes, a man has the necessary money, and a single wife does not fulfill his sexual needs. In order to avoid committing sins… Why shouldn’t he marry a second, a third, or a fourth wife? He has both the financial means and the physical capability. It is better than turning to the prohibited.

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  1. And yet, liberated women in the West, for the most part, don’t say much about Islam. Why is that?

  2. Uneducated about islam, is my guess!
    The information has to be out in the general arena, as it is flowing out now.
    I consider myself educated but did not know about the dark side of islam until last Sept 2009.

  3. Sharia in Indonesia: “Obedient Wives Club” pretext for legalizing polygamy

    “Good women are obedient….As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and send them to beds apart and beat them.” — Qur’an 4:34

    “And if ye fear that ye will not deal fairly by the orphans, marry of the women, who seem good to you, two or three or four; and if ye fear that ye cannot do justice (to so many) then one (only) or (the captives) that your right hands possess. Thus it is more likely that ye will not do injustice.” — Qur’an 4:3

    “If a husband calls his wife to his bed [i.e. to have sexual relation] and she refuses and causes him to sleep in anger, the angels will curse her till morning.” — Sahih Bukhari 4.54.460

    “By him in Whose Hand lies my life, a woman can not carry out the right of her Lord, till she carries out the right of her husband. And if he asks her to surrender herself [to him for sexual intercourse] she should not refuse him even if she is on a camel’s saddle.” — Ibn Majah 1854

    Sharia Alert from modern, moderate Indonesia: “‘Obedient wives club'”, pretext for legalizing polygamy in Indonesia,” by Mathias Hariyadi for Asia News, June 28 (thanks to JW):

    Jakarta (AsiaNews) – Civil society is divided between those in favour and against, the ruling class has expressed concern, while the fundamentalist Islamic wing strongly supports the initiative. What is certain is that the birth in Indonesia – after Malaysia – of the Obedient Wives Club (OWC), an organization in which women are completely subject to their husbands, even regarding their sexual demands, has not passed unobserved. Critics point out that the foundation of the club is only a “pretext” to legitimize polygamy in the country, opposed by the majority of the population and outlawed by former President Suharto, in power from 1967 to 1998.
    On 19 June KlubTaat Suam Global Ikhwan was born, under the leadership of President Gina Puspita. The group has 50 women members already, even though the association claims about 300 have joined. The purpose is to teach Indonesian women how to be “good wives” in the eyes of the family and husband and at the same time reinforce the principles of the Islamic faith in wives.

    For Mrs. Puspita, head of the club, the real aim is to inculcate in women the desire to “accept” polygamy, if the case is decided by the husband. And to do that, the president uses the example of the car: the husband is the driver and the woman should assume the attitude of “good” a passenger, in short faithful, submissive and obedient.

    The attempt to introduce Islamic law through the principle of polygamy in Indonesia – opposed by civil society and prohibited by law – is denounced by women’s rights activists. They remember how the OWC is the fruit of the same “source” that in 2009, gave birth to the controversial Polygamy Club, which was founded by conservative and fundamentalist Islamic group with ties to Global Ikhwan in other countries including Thailand and Singapore.

    The powerful Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) has supported the establishment of the clubs and states that it is not contrary to the dictates of Sharia, or Islamic law. Gusrizal Gazahar, deputy head of the MUI of Padang in West Sumatra province, said that “it is the duty of every Muslim woman to obey her husband in everything.”…

    The “Obedient wives club” has spread from Malaysia to Indonesia. They already have branches in Jordan and Thailand.

    Global Ikhwan also sponsors a “Polygamy club”. It has long been know that the “Obedient wives club” there has as its main purpose the spread of polygamy.

    “Indonesian branch of Obedient Wives Club opens”

    They’re touting polygamy as the “cure” for divorce, domestic abuse, rape, prostitution, and human trafficking.

    In other words, if Muslims are not allowed multiple, completely sexually submissive wives, they will run wild.

    Of course, in a world with increasing numbers of respected Muslim figures now calling for *enslaving Infidel women as sex slaves*, I suppose Indonesia and Malaysia can still—God help us!—be considered “moderate”.

  4. Those who want to judge on islam and all its aspects, what other logical conclusion can it be but you all better study islam first? Starting from its source of all laws and conducts: the real qur’an and shahih hadith/sunnah. After you study them, then speak. If terrorism and all other crimes are actually permitted, even ordained in islam, then many of you won’t even live today, since muslims will have butchered your ancestors centuries ago. The fact is: you still alive today, perhaps graduating from universities wiht fields studying sciences that were developed by muslim scholars. Have some good topic’s background studies before commenting and judging please.

  5. Ken,
    1. The first person who has shown ignorance here is you.
    2. No sciences were developed by “muslim scientists” – and in fact it is pretty
    easy to show that whenever a civilisation has been overwhelmed by
    islam, its net productivity in terms of ideas developed and concepts
    undestood, goes to zero.
    3. Most here know the contents of the quran very well but here you have
    missed the point again. How the contents are interpreted are critical, and
    there is no official translation body responsible for interpreted the babbble
    that passes as dogma in islam.
    4. Take your own advice – do not give islam credit because it has never
    bettered humanity is ANY aspect and one grows tired of unthinking people
    like yourself grandstanding in favour of what is really a vile and vicous
    restraining order on human creativity developed by a rapist and murderer..
    5. The fact that our ancestors were not butchered by muslim thugs is because
    they fought back, and if fact part of the Crusaades were motivated by
    muslim aggression. Heard of El Cid – well Ken, he is returning, However
    Ken, the muslims decimated large parts of central Africa, but I guess you
    haven’t bothered to study the influence of islam in Africa which is, at best,

    You write like that left wing parasite Ken Livingston, who have been sucking of the blood of London for some time and who is partly responsible for the left wing stupidity that has embolded the muslim parasites into claiminmg part of London for themeselves. When you have learned to think please write, until then do not waste our time.

  6. 1.Did you teacher teach your math? Find out about algebra.
    2.Do you ever had surgery? Find out on medicinal chemistry.
    And please don’t rely solely on wikipedia.
    3.Who loved so much to impor slaves and who had habits of freeing slaves?
    4.Who spare the lives of prisoners in many wars and who didn’t? Learn military science and history.
    5.No, your ancestors fought back but not all succesfull. Your people still wandering here and there around the world, throughout history until today, working or studying, and no muslims around butcher them.
    6.You just proved my point. I suggested about not blaspheming people, and you (trying) to point out that i had been wrong by suddenlycame out and pointing finger. You trying to prove someone is wrong by do the accused mistake yourself?
    7.”familiar’ the qur’an and the hadith don’t guarantee nil about transcripting it correctly. The translation is not that free. To get it correctly, one need to understand religion history, then arabian history, then arabian language, but for short: you need to cast aside your ego. Because you’re not dealing with human product. What human product can describe scientific fact 600 years before human even had microscope, for instance? If you don’t catch my drift, then reconsider your statement.
    Writing about Ken Livingstone etc whoever they might have been, look at what kind of society you have been creating and living in. That Ken L. guy was a citizen of your countries then right? Your own statement confirm it. Left wings even radicals ones like Marx and Lenin lived as member of your western society, born in it, even developed their ideology as the product of the same society. And you even quote their example.
    Don’t just dare to speak blatantly in internet. Come here to Indonesia, wiht many muslims, and have dialogue with many muslims. Share their lives by occasionally pass the night in thier houses. Examine their lives. REad more books, and not just the ones written by pro western readers. haven’t you knows the old adage that ” to get the closest truth you have to read from all sources, even conflicting ones”?
    And don’t betray yourself by trying to prove others are wrong by you yourself doing the very crime you accuse of. That’s just simply silly.
    Read more. Prove in the field. Cast away your ego first. The truth doesn’t rely on both your nor me. It simply whether what is proven.
    And i gladly wait for you here in Indonesia.

    1. You are genius, my friend.

      To understand Islam, one has to submit. Non muslims cannot understand Islam.

      The myth of islamic inventions.

      Check it out. Much better than wiki.

      I used to live in Indonesia.

      Your coreligionists would murder me if I went there.

      Here’s a list of Islamic inventions:

      Islam did invent lot of things. I will name a few.

      1. suicide bombing

      2. child marriage

      3. paedophilism

      4. killing non believers

      5. the science of killing people with different sizes and varieties of stones.

      6. slave trading

      7. science of lying (taqiyyah)

      8. science of cleaning the penis tip with stones (after peeing)

      9. inventors of one way system (one can get into Islam cannot get out!)

      10. the art and science of raping kafirs

      11. Inventors of 1400 year old fashion of growing a long beard with a clean shaven mustache !

      12. Inventors of Camel, goat, donkey suicide bombing

      13. science and art of drinking camel pee

      14. Inventors of 1 hour contract marriage (mutah)

      15. Inventors of the equipment “I can see everyone but nobody can see me” … whatz that ? ofcourse Burka

      16. Discovery of the fact that common house fly has disease in one of its wings and the other wings has cure for the disease.

      17. science of marrying daughter-in-laws

      18. science of breast feeding strangers (to convert them into sons !)

  7. @Ken,

    Spare us your sanctimony and condescension.

    “But you all better study islam first?”

    Or what?

    Not only do we reject Islam and find it repellent.

    But, we have studied Islam, lived in Muslims countries or have lived in countries where we were surrounded by large populations of Muslims, and we still reject Islam and find it abhorrent.

    I and many other people are alive today, precisely because my ancestors fought back against Muslim invaders.

    The progeny of my forefathers has nothing to do with the noble benevolence of Muslims. Get over yourself.

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