Today's Peace Offerings

Mullah Omar offers “sincere & honest talks” for America’s surrender

TRoP News:

Britain Fears for Pakistani Pedophile’s ‘Rights’… Muhammad sends his regards….

More Mosques for Peace: Mosque plan back on agenda in Lincoln/Bunglawussi Watch

Nick Griffin, head of the BNP Quote: I’m not anti-Muslim, I’m anti-Islam

English Fear Flying Their Own Flag…/ “nothing worth saving” said Jack Straw

Da Juice Cause Pali Arabs To Beat Their Wives /Jawa Report

Jews off the hook: Pakistani Islamic supremacist blames America for suicide attack by jihadists

Islamists Seeking ‘White Jihadists’… Isn’t that discriminating against black jihadists?

Jihad Watch:

UK Man Jailed for Stabbing Ex-Girlfriend 130 Times…/ the ‘ex-girlfriend’ was the mother of his wife….

More Nigerian Christians Murdered…

“kill the unbelievers wherever you find them…” Muslims are only following their religion…..

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  1. Jesus,please surround me with 100 of these mongrels,and give me a flamethrower

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