Why are we destroying our own to please and appease Islamic terrorists?

Royal Marine Sergeant Mark Leader was sacked for smacking an Islamic terrorist on the lip

But now, there is a “backlash”

42,000 back Facebook campaign for sacked commando

Daily Mail

‘When will the West wake up and realise that while they think they should play by these ridiculous PC rules, the terrorist enemy laugh at our weakness.

‘It’s as though we are entering a street fight using the Queensbury rules of boxing, while they fight using anything they can lay their hands on.

‘How can we defend ourselves against these lunatic, suicidal fanatics…if our troops are not permitted to act effectively?’   Read more: Daily Mail

Accused Navy Seals Head to Court in Iraq (Video)

Scott McCabe said this about the court case:

“First of all, I’ll say it again, I’m confident these men are innocent and I believe they’ll be found innocent. This sends a horrible message to our troops as well as our enemies that all they have to do is accuse some of our folks of beating them and they have three of our top warriors taken off the battlefield.”

Lying charges were dropped against two of the Navy Seals but they still face courts-martial for allegedly not protecting Ahmed Hashim Abed — a terror suspect who the military says masterminded the killing, burning and lynchingof contractors for the company formerly known as Blackwater..
The UPI reported:  Gateway Pundit has more: Accused Navy Seals Head to Court in Iraq (Video)

Why are we sacrificing men, money and materiel? For this?

Hundreds of Sunni men disappeared for months into a secret Baghdad prison under the jurisdiction of Prime Minister Nouri Maliki’s military office, where many were routinely tortured . . . .

Debbie Schlussel wonders: This is Why We “Liberated” Iraq?

Political Correctness is Killing US:

Shoe-throwing = ritual protest. Pig head-throwing = racist incident.

Throwing a pig’s head into (the parking lot of)  a mosque, or into anything, is obnoxious, reprehensible, and always and everywhere to be condemned.

That being so, why the double standard?

UK police bow to “Islamic sensitivities,” allow Muslim protesters to throw shoes

Isn’t throwing shoes just as potentially “distressing,” as well as even more likely to cause actual injury, as throwing a pig’s head?

So why is one “culture” and the other “racism”?

Shouldn’t both be held in equal contempt, and prosecuted with equal ferocity?

“Arrests after pig’s head thrown at Crawley mosque,” from the BBC, via JW

A poster on JW nails it:

Those fighting Islamization need to figure out proportional responses to muslim aggressions. But, unfortunately, with all that muslims are permitted to get away with — in the interests of “community cohesion” — truly “proportional” responses, as we understand them, would be far too bloody.

We’re in a tough spot, and it’s getting worse.

They demand special privileges, we give in.
They demand more special privileges, we give in.
They demand special privileges no one’s ever enjoyed before, we give in.
They draw blood, we wring our hands.
If the blood they drew from us accidentally gets on them, we apologize.
They yell jump! We ask “how high?”

You get the picture.

“Privileged Class” is exactly right. Actually, they’re treated almost better than royalty.

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