Freedom Sack Dilemma

Update: Hitchens supports burqa ban

The proposed law is in the best traditions of the French republic/Slate

UKIP tells Euro do-gooders to shove it:   BURKA BAN IS SOLELY BRIT BUSINESS

Muslim Organisations In Belgium Slam Ban On Burqa

“This (burqa ban) is a disorientation and diversion from the real problems. They are diverting the people from the real problems. The real debate should be about the future of Muslims in the Belgian society”-  Karim Chemlal, President of the League of Muslims in Belgium.

Me thinks the Belgians, like other European nations, cannot afford  to feed a hostile Mohammedan proletariat in their midst indefinitely. Since “assimilation is a crime against humanity” Belgium has do decide whether there is a future for Islam in Belgium at all…. Eurasia Review

French parliament to declare face veil contrary to national values

“All of France will say ‘non‘ to the full veil and will ask that this practice be prohibited on the territory of the republic.”

An update on this story. “Parliament to declare the full veil ‘contrary’ to national values,” from Agence France-Presse, May 11/JW:

AFP – France is on course to become the second European country after Belgium to declare the face-covering veil illegal in public places, reviving the debate on Islam’s place in Europe.

“All of France will say ‘non’ to the full veil and will ask that this practice be prohibited on the territory of the republic,” speaker Bernard Accoyer told reporters.

Debate on the burqa ban has prompted warnings that it could provoke community tension in a country that is home to biggest Muslim minority, which estimated at between five and six million.
Supporters of the ban argue they are not attacking religious freedoms but rather upholding women’s rights, with one prominent group saying the new law will liberate young Muslim girls growing up in France.

For Islamic groups and their allies, the most important thing here seems to be the opportunity to play the victim card:

Opponents warn that the move will further stigmatise French Muslims by taking aim at a tiny minority — fewer than 2,000 women, according to the interior ministry — who wear the head-to-toe veil.

President Nicolas Sarkozy’s right-wing UMP party and the opposition Socialists along with other smaller parties have all agreed to back the five-point resolution in the National Assembly.

Lawmakers will declare that “radical practices which violate the dignity and equality between men and women, such as the wearing of the full veil, are contrary to the values of the republic.”

Parliament “deems it necessary that all useful means be put in place to ensure the protection of women who are subjected to violence and pressure and in particular are forced to wear the full veil,” the resolution says.

It will be the first time that the National Assembly will vote on a resolution, a measure that was brought in under constitutional reform in 2008 to allow lawmakers to make a national statement.

Next week, Sarkozy’s cabinet will examine a draft bill that will impose fines on women who wear the full veil while men convicted of forcing women to cover themselves could face up to one year in jail and a hefty fine.

French politicians have said the law will also apply to wealthy tourists from the Middle East and the Gulf who are often seen fully veiled in luxury shops on the Paris boulevards.

But it could lead to the greatest tragedy known to modern man — hurt feelings:

France’s Council of the Muslim Faith, a government body created to improve inter-faith relations, has said that while it opposes the wearing of the full veil, a total ban risks making Muslims feel like outcasts

And a niqab or burqa doesn’t?

Yes it does. But that’s only the beginning. In reality, we can’t have any of it.

So all the Muslims who come into the West to destroy and subjugate it are fine as long as they dress in a ‘modern’ fashion?

Mohammad Atta and his terrorist brethren blended in as “Westernized” Muslims… until they killed 3000 people.

It’s The Koran, not the costumes, imbeciles.

The insidious ideology, not the alterable appearance.

Sexual dimensions of Islam and the Niqab

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  1. Slowly but surely, and certainly better late than never.
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