Muslims try to burn down Motoonist Lars Vilks' house

If the battle for civilization comes down to the wimps versus the barbarians, the barbarians are going to win.    Thomas Sowell

To kill & die for?

Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks has enraged Islamic supremacists by drawing the cartoon of Muhammad above. There have been multiple attempts on his life, and now this. Swedish language story here (thanks to JW).

Will the West defend the freedom of speech?

Gateway Pundit blogspot has the entire 11 min. video of Vilks’ presentation that the Muslims shut down.

Knowing what would be shown, Muslims stacked the auditorium, with their kids and pious women (several are shown yelling the “f” word) and screamed “Muhammed!” repeatedly.

They explain to police that they had to do this because “Vilks would not stop the tape.”

The idea of leaving would never occur to them. They are not here to leave. They are here to dominate. We have made them very comfortable.

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  1. To support Vilks, it is now possible to buy his “rondellhund” drawing of Muhammad as a dog, which has been made available in just one thousand copies, signed and numbered. Unfortunately, I was too late to order a Westergaard-Muhammad, but this time i hope to have something for my wall.

    Send your name and adress to and be sure to leave information on how many copies you want. The “Trykkefrihedsselskabet” will then send you a bill for 2.000 danish kroner for each copy (incl. VAT) plus a mailing fee of 75 danish kroner.

    I ordered my copy yesterday and hope to see others do the same. I also, some time ago, ordered your CD beforehand, which I hope will come soon to a mailbox near me.

  2. OT

    Switzerland: Should Islam be banned?

    Swiss weekly Die Weltwoche poses the question. The article is available for subscribers, leaving us only with the teaser.


    No separation between Church and State, calling for the murder of unbelievers, Mohammed’s massacre of the Jews: Is Islam compatible with our constitution?

    Yesterday the minaret ban. Today the burka ban. And tomorrow? The media and politicians stumble from Islam debate to Islam debate. Which Muslim symbol would be on the agenda next? The beard of the prophet? His water-pipe? Or should the wearing of a “takke” be banned, those white prayer caps which the representative of the Central Islamic Council (IZRS) particularly likes to wear in public?

  3. Islam: The religion of the misogynist, closet homosexual and murderer.


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