Shock Horror: Islamophobia in Perth linked to "Race Hate Group"

Once again, the lame stream media supports limp dick polit-props who play the race card every time someone says something about Islam.  Nobody should support attacks on mosques, but  those who claim instantly that any resistance to the Islamization of Australia is “race-hatred” and  the people behind it “Nazis, fascists, right-wing supremacists” or worse, are playing with fire. Australians will not tolerate these smears forever.

POLICE have charged two men believed to be part of a Perth-based extremist group who allegedly fired shots at a southern suburbs mosque earlier this year.  PerthNow>>

Police believe the men were responsible for the incident at the Canning Mosque on February 4, where shots were fired into the dome roof of the building.

The men are allegedly involved with the national extremist group Combat 18.

Cannington Detectives charged a 24-year-old High Wycombe man and a 25-year-old Greenmount man with criminal damage, discharging a firearm and possession of an unlicensed firearm.

A 19-year-old man from Kalamunda was also charged with possession of an unlicensed firearm.

Insp Rob Anderson from South East Metropolitan District Office said police believed the charges would spell the end of the Combat 18 group’s presence in the state.

“As a result of today’s operation, we are confident that we have more or less eliminated that faction within WA,” he said.

2 thoughts on “Shock Horror: Islamophobia in Perth linked to "Race Hate Group"”

  1. Who wrote that, “Nobody should support attacks on mosques,….” ? Was it you Sheik? Are you crazy? We should be burning these hovels down to the ground. Taking the only correct view of life, the ‘biological’ view, Islam correlates to cancer in the body of humanity. The only cure for cancer is to burn it out with radiation or chemicals, or to cut it out and destroy it. The war with Islam is on; if you refuse to take up arms, literally, you will die.

  2. You little beauty Dave Maxmany,

    What a pity we cant do just a you say. Cut it out, burn it down, destroy it.
    Unfortunately this is only allowed for Islam to do to us. They taking every advantage of our democratic process, lying, thieving, abuse and all the terror they are unleashing upon us.

    Our problem is that our politicians would rather back Muslim criminals rather than the people who actually built our country. We don’t account for anything. We are nothing to the people who run our country. They don’t want to know what we think or how we feel. They know it – but they wont speak up for us. Until this happens we will remain ranting and raving and raging on sites like this.

    And we keep sending our young men into battle for to fight some problem for Muslims. We should bring our troops back from Afghanistan. We have had to fight for Australian threats in the past. This is not that kind of a fight. The Afghanis must sort it for themselves. Sorry. One Australian life is worth 50 billion Muslims any day.

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