The best front page of recent days:

Brown is still in town, according to the Times:

Gordon Brown announced tonight that he is to step down as Labour leader but wants to remain in No 10 for a few more months as part of a coalition deal with the Liberal Democrats.

That’s what Britain needs. More Gordon.

5 thoughts on “Squatter”

  1. Whatever happens Britain, and the Brits are still fucked!!!

    More immigration, more genocide against Brits, five more years to survive for those who feel hopeful that we may reclaim our homeland!!!

    One things for certain, I may be staying in England, but i’m getting the fuck outta London in the next 6 months!!!

  2. Another 5 years of the lib/lab/con-trick means another 5 years of uncertainty for white Brits…..

    I might not be ready to give up on England totally, but i’m sure as hell getting myself outta London in the next 6 months!!!

    I’m going to find myself a nice little rural village, yet to be touched by “ethnic enrichment” and live out my days as a pub landlord!!!

  3. Unfortunately todays Brits have been dumbed down and consumed after 60 years of BRAINWASHING in our Schools and Universities by those of the so called ‘Progressive’ left wing SOCIALIST ( read COMMUNIST) PC, MC , Islamophile, moonbat mentality. The same mentality which along with rampant Black RACISM and Racist Affirmative action has allowed the USA to elect the LYING MOHAMMEDAN BOGUS POTUS.

    How disgusting it is to watch from afar the death throws of British democracy and to see the Voter REJECTED prostitute SEAT LOSING Lib Dems running from suitor to suitor to get the highest bid for their pathetic so called “ideals” . Ideals such as handing the UK over to the EU completely, destruction of the Education System, outrageous expansion of the Nanny State and Proportional Voting which will ensure that EXACTLY this kind of sordid ‘behind closed doors’ prostitution and wheeler dealing we are seeing now are the face of UK politics in perpetuity.
    A Lib/Lab pact will see the Jocks and the N.Irish and the Welsh MINORITIES riding roughshod over ENGLAND and the English voters, who overwhelmingly rejected Mc Broon and his JOCK government and forever and propping up their BENEFITS grab from ENGLISH taxpayers forever too . While at the same time CONTINUING to DENY ENGLISH Politicians a right to interfere in the DEVOLVED parasite states of Scotland, N.Ireland and Wales while at the SAME TIME their Politicians have RIGHTS over the ENGLISH

    I feel a REVOLUTION coming on.

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