Which Race is Islam Again?

Conflating ideology with race has so far stopped the long awaited “backlash” against the soldiers of Allah who want to force us to live under Islamic law, the sharia. The Muselmaniacs and their useful idiots in the West know how to sell  this toxic brew: when it suits, they are just like  da Joooozzz:

“We want to bring together people on the left with the Muslim community and peace campaigners and anti-racists to discuss what can be done.

“People are claiming the discrimination is not racist because it is about religion. But that is exactly what they said about the Jews and we all know what happened there.”

Got it? 1.5 billion Muselmaniacs who are commanded to kill & die for Allah and make the world Islamic are “just like da Jooozzzz…” who must be wiped out in the process……

Islam is not a race, but a violent ideology. Islam doesn’t need defending, we need to defend ourselves against Islam.

ISLAM IS RISING in South Carolina

Some folks in South Carolina got the message and took action:

The Christian Action Network is taking the fight against radical Islam to a new level by launching a massive campaign to put billboards up in South Carolina promoting its latest documentary, ‘Islam Rising.’ But how long before the Terrorist Front Group CAIR sues to have them taken down?

Barenaked has more

One thought on “Which Race is Islam Again?”

  1. Islam is not a race,it is a sub species of humanity that has volountarily abrogated its higher brain functions in order to comply with the dictats of the arabian paedophiles ideology.If the practitioners of this twisted mind set returned to whence they came (paedostan)there would be no such thing as islamophobia.
    Accusing someone of islamophobia is tantamount to accusing someone of having common sense,which is something allah howlers do not possess or appreciate.
    To all those who possess common sense I invite you to join the worlds fastest growing religion “ISLAMOPHOBIA”

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