Everybody Draw Muhammad, May 20

A day late and a dollar short:

Rahm Emmanuel in damage control: The Obama Administration has “screwed up the messaging” about its support for Israel.

White House organizes meetings with a carefully selected slate of 15 rabbis from across the US representing the Orthodox, reform and Conservative streams. J’Post

Dumber than dirt:

Kkkillgore: “Mohammad Atta Killed Himself For Secularism” /only on Chuckles  LGF

Can’t say it, just can’t say it:

Lazy Susan Rice can’t say anything bad about Libya

Can’t connect the dots. Just like Holder.  Allahu akbar!/Mark Steyn

President Obumbler’s UN ambassador, Lazy Susan Rice, had nothing bad to say about the 14 new members who were elected to the UN ‘Human Rights Council’ on Thursday.

And the officialdom of American Jewry? Still sending bouquets to Obama for nominating a Jew to the Supreme Court.

I guess we can’t expect Obama and Rice to be more Jewish than the ‘Jewish leaders,’ can we?  Read it all

Arab Media Praises Obama For De-linking Muslims From Terror

“Our Boy Obama”

The Arab media praised Obama this week for not using words like “Muslim terrorist” when discussing radical Islam. Last week US Attorney General was the latest Obama official to refuse to use the term “radical Islam” when discussing the motives behind the Times Square bomber.  Israel National News reported/Gateway

Motoonist in hiding after arson attack on his home

Here we have yet another test case. The Swedish government ought to be offering round-the-clock protection to Lars Vilks and issuing a strong defense of the freedom of speech. Appeasing this thuggery is the road to dhimmitude. An update on this story. “Muhammad cartoonist in hiding after arson attack,” by Malin Rising for AP, May 16/via JIhad Watch

Update: Two (Musel-)men arrested over fire at Vilks’ house

Two men, aged 19 and 21, have been arrested in connection with an arson attack at the home in southern Sweden of artist Lars Vilks. “He is of Swedish nationality but originally from Kosovo … He was unknown to the police so far,” Scania district police spokesman Calle Pärsson told AFP.

Strange,is it not? A “moderate” Kosovo Muslim who wants to kill a cartoonist? Who would have thought?

STOCKHOLM (AP) – A Swedish artist whose drawing of the Prophet Muhammad with a dogs body angered Muslims said Sunday he doesn’t feel safe in his home at night, after a week of attacks against him.

Note yet again the AP’s “We’re all Muslims now” reference to “the Prophet Muhammad.”

Lars Vilks told The Associated Press he has started sleeping elsewhere since an attempted arson attack Friday against his home in Nyhamnslage, southern Sweden.Earlier in the week, Vilks was attacked by a man as he gave a lecture at a university in central Sweden, and the following day his Web site appeared to have been targeted by hackers….

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