Games Muslims Play

Aussie News & Views got videos!

Update on KRudd’s Australia:

Muslim Hag in a Bag, Carnita Matthews, caught out Lying big time on camera.

When a Burqa mama plays the race card, Australia’s discrimination-hate-crime industry goes apeshit….. Fortunately, the (falsely) accused policeman caught the incident on camera. Islamic grievance theater at its best:  the usual suspects, false accusations against the police, abject dhimmitute even from the Police Union that is supposed to defend the policeman against false accusations.

Conning the World. Veiling the Truth with Bedazzling Burkas

From the excellent Islamist Monitor:

As I was driving today I happened to listen to Jason Morrison’s ‘Drive’ show at around 3 pm. He mentioned the story of the Sydney policeman who happened to stop a veiled lady recently because he had a well founded suspicion that she was not driving well and that her ‘P’ plate sign was not affixed properly to the car. This policeman asked to see the lady’s license. Of course to check her license the policeman had to see the lady’s face and you know what that means for a Muslim feminista. Instant outrage. This lady did what any oppressed victim who has been asked to show her diriver’s license would do. She went straight to the media and complained that the policeman was a racist, shouted at her, grabbed her veil and wanted to pull it off. Not a shy little hyacinth, this lass went to Channel 7 and told her tearful story aided and abetted by her Muslim handlers.

Read it all:  Veiling the Truth with Bedazzling Burkas

Here’s Andrew Bolt’s take:

The claim was of the kind that can cause riots: a racist NSW police officer tried to pull the niqab off the face of a Muslim woman. Extremists such as former Guantanamo detainee Mamdouh Habib promptly took up the outraged woman’s claim.

Some of master grievance monger Mamduh Habib’s recorded exploits:

More of the same:

Trouble for them is that the policeman filmed their encounter and is in the clear. So why wasn’t the woman charged? Why hasn’t she apologised? And what does it say about the dangerous culture of victimology in Australia’s Muslim minority?

(Well, I’m not overly  concerned with their victimology. But I’m totally pissed off that this brave policeman was left out in the cold by his his superiors and by those who should have stood behind him. The next copper will think twice before bothering a burqa momma, and that’s what the  soldiers of Allah ultimately want:  the Mohammedans in this country are becoming untouchable…….)

No Jihad Mama Left Behind:

Australia: Minister blamed for jihadist mother’s ordeal in Yemen

Islamization Watch:

LAWYERS for Shyloh Giddins, the Sydney woman detained by Yemeni security officials, have lashed out at the Australian government, saying it was the cancellation of her passport that triggered her arrest.

Abdul Rahman Barman, Ms Giddins’s Yemeni lawyer, said he expected his client to be deported from Yemen today.

But, speaking through an interpreter, Mr Barman blamed the Rudd government for her month-long ordeal, saying it was the decision by Foreign Minister Stephen Smith to cancel her passport that brought her to the attention of Yemeni authorities.

Mr Barman said Ms Giddins’s interrogators had focused almost exclusively on the reason behind the cancellation rather than her local links or activities.

‘The key questions during the investigation were all about her passport cancellation, why they cancelled her passport,’ he said.

Ms Giddins’s passport was cancelled in April by Mr Smith following a request by ASIO, who judged her a threat to security. ASIO cited her ‘extremist’ interpretation of Islam as one reason.

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  1. * So why wasn’t the woman charged?

    As Cornelia Rau showed, creating a false belief can lead to a nice fat payout. Carnita Matthews may not hit the jackpot, but NSWPol will not support its officer, who did nothing but discharge his duties as required.

  2. According to the latest report on 7 News last night (they ran this story 3 nights in a row and were the only ones who did), the police will be charging her.

  3. Yes it’s a pity we take the word of these people we can’t see, instead of law o biding officer doing his job, luckily it was recorded on camera to show how deceitful most of these people are . If they don’t want the Australian life pack up & go to another county or back to where they come from ?

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