Nile unveils bill to ban people hiding their faces

That, of course, makes him a “right-wing bigot” and an “Islamophobe” for the Muzz and their enlightened fellow travelers, the Red-Green subversives…..


THE Reverend Fred Nile has again called for a ban on the burqa, the head and body veil worn by some Muslim women, saying it oppresses women and could be used as a disguise by terrorists.

The Christian Democrats MP wants NSW to follow a growing number of European countries trying to ban women from wearing in public the burqa and the niqab, a veil with a narrow opening for the eyes.

Last night the government and the opposition allowed Mr Nile to explain his Full-face Coverings Prohibition Bill, which is modelled on legislation recently passed by the Belgian Parliament.

Any person wearing a face covering while in public would be liable to a $550 fine, while anyone who compelled another person to wear such a covering, such as a woman’s husband, father or religious leader, could be fined $1100.

A person’s religious or cultural belief would not be a reasonable excuse.

Neither Labor nor the Coalition has said which way it will vote when Parliament resumes at the end of August after the winter break.

The Premier, Kristina Keneally, said she did not support the legislation nor the principle of banning the burqa, however the issue has not yet been considered by the cabinet or caucus.

Mr Nile said concealment of a person’s face – male or female – for any purpose, including terrorism, anarchism or discrimination against women, should be banned.

”The wearing of the burqa is a form of oppression which has no place in the 21st century,” he said.

Last month, Belgian politicians approved a draft law to ban the wearing of the Muslim full-face veil in all public places, including streets, although it is still subject to a senate vote.

Debate is raging in France as well, where the cabinet has approved a draft law to ban the Muslim full-face veil from public spaces.

It will go before Parliament in July.

Several regions in Spain have also banned Muslim women from wearing the burqa in public buildings.

7 thoughts on “Nile unveils bill to ban people hiding their faces”

  1. A burka was used as a disguise in a robbery in Hurstville recently and that pretext is being used in Europe to ban it, so I see no reason why NSW shouldn’t follow.

    So go Fred! Take on the evil arselifters, you’ll win eventually.

  2. Yes, in a democratic society we need to show who we are. As opposed to a demonic society where everything is dark. The salute we give today is an ancient sign we do not have a weapon in our hand. With the burqu it is a case of offending us in OUR COUNTRY. We have now objection to what they do in their country of origin, we only ask they respect our democratic society and obey OUR LAW. No one had ever heard of these people twenty years ago. And, we liked it that way. Australia for Australians who share our values – otherwise when the next boat lands, be there and catch it back to where you came from. We owe you NOTHING. They owe us EVERYTHING.

  3. SENIOR Iranian cleric – Burka prevents earth Quakes, etc


    The burqa is as much a political statement as a naked woman walking in the streets to advocate public nudity as a right which should be accepted by the rest of society.

    Nudism is a cultural and political movement advocating and defending social nudity in private and in public. It may also refer to a lifestyle based on personal, family and/or social nudism.

    Society in general has decided public nudism can be very confronting, inappropriate, and even regarded as obscene by some. Although nudism is often practiced in a person’s home or garden, either alone or with members of the family public and in restricted venues public nudity is a behaviour which society in general have deemed should be restricted and subject to judicial penalty.

    The burqa is much more of an obscenity than nudity. For where nudism seeks to expand the societal bounds and diminish prejudice the burka politically advocates a denigrating , subservient role in society for women.

    The burqa reinforces the notion women are not only to blame for men’s behaviour towards them in regards sexual assaults but also women’s aspirations should be necessarily be different and subservient to a man’s definition of what a woman’s life should be.

    The public wearing of the burqa is a categorical political act which seeks to advance the notion of the acceptance of the subservience and restriction of women’s opportunities in life relative to men which is absolutely obscene and must therefore be subject to judicial penalty.

    Everything we do is political. A woman deciding to wear shorts given human history is a political statement in itself. For it can be deemed as simply a relatively freely decided fashion statement. The Burqa is an antitheist of this and very much a political statement of subjugation and in no way can be regarded as a fashion statement or a modern principle. No matter how many times and subtle colourful variations get dragged down the catwalk.

  4. In a number of British universities the burqa and/or niqab is banned

    ** Canada. On March 24, Quebec’s provincial government introduced a bill that requires uncovered faces not only for those who provide public services, but also for recipients. This includes everyone from students and hospital patients to lottery winners looking to claim a payout. The bill arrived on the heels of authorities booting a niqab-clad woman from a language class after her demands for accommodation became disruptive.

    Belgium. On April 29, the lower house of parliament approved, 136-0, legislation that would make Belgium the first in Europe to institute a nationwide prohibition on face-concealing attire in public, with fines of €15-25 and up to seven days in jail for repeat offenders. If the upper house does not object, the law may be in force by July.

    France. On May 11, lawmakers laid the groundwork for a similar ban by passing, 434-0, a nonbinding resolution that describes such clothing as “contrary to the values of the republic.” Eight days later, the French cabinet finalized draft legislation proscribing face-covering attire in public spaces. The penalties are stiff: female violators are subject to a €150 fine; men convicted of forcing their wives to veil may be set back €15,000 and sentenced to one year in prison. Parliament will debate the bill this summer.

    Italy. Citing a decades-old counterterrorism statute banning headgear that inhibits identification, several towns in northern Italy have begun imposing fines on women who hide their faces. Novara, which enacted its law in January, recently levied the first such fine (€500) after a woman refused to unveil herself for police.

    Spain. On May 28, the town council of Lerida, in northeast Spain, became the first municipal authority in that nation to bar face-concealing women from public buildings**

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