Obama rewards Hamas

In “President Obama Rewards The Hamas Lobby” in Forbes today, Steven Emerson skewers Obama’s anti-Israel, pro-jihad actions:

Why is the terrorist group more interested in attacking Israel than improving the lives of its people?

A ship packed with violent, radical “activists”  tries to run a blockade aimed at preventing terrorists from receiving illicit material. Video shows them beating commandos with clubs as they land on the ship, pelting them with slingshots and carrying knives.

What is America’s response? To demand that the nation whose soldiers were attacked conduct an investigation to “find out the facts.”

It is clear Israel sought to peacefully secure the Mavi Marmara on May 31 as it approached Gaza. But the hardened activists, who openly discussed their desire for martyrdom, weren’t going to let that happen. Fighting for their lives, the Israeli soldiers opened fire with their sidearms, killing nine people on the ship.

But that does not make the Obama administration’s demand for an investigation from an ally any more sensible. It was the first such demand made by the U.S. of another country, let alone an ally, in recent memory. There was no call for a probe on Russia’s treatment of Chechnyans, for Egypt’s persecution of the Christian Copts or for the murderous rampages against the Ahmadiyan Muslim sect in Pakistan.

Just Israel made the history books. Israel, however, has proof of what really happened. It released at least five videos on YouTube showing Israeli soldiers being attacked as they landed.

Moreover, details emerged about IHH–the Turkish charity instigating the attack–and its long history of abetting Islamic terrorist attacks and Islamic terrorist organizations. Reports produced by MEMRI showed the violent attack at sea was planned by radicals vowing to go to their “martyrdom.” By June 3 more YouTube videos appeared showing the efforts by the Turkish flotilla extremists to battle with the Israelis….

Read it all./Check out the comments on JW, people are really starting to get it:  Comments

Caroline Glick:

Hamas’s free lunch

Today Hamas stands on the cusp of international acceptance. It may take a week or a month or a year, but today Hamas stands where Fatah and the PLO stood in the late 1980s. The genocidal jihadist terror group is but a step away from an invitation to the Oval Office….J’Post has more

Resign… or Change, Mr. President

While defending his own policies President Obama has routinely been rude and sarcastic to his predecessor, George W. Bush. Yet Obama appears to be making the resident of the previous White House look like a genius compared to his own serious missteps in office. FoxNews

5 thoughts on “Obama rewards Hamas”

  1. Will, the monkey just fired his top soldier in Afghanistan, for telling the truth! My obama, you are a miserable twat!!

  2. Kaw ,
    It is a fact that the man can not take criticism.
    Bush did not react to criticism and was held for a dummy.
    maybe he is afraid to be compared to Bush, thus overreacts!

  3. SM,
    Perhaps I am too pessimistic, but obama has too many holes and inconsistencies in his background for me to be comfortable with his tenure in the White House. I simply do not believe he is whom he claims to be. Stories circulating down from above support your contention exactly, Professors tell a tale of a man who received tenure only because of aggressive positive discrimination policies, a man who did not impress (could not perhaps) with intellect and work, but was a good orator. I also sense, very strongly, that obama is a bully, and that means that those he has chosen are not going to be critical of him since they will loose their jobs. That removes one essential controlling mechanism which limits obama’s ability to exercise power – the removal of McCrystal may have been a reinforcement demonstration. From where I stand things look very black (no pun on the idiots skin color intended) indeed. I am somewhat disappointed with McCrystal for apologizing – while he spoke up against the chain of command he did so out of loyalty to his soldiers, and not to a largely incompetent group of civilian narcisists.

  4. Yes frakked, there is an eerie symmetry, Perhaps the wheel of history has turned on the same spot again?

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