Obambi Outreach: Hamas says asked by US to keep silent on talks

Islamist group source says senior American officials request contacts remain secret ‘so as not to rouse Jewish lobby’- Y-net news

A senior Hamas figure said Friday that official and unofficial US sources have asked the Islamist group to refrain from making any statements regarding contacts with Washington, this following reports that a senior American official is due to arrive in an Arab country in the coming days to relay a telegram from the Obama Administration.

According to the report, the official said Washington has no choice but to work with Hamas due to its influence in the Arab and Islamic world.

Friends we can rely on:

US Muslim “jurists”  forbid aid to troops

The Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America (AMJA) issued a fatwa prohibiting offering aid to foreign troops in Muslim countries whether on the personal or the business levels. Al Arabya

Muslim FBI informant ostracized by Muslim community in U.S.

One would have thought that the Vast Majority of loyal, patriotic American Muslims would celebrate Mahmoud Omar as a hero. Why don’t they? Why does a man who helped the FBI against jihadists say, “I lost my people. I lost my religion”? And why don’t authorities ask that question, and seek answers to it? “From star FBI witness to ostracism, loss,” by George Anastasia for the Philadelphia Inquirer/JW

Hugh Fitzgerald’s reply is right on the money…..

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