The "Arab Street"

Egyptian Cleric Salem Abu Al-Futouh Salutes the “Mujahideen” Who Died in Flotilla Clash and Says: “If One Billion Muslims in the World Buzzed Like Flies, the Strength of the Jews Would Be Sapped”; “Cruelty Nestles in These People’s Hearts”

Jews are not allowed to defend themselves, we all know that. The rest is projection…

Top Palestinian Islamic Cleric in Lebanon Sheik Muhammad Nimr Zaghmout Calls on Egyptians and Jordanians to Storm Israeli Embassies, Take Ambassadors and Employees Hostage Following Flotilla Clash

“Hostage taking is un-Islamic”, just ask Sherifa Zuhur….

Syrian Historian Soheil Zakkar Calls for Suicide Operations following Flotilla Clash

And you thought suicide bombing was un-Islamic….

Salafi Jihadi Sheikh Hussein Bin Mahmud: Gaza Does Not Want Freedom Flotillas with Blonde Women – It Wants Black Islamic Banners of Jihad; Hitler Left Some Jews Alive So the World Could See Why He Killed the Rest; ‘Gaza… Is Thirsty and Wants to Drink the Blood of the Sons of Apes and Pigs’

Normally they accuse us of making matzoh with the blood of Pali children….

Article in Urdu-Language Jihadist Website: ‘Muslims were Given Palestine As an Inheritance; Jihad Becomes Obligatory on… the Muslim Ummah to Take it Back’

Land, once Islamic, belongs to the ummah for all time.

MEMRI TV Reports on the Gaza Flotilla – Syrian TV Program Includes Calls for Suicide Attacks Inside Israel; Head of the Palestinian Islamic Council in Lebanon Calls for Taking Israeli Hostages

They must be misunderstanders of Islam, don’t they know that all that is un-Islamic?

Muslim Brotherhood Leader: Only Jihad Can Restore the Muslim Ummah to Its Former Glory; ‘The Hour is Near when [We will] Rid the Ummah of this Foreign Body [Israel] that has been Malevolently Planted in Its Midst’

Not to worry: we all know that jihad is nothing but peaceful inner struggle, right?

2 thoughts on “The "Arab Street"”

  1. “If One Billion Muslims in the World Buzzed Like Flies…”

    … it would make a change from whining like mozzies.

  2. What I found inexplicable is that the Israeli command made their troops land on the “peace” ship one at a time, as they abseiled down a rope. This handed all the strategic advantage to the ‘peace’ thugs who proceeded to beat the soldiers with metal bars, one at a time, as they landed on deck. Its a surprise that they were not all killed. How could officers allow such a thing to happen – they are supposed to be professional soldiers.

    Now it can be countered that the Israeli command was expecting peace activists. But this operation by the ‘peace’ thugs was not some thing that happened out of the blue. The operation was well known to all. Why were the Israeli security agencies unaware that the ‘peace’ activists were just a front for the serious ‘peace’ thugs on board. The whole operation by the ‘peace’ thugs should have been riddled by Mossad agents – that is their job.

    Another thing – why was Israel suggesting that the ‘peace’ ship dock at some Israeli port. Are they not aware that Islamic ‘peace’ activists have a penchant for converting commercial airplanes, trucks, cars, and even cycles, as suicide bombs. Imagine the devastation, if the ship was loaded with explosives, and made to explode while at an Israeli port. I mean, is the concept of turning a civilian ship, airplane or truck, soimething that has yet to be deployed by the Mujahideen, and is therefore a novelty? Is the entire West world, Israel included, lost its senses?

    Israel should not allow any such ship, particularly from the enemy side to come anywhere near an Israeli port. If any such ship approaches, it should be warned, and if it fails to respond to the warning, should be sunk. This much should be made clear to one and all, so no one can claim that they were unaware.

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