Fanatical Frenzy Watch

Angry Afghan Mob torches US embassy vehicles after deadly crash in Kabul

People gathered around the crash site to see what happened, got angry and started attacking the foreigners.”

Rioters in the Afghan capital have set fire to two US embassy vehicles shouting “death to America” after one of the SUVs collided with a civilian car killing a number of passengers, officials and witnesses have said.  (RAWA News)

Pakistan: 5 Christians shot to death coming out of church following threats from “banned” jihadist groups

Of course, given Pakistan’s ongoing double game, there is always the question of whether the groups are banned as in “banned,” or banned as in “just lay low for a bit or consider changing your name.”

“Suspected Islamists Shoot Five Christians to Death in Pakistan,” from Compass Direct News

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  1. Why does this ‘NOT’ surprise me. Useless good for nothing camel rooters. But meh pour another few 100mil or a couple of Billion into these neanderthal pricks, should make the bludgers happy for a month or two.

  2. The accident was probably caused by the muslims in the civilian car – a typical violent and viscious and thoughtless and pointless muslim response.

  3. Speaking of Frenzy, 100 million peoples Facebook account data is on the web..
    This is Great news for Americans and Brits that like Free Speech. The muslim trolls have had a heavy hand on anyone that dared say the islamic emperors had no clothes. They all have been hiding and changing screen names. But this database has their registration details. The governments will be able to identify every single troublemaker, and where he is located. In most of these countries it is illegal to even be online on Facebook, youtube etc. Now that this is published, we need to make sure it is sent to every hardline muslim intelligence service in the not-so-free-world as soon as possible. Let us not forget to get addresses of the hardline muslim groups where ever they are and give them a copy too. The saudis are going to have their troublemakers very quickly I am sure. The Pakistanis and the turks, and the indonesians are going to be swimming in shark infested government waters as well. Any country that has facebook banned is going to have a list of troublemakers.
    That database is an intelligence coup of the first order for western countries to be used to deny visas and flying rights as well to all the fundamentalist troublemakers.
    After all of the insults and having my facebook account terminated because of muslim troll reporting, I am going to be on a Holy mission to make sure that these intelligence services and government telecommunications have their own personal copy of that data.
    Facebook got rid of 2.5 million muslim users on 4 pages that were report banning western critics. I hope that a large percentage of our trouble makers are on there and are called to book by their own governments and fundamentalist organizations.
    Charles Orange

  4. It has occurred to me that it is entirely possible that not all people on the globe have evolved at the same rate.

    I know cultures have not evolved at the same rate but it seems entirely possible that entire populations have stunted emotional, spiritual and intellectual “health”.

    Many even remind me of troglodytes.

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