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Hague: ‘Moroccan coup’ in football club

Allah Soccer Ball

52 ethnic Dutch members turned their backs on the club after a general members’ meeting in which due to massive turnout by the Moroccan members an almost completely Moroccan board (except for one member) was elected.  Read more »

Norway: Rejected refugees riot to protest living conditions

All we need is a little understanding and…. vitamins!

Police have arrested 23 people on suspicion of arson after last night’s fire that destroyed Lier asylum centre in Buskerud.

Jan Erik Skretteberg, regional director of SOS Rasisme, says he can understand why the fire was started, claiming there are many frustrated people who don’t get enough food or vitamins. There isn’t enough hot water in the showers, and a complete lack of mental health services.Read more »

Netherlands: Muslim orgs to boycott Israeli dates

Let them eat dirt:

A large number of Muslim organizations, including the Council of Dutch Moroccan Mosques (RMMN), the Islamic Foundation of the Netherlands (ISN) and Milli Görüs are urging Dutch Muslims not to buy Israeli dates during Ramadan.

UK: Al BeBeeCeera eagerly spreads Taliban propaganda

The BBC has jumped to defend itself after a Conservative MP accused it of giving Taliban statements disproportionately high prominence. (politics uk)

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  1. This is a sign of what these scum (muslim) will do when their populations are large enough to significantly influence the democratic process.

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