Obama Creates Jobs (for Pop Tarts…)

Joy Behar Asks Obama Who is Out there to Counter Fox News for Him; Obama – “That’s Your Job” – Video

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Obama on “The View” was asked by Joy Behar who was out there to counter “Right Wing” attacks by Fox News on his agenda. Behar attacked the “Right Wing” and Fox News as attacking Obama’s policies and “accomplishments,” and asked him who was out there to defend him. Obama responded, “That’s your job.”

He then had the audacity to contend it is wrong to always being “campaigning,” as if every move he makes is not supremely calculated from a political standpoint.

“Obama creates a million jobs”

But desperately want’s to see Rush Limbaugh out of his:

White House’s Gibbs Blasts Rush Limbaugh to Defend Federal Automaker Takeover, sez “Limbaugh doesn’t drive an F-150” Elizabeth Williamson from The Wall Street Journal points out that the F-150 truck is made by Ford, a company that didn’t get federal bailout funds  Newsbusters

USCIS Draft Memo Leaked Discussing Ways to ByPass Congress on Amnesty

According to an Article in  National Review ,an internal draft memo has been leaked from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) discussing ways to do an end run around Congress on Amnesty. Gateway has more  Amnesty>>>

Obama proposal would ease FBI access to records of Internet activity

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The left loved to claim Bush was taking away our civil liberties? Obama is doing it; what are they doing about it?

The Obama administration is seeking to make it easier for the FBI to compel companies to turn over records of an individual’s Internet activity without a court order if agents deem the information relevant to a terrorism or intelligence investigation.  More>>