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In German: Nächste Watschen für Aygül Özkan

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Lawyer-by-training and German by naturalisation Aygül Özkan  sees German courts as an “alien authority” and would like to see more Turkish Muslims in the judiciary. Özkan recently caused an uproar when she called for the removal of cruzifixes from German classrooms. Since German police is unable to cope with large numbers of increasingly aggressive, criminal gangs of Mohammedan ‘youth’ the import of Turkish policemen is being suggested. Nobody seems to realize that Turkish police would side with the criminals, because Muslim loyalties always lie with other Muslims, never with the infidel nation state.

Now Aygül Özkan is about to introduce a “Media Charter” for Lower Saxony. During a collective act on August 16 in Hannover, the invited media representatives are supposed to sign this so-called “Media Charter on Integration”. The written invitation says that the collective declaration of intent is supposed to generate a publicity effect and all undersigned will have to pledge themselves to “strongly support the integration process in Lower Saxony”.

Özkan’s ministry demands the media use “culturally sensitive” language  to further “intercultural openness (which is, of course, humbug, because the term “intercultural” is a one-way-street and don’t we all know the “intercultural openness” of Muslims towards the West), to improve their “intercultural competence” (ditto), to initiate relevant projects and to cover them as journalists.

The NWZ goes on:

It is so far unique in Germany for the government of a federal state to pledge the media to a collective content and even the language used for that.

How very daring! But while Özkan had gotten a lot of backslapping by the media for her attempt at removing the crucifix from the public eye (who wants religion anyway, at least as long as it’s Christian), by getting at the media itself, she went too far and didn’t come by the usual fawning reception to which she must be used by now.

Here we have a woman, young, “modern”, seemingly perfectly assimilated, educated to university level, the lot, yet the first thing she sets her mind on in her high office, even before she is sworn in, is the banning of the Christian symbol from schools and, not even three months later, the abolition of the freedom of the press in favour of her fellow Muslims. Because in spite of all the “integration” and “people with a migration background” hogwash it’s just about one thing: Islam. Just as for this woman, young, “modern”, seemingly perfectly assimilated, educated to university level, everything is about Islam.  Islam, nothing else matters……

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  1. Raymond Ibrahim: Does the Crucifix ‘Provoke’ Muslims?

    Today on Hudson NY (via, I discuss how, whether at private Christian institutions on American soil, or at public schools in the Middle East, the cross—the symbol of Christianity—has a way of, in the words of one sheikh, “provoking” Muslims.

    […] As Newt Gingrich observed regarding this affair [lawsuit against Catholic University of America]: “Are you [Muslims] prepared to sponsor a Christian missionary in Mecca? Because if you’re not prepared to sponsor religious liberty in Saudi Arabia, don’t come and nag us with some hypocritical baloney.”

    Notable, too, why Muslim students are seeking to create Islamic havens (or enclaves) in universities: as one of them put it, “Arab [code for “Muslim”] and American students have a difficult time befriending each other because people naturally gravitate towards others with similar backgrounds and interests.” In fact, this is a product of Islam’s own doctrine of wala’ wa bara’, which commands Muslims to be loyal to one another, while completely disassociating themselves from non-Muslims.

    Now, consider Muslim behavior toward Christian symbols, specifically the crucifix, where Muslims are the majority and thus in charge—where might not only makes right, but often exposes true sentiments…

    Read the rest and see how all this relates to the recent murder of a Christian student in Egypt, and even the Maspero massacre.

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