UK Cultural Suicide Watch

Council forces schools to rearrange exams and cancel lessons to avoid offending Muslims during Ramadan

Looks like Mohammedans are firmly in control in once great Britain. Its is no longer sleepwalking into Dhimmitude, this is happening with lightening speed. Check out the comments, there is quite a bit of uproar:


Schools are being urged to rearrange tests, cancel swimming lessons and stop sex education to avoid offending Muslims during Ramadan.

Head teachers in Stoke-on-Trent have been issued with the guidance for treatment of Muslim pupils who may still be fasting when the new term starts in September.

But critics dismissed the advice as ‘over-zealous’ bureaucracy and said all pupils would be forced to miss out on activities as a result.  Daily Mail has the story/thanks to ZIP

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  1. “Islam will dominate the world”
    How? there is no organizing structure, no governmental knowledge,
    no aggiornamento, no hierarchy, no spiritual guidance, in short; islam
    will fall victim to the great imposter just like all the other religions.
    “shariah is the true solution” perhaps for modernized slavery.
    as for going to hell, any/everything can go; but freedom itself won”t.
    as for humans the way to get there is to do nothing.
    as for the opposite; self-justification won’t get you into paradise.

  2. SM:

    Islam already dominates the world by inflicting chaos, terror, fear and destruction on the unbelievers.

    You look at Islam through western eyes.

    But Islam is not constructive, is destructive. They are religiously obliged to seek domination at the cost of their own destruction.

  3. They are religiously obliged to seek [the destruction of Israel] at the cost of their own destruction.

  4. Sheik,
    Domination through terror is not an islamic invention nor is its
    application of terror exclusively islamic.
    Dominate the whole world and partly dominate through terror are
    not equal.
    Through western eyes islam can’t rule this world orderly,
    Through eastern eyes a house divided can not/will not stand.
    islam is destroying itself by seeking world-domination.
    As mentioned before “religion won’t reign this world, only the Divine
    will rule the entire world”.

    1. SM sez:

      “Domination through terror is not an islamic invention nor is its
      application of terror exclusively islamic.”

      Nobody disputed that. Its not the issue.

      “Through western eyes islam can’t rule this world orderly”

      “orderly” is not their intention. Unbelievers, (you & me) are supposed to live in fear of Allah and in submission while feeling low and subdued.

      “Through eastern eyes a house divided can not/will not stand.”

      No house divided will stand.

      Islam has a unitary purpose. Mohammedans are commanded to kill and die for Allah. Are you willing to kill & die for your belief?

      “islam is destroying itself by seeking world-domination.”

      There is no evidence of this. So far they are winning. We are sliding deeper into dhimmitude.

      The last one I cannot answer because I am not divine.

  5. Somali busdriver out of work resides in 2.1 million GBP 5 bedrooms townhouse in Kensington, London, on taxpayers.

    “Neighbours of a jobless family put up in a £2.1million townhouse courtesy of the taxpayer last night called for them to be evicted.
    They said it was a ‘disgrace’ that former bus conductor Abdi Nur, his wife and seven children could claim £2,000 a week in housing benefit to live in one of London’s more exclusive neighbourhoods.”

    Read more:

  6. SM: “Domination through terror is not an islamic invention nor is its
    application of terror exclusively islamic.
    Dominate the whole world and partly dominate through terror are
    not equal.”

    In the last century we’ve had two big ideologies, communism and fascism (nazism) dominating through terror. We didn’t like them so we got rid of them. Now we must do the same with this, the even greater menace of islamisation.

    The three are more similar than different, with islam going even further than communism when it comes to controlling the most minute details of people’s lives.

    The apologists are always trying to drag up a second wrong to make the first wrong right.

    “Oh, but the old testament.”
    “Oh, but the Oklahoma bomber.”
    “Oh, but killing abortion doctors.”

    Isn’t it like little Emma crying: “Mummy, Rashid threw my sister down the well!” and mummy saying: “Well, that’s bad. But remember that you scratched his toy tractor last month.”

    “Terror is not exclusive to islam,” therefore …? Really? Is that all you can come up with?

  7. I offer solutions for my friendly British cousins:

    All Britons go to the Tower of London.

    Go inside the room(s) where all the armor and pikes/halberts/great swords are.

    Look at them very carefully.

    Exit the tour.

    Go back inside and look at them again.

    Exit the tour and have a smoke.

    Go back inside and look carefully at the British Cold Steel.

    Look carefully at the swords, pike, halberts, and bayonets. Look again at the bayonets. Did I mention the bayonets?

    Go outside and have another smoke, then re-enter again.

    Keep repeating until you get it through your skulls.

  8. Twenty or thirty years ago, we were told we were becoming a “post industrial society” and had little need of God (or any gods including allah).

    Now we are told we are in a “post secular” age (search), where the Biblical God remains rejected and despised, but allah and co are openly embraced and celebrated in a diverse multicultural society. allah, as its enablers will find, is not all sweetness and light, and any “light” it has comes from Lucifer, the devil.

    They exchanged the Truth for a lie – now comes the blowback:
    “For they had bartered the reality of God for what is unreal, and had offered divine honours and religious service to created things, rather than to the Creator–He who is for ever blessed. Amen.” Romans 1:25

    Here, for example, are “feminists” soaking in the notion that islam “empowers” women:

    [Islam and Feminism: Towards a Democratic Overlapping Consensus

    It is indeed timely to enrich the public debate on democracy, Islam, human rights, women’s empowerment and many other issues concerned with the social contract, and its reform. The social contract is continually in the making in any society, as much as democracy is itself a continuous process with no clear cut end. In my reflection, I would like to go beyond gender and feminism and address the issue of secularization of the public sphere and public debate.]

    * The obsession with “promoting moderate islam” continues. Why promote islam at all, when that is the job of allah and its false prophet & muslims – not the dhimmies whose heads will end up on the block.

    [How can we promote moderate Islam and agree on the mainstream choice from many versions and interpretations7? Again, by fostering the democratic deliberative power of the civil sphere in day-to-day life. By strengthening civil society and all associative spaces, and by allowing all discourses to bloom in the intellectual circles. Romantic? No – democratic. Such a debate is a step on that path and represents a good start.]

    As far as I can tell, allah & its false prophet don’t “promote moderate islam” – you either submit, be killed, or pay into its protection racket.

  9. Goodbye to my English – so long my old friend!
    Your days are numbered,being brought to an end.
    To be Scottish,Irish or Welsh, that’s fine,
    But done say you’re English, that’s way out of line.
    The French and the Germans may call themselves such,
    As may the Norwegians,the Swedes and the Dutch.
    You can say your Russian or maybe a Dane,
    But don’t say you’re English ever again.

    At Broadcasting House that word is taboo,
    In Brussels they’ve scrapped it,in Parliament too!
    Even in schools are affected;staff do as they’re told,
    They mustn’t teach children about English of old.

    Writers like Kipling,Milton and Shakespeare
    Why are schools not teaching them – something to fear?
    How about Agincourt,Hastings,Arnhem or Mons,
    When England lost hosts of very brave sons?

    We are not Europeans, how can we be?
    Europe is miles away,over the sea.
    We’re the English from England, let’s all be proud,
    Stand up and be counted – shout it out loud!

    Let’s tell our Goverment – and Brussels too –
    We’re proud of our heritage and Red,White & Blue.
    Fly the flag of St George or the Union Jack,
    Let the world know – WE WANT OUR ENGLAND BACK!!!!

  10. Sheik,

    Even if muslims have orderly intentions for world domination,
    they can’t succeed. as for the 100 million muslanatics who want
    to destroy it all they won’t have the time to do so.

    Correct; no house divided will stand, so the divided house of islam
    will fall.

    I don’t have to kill and die for my belief unlike the millions who are
    indoctrinated thinking they have todo so in order to “earn” something.

    islam is destroying itself by seeking world domination for it will show
    the inefficiency of a 7th century system applied in the 21st.
    just look at the mess “islamic” countries are in diverting attention to
    problems abroad to cover up their own.
    i don’t think they are winning, officially christianity is growing more than islam, but unofficially i think the animistic religions are the most
    succesfull so far.

    About not being divine; no one expects you to be.
    humans are not divine, only Yhwh is.


    Terror is not exclusive to islam therefore?
    People will tire of the muslanatics and can do the same to them as they
    are doing to others, if you live by the sword you will die by the sword,
    but that is their death-wish anyway.

    I am not an apologist for extremists, i believe they won’t have the time
    to accomplish their evil plans, the vicaris lucifer will beat them to it.

  11. Another example of problems within an islamic society;

    Fox news: Number 1 country for sexy searches, call it Pornistan!

  12. Another example of problems within an islamic society;

    Fox news; #1 nation for sexy web searches; call it Pornistan!

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