Afghanistan: Who's Training Who?

To offer our enemies training and modern weapons in the hope that they will not fall in the hands of the Taliban, or that these trained soldiers will not turn  against their infidel benefactors the moment a rabid mullah fantasizes about a torn Koran, is a monumental folly. One that totally disregards the psyche and the fanatical frenzy of the Muselmaniacs.

Diana West

Dawa, Uncle Sam Style?

“The Ramadan schedule is kicking us in the butt, but it’s also significant for the motivation and morale of the Afghan soldiers,” says Benchoff, who nightly joins his Afghan counterpart as he breaks fast with a meal of goat and rice. U.S. troops are told to minimize eating and drinking in front of the Afghans, who in turn have offered them instructions on Ramadan’s meaning and practices.

You could almost ask who’s training whom.

Hmm, but don’t they have a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy?

2 thoughts on “Afghanistan: Who's Training Who?”

  1. As regards requesting Christians to minimize eating and drinking in front of Muslims, the obvious, logical and appropriate response is to request Muslims to minimize fasting in front of feasting Christians.

  2. Exactly – if a muslim tell me not to eat during ramadong it will be told to leave the area, politely at first, but if it keeps complaining ……

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