And Now, Daisy Khan’s $12,000 Taxpayer-Funded Trip to the UAE

Smearing America on your dime:

Islamic Antisemitism 101: The Daisy Khan Con (Atlas)

It is outrageous to compare Muslims to Jews, particularly in view of the Qu’ran’s Jew-hatred. But the propaganda succeeds because of a lazy, dumbed down media machine  that steadfastly refuses to study other cultures.

Daisy hates  US

Why Are We ‘Driving Ms. Daisy’?: State Dept. about to Send GZM Imam’s Wife to Join Him on Goodwill Mideast Tour (Frank Gaffney)

Yes, fresh from denouncing America on national television as a place rife with “hate of Muslims,” a place so Islamophobic that “it’s beyond Islamophobia,” Daisy Khan, co-planner of the Ground Zero mosque project, will soon be hopping a plane at taxpayer expense, courtesy of the State Department, to jet from New York to the United Arab Emirates and deliver to the Emiratis her views about Muslim life in America.

This is what the State Department calls “public diplomacy” — a program that enlists about 1,200 Americans each year to fly with plenty of leg room to foreign lands and tell folks over there what it’s like to live in America. You might think a lot of these junkets would by now be redundant, in a world so interconnected that the Fort Hood shooter took cues from an imam in Yemen. But then, the web just doesn’t have the zing of international business class and $496 per diems.

For Daisy Khan’s circle, State’s public diplomacy program is a boom industry. (So are a lot of things for Khan & partners right now, subject of my latest column, Cashing In On Ground Zero). Khan’s husband and “bridge-building” partner, the man behind the Ground Zero mosque, Imam Feisal Adbul Rauf, is already on a more extensive State Department tour. After stops in Bahrain, where he has just been, and Qatar, where he will be this week, Rauf will meet up with Khan in the UAE, from Aug. 29-Sept.2. His trip will cost U.S. taxpayers $16,000. Hers will  cost $12,000. (smearing America on your dime)

Daisy yammers on about “Islamophobia” with Ammanwhore, pretending she is a Jew:

Weasel Zippers:

Bonus: Katie Couric Accuses Mosque Opponents of “Tearing Down the Towers” of American Values..

Remember: Couric is  one of the bitches who inflicted the O-bastard on the US…….

“Climate Change” goes under the bus:

Obama Scrubs White House Website of Climate Change Promises, Media Mum (Gateway)

According to two recent national polls, most Americans no longer believe that  Hussein Obama is a Christian, and as many as 1-in-5 Americans believe the president to be a Muslim.

The Whitehouse immediately fired back to say emphatically that the president is not a Muslim (“Not that there’s anything wrong with that”), and pointed out that even though the president doesn’t attend church, he “prays every day” (although the Whitehouse didn’t mention which way he’s facingat the time), and he receives a “Christian devotional” thought-of-the-day every morning on his Blackberry!

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  1. In addition to the above, I just read this at –
    US funds restoration of global Islamic sites
    08/25/2010 00:51

    WASHINGTON — The good-will tour of the Middle East by the imam behind the proposed mosque near the site of the World Trade Center in New York is just part of the US government’s efforts to reach out to the Muslim world.
    This year, the Obama administration will spend nearly $6 million to restore 63 historic and cultural sites, including mosques and minarets, in 55 nations.
    Under a program established by Congress in 2001, the State Department will fund at least five projects in as many countries to the tune of $271,000.
    Those include the 16th century Grand Mosque in Tongxin, China, and the 18th century Golden Mosque in Lahore, Pakistan.
    ISN’T IT TIME FOR THE WHITE HOUSE TO GET OUT OF THE BUSINESS OF RELIGION? Of course, the Greek Church destroyed on 9/11 will never be rebuilt, will it? Outrageous!!!

  2. Lets examine the evidence of Barry Soetero’s Mohammedanism shall we. Apart from his forever criticizing and demonizing Israel and obsequiously and historically inaccurately Praising Islam.
    Born to a Muslim Father ✔ Raised by an adoptive Muslim Stepfather ✔ Both Paternal families are ALL Muslims ✔ Schooled as a Muslim ✔ Can recite the Shahadah in perfectly accented ancient ambiguous Arabic ✔ Thinks the Muslim call to prayer is the most beautiful sound on earth ✔ Thinks the USA has 57 States(the number of Muslim nations) ✔ Freudian slips talking of his “Muslim Faith” ✔ Hardly concealed Jew hatred ✔ Obsequious crawling and bowing to Muslim Demagogues ✔ Totally undeserved and historically inaccurate praise for Islam ✔ Denigration and insults to Israel and America’s Christian Allies ✔ Member for 20 years of a quasi religious Muslim associated anti American, anti White, antisemitic, anti Western Black supremacist CULT Church run by a demagogue ✔ Not now know to attend any Church at all ✔ Covers up Christian symbols where he makes speeches ✔ Is on record of saying he will “stand with the Muslims if things get rough” ✔ Supports the building of a Mosque at Ground Zero but has said nothing about the refusal to allow the Church there to be REBUILT ✔

    So is HUSSEIN a Muslim ( not that there is anything wrong with that LOL) Mmm mmm mmm you bet your life he is.

    But one thing we do know is that HUSSEIN was raised and Schooled as a Mosque going Muslim in Indonesia so his subsequent claims that he has ‘ALWAYS been a Christian’ make him at the very least a BARE FACED LIAR. Is this the type of person to be POTUS????

  3. I am sure many Muslims must be cursing Brother Barry because his illadvised pronouncement on the ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ has propelled Islam in to the spotlights glare and into the minds of many many Americans and others around the world who conveniently try to ignore it or to pretend that its benign and peaceful.

    What effect will this have well consider that Muslims Worldwide pray in ancient ambiguous Arabic (seems that is the only language this paramount being Allah understands) and so most Muslims rely on the Imam to tell them what is happening in Islam and we all know how truthful Imams are ( are you listening Imam Rauf). In Islam asking QUESTIONS is strongly discouraged you might after all not like the answers. So Islam will not like the light being shone on it exposing it for the illogical, contradictory , violent, antisemitic, misogynistic, Arab supremacist CULT that it really is.

  4. ‘Yes, fresh from denouncing America on national television as a place rife with “hate of Muslims,” a place so Islamophobic that “it’s beyond Islamophobia,” Daisy Khan, ‘

    Daisy , these Americans are so awful I wouldn’t try to make conciliatory gestures to them -they’re not worth it – they obviously don’t like you and never will .
    If I were you , I’d go to some muslim country where you have something in common with all those nice people . I wouldn’ stay where I wasn’t wanted .

  5. They’re trying to make out that the mosque is some sort of outreach to non-muslims , a conciliatory gesture after 9/11
    This is nonsense because …………
    If you want to be conciliatory , you do one of two things – you ask the offended people what they would like you to do or you OFFER .
    They are doing neither – they are DEMANDING you accept what they want to do .
    And even when people protest , even when it’s the families of people who were killed in 9/1l , they carry on demanding .
    Conciliatory my a…

    Kaw – she will not leave – these people have the skin of rhinos and the hearts of ………….. I’m not sure they have hearts

  6. I don’t care if it was 12,000 dollars for a worthwhile trip, where the heck is the money coming from?

  7. All State Dept. officials complicit in funding these activities must be fired for cause immediately.

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