Another Islamic BS Declaration: 38 Imams declare intent to combat “religious violence”

Meaningless fartwas and BS declarations without substance  may work with gullible fools who want to be deceived. Yet, whenever we take a closer look at these declarations and the people who make them we find the same totalitarian, radical terrorist supporting blockheads who would take our right to free speech away in an instant, like the odious Imam Syed Soharwardy of Calgary, Alberta, who led the litigation jihad against Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant. These fartwas are not worth the paper they’re written on, nobody should even bother to read them. Instead, we should demand from Muslims to shape up or ship out……

Gateway Pundit:

38 Imams declare intent to combat “religious violence”

Here’s the problem with that:

Forgive me if my cynicism trumps what little optimism is left of my belief that moderate Muslims will step up to the plate and do the job only they are capable of doing.  Every year we see this. A group of what seem to be halfway decent Muslims come out and “declare” their commitment to  combat radical Islam.   Here’s the latest:

CNN – Canadian imams issue declaration to combat radical Islam

The Council, which comprises 50 influential imams, says its statement – called the Canadian Council of Imams Declaration– will be read in more than 200 mosques across Canada during Friday’s afternoon prayers.

As of this writing, 38 of the 50 Islamic scholars who make up Canada’s Muslim mainstream leadership have signed the Canadian Council of Imams Declaration, released today. More names will follow. These signatories will lead Muslim communities onto a path of active engagement, taking back Islam and claiming it for multicultural peace.

Great, awesome, fantastic…a great start right? There’s one problem though.  They say nothing of radical Islam or Islamic Terrorism.

No condemnation of suicide bombers. No condemnation of Hamas or Hizbollah, not denouncing Iran’s barbaric practice of hanging gays or stoning adulterous women, no substance, nothing, nada, zilch, niente, null!

The declaration doesn’t mention radicalism or terrorism, but it repeatedly condemns religious violence.

A broad brush, a simple statement of opposition to violence.  In my opinion, a bunch of BS.

This is classic aggrandization on the part of Muslims leaders who want Islam to have a good reputation but refuse to take the necessary action in order to achieve it.   They want the American public to look at them and say “Look, see! Most of Islam really does mean peace!”.  The problem is that the discussion stops there.  We won’t hear a peep from these Imam’s again.  There won’t be any acts of “cleaning the Mosque” of the radicals that are obviously within their ranks.

Let’s be honest here.  38 of the 50 Imam’s signed this “declaration”. Great, good start, but if Muslims were truly committed to purging their own radicals, they would take REAL action other than making some big public statement such as this.

Here are a few tips for the CCOM marketing department:

  • Publicly denounce any and all forms of Islamic Sharia and pledge your allegiance to the Unite States Constitution and Declaration of Independence*Update* Forgetting they were Canadian, this one wouldn’t really apply. But something similar would do.
  • Declare Hamas and Hezbollah as terror organizations
  • Declare that Islam has a huge problem and needs to be fundamentally reformed. (I know many say this is impossible, but prove us wrong)
  • 50 Mosques? Great, start naming names of those radicals within your ranks and within your congregations.Trust me, it’ll make the news.
  • Demand that radical Islam abroad be defeated and publicly state your support for the war on global terrorism
  • Make public on video and audio your sermons proving to America you’re serious about making change within your mosques.
  • Demand that the Imam behind the ground Zero Mosque be investigated for his radicalism and ties to terror groups and demand that the Mosque not be built there.

I’m sure I could think of more, but that’s just a start.

Geez guys, if you are truly serious about combating radical Islam, get yourself a marketing team to get the message out and prove that you’re committed to it through your actions.  Simple declaration’s like these are all talk and no bite.

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3 thoughts on “Another Islamic BS Declaration: 38 Imams declare intent to combat “religious violence””

  1. Great, awesome, fantastic…a great start right? There’s one problem though — what are they going to with the stuff in the koran, and the example of Mohammed?

    Let us consider the hypothetical situation that ALL Muslims at present living in the West, accepted the call to clean up their communities of extremism. They even went further and made the changes in their teachings of the Koran and the jihad. Such an outcome would no doubt come as a relief to many on this site, the government, the MSM, and elsewhere. But I counter, that all such changes were being done merely to protect the ummah while it grows at ever-increasing pace in the West. Once a near majority is achieved, that future generation of Muslims will simply revoke any changes, and return to the traditions of the unchanging and unchangeable Koran i.e., the canonical texts of Islam that cannot be changed, but only protected when under duress. That future generation of Muslims in the UK and the USA will even praise this generation of Muslims for having done what was necessary to protect Islam.

    Islamic ideologues take the long view – in several decades or centuries, or more. It is only right that we as well consider options keeping in mind Islam’s long-term goals.

  2. We cannot wait until Obamba-Bin-Laden ships all muslims to their homeland. Unless we act as citizens and do it ourselves, by making the life of muslims to a living hell, they’ll stay in our country forever, and will breed muslimpiglets, until we’re outnumbered. What we do in Europe, is to carry out one good deed a day with our militants, to take back muslimthugs in our neighbourhoud. Don’t wait for others. Don’t be a dhimmy, but ask yourself what you can do for YOUR country, instead of being a keyboard warrior. ACT or pass on Islam to your children and grandchildren. I’ve made my choice. Did you ???

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