CAIR manufactures another "hate-crime"

‘No Mosque in NYC’ Pig Left at Calif. Islamic Center

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Aug. 29 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The Sacramento Valley chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-SV) today called on law enforcement authorities to initiate a hate crime investigation of an incident in which a mock pig inscribed with “No Mosque in NYC” was left at a California Islamic center. (CAIR Press Release)

Shrieking CAIR Harpies — Dust Porky for Prints! (Atlas Shrugs)

“Loonwatch” is not only run by loons, it is also an official arm of CAIR, a front for Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. No wonder Charles Johnson from ‘Little Green Footballs’ links to it. Being a born again lefty who spends all his time pissing on Robert Spencer & Pamela Geller involves being associated with those who want to destroy us.

CAIR also wants to cure you of “Islamophobia”,

which, according to the OIC,  is the biggest problem in the world today….

Watch this vid from Pamela, her latest appearance on Fox Money

(the vid is intercepted by a whining CAIR commercial, which is good for a laugh)

Poster wtd watched carefully and posted this on ZIP:

Watch this video carefully again. Pay particular attention to their eyes as they speak. The first speaker blinks with the word ‘recent’. She as well as everyone else knows that Islam has been taunting America for more than just the most ‘recent’ weeks. The next fella denies nothing and does not blink. The third individual, a black man with a pillbox hat begins the taqiyya with the clear give-away signal he is being deceptive – with a blink as he says “about muslims” and cocks his head to the side. The following female blinks when using the word ‘fear’, the male w/striped shirt blinks with ‘respect’, skip little girl, then veiled woman blinks with ‘truth’, followed with blinking taqiyya artist after blinking taqiyya artist with the words “don’t want to impose my faith on you”, “don’t want to take over this country”, “don’t support” (first blink) “terrorism (second blink) from same individual and finally “Islam”.
When they return to placating others with “respect all people” and “improve society” . .. they aren’t lying because it is to their understanding of respect and improvement they speak.
Then the fella with the Phillies shirt blinks when he speaks of ’stand up for justice’ (blink). “I am here” fella doesn’t blink. The fella who states I have been here for generations – voila – he blinks.
The young black muslima blinks as she states she is “wanting the ’same’ (blink) thing you do”.
Another blanketed muslima states “the chance to pursue (blink)”
skip the next three. . .a colorfully veiled muslima blinks as she states “I am an ‘American’ (blink).
skip to chubby hispanic muslima who blinks throughout her chest thumping proclamation which leads into sign language by three more.
The cute kids at the end parrot what their parents and craven cult instruct them to say/feel within their tightly insulated communities.

Yeah, Islam means peace blink, blink, blink./

7 thoughts on “CAIR manufactures another "hate-crime"”

  1. Hell, I was cured of islamophobia years ago, I have absolutely no unnatural fear of islam, however, I do have very healthy natural dislike of it!

  2. Loonwatch also sez that, in mahoundianism, honor killings and the death penalty for apostates don’t exist. Uh, dat’s fo sho…

  3. I guess CAIR is all “hogtied” about this pig while the rest of us laughing at this are in “hog heaven”. They’re a bunch of whining little babies. Talk about loons – in addition to Nonie, I guess Dr. Zuhdi Jasser is one as well.

  4. The rising tid of fear mongering is warranted.
    Just look at the history of Islam when it has taken over a country.
    Islamic jihad is real. The goal of Islam is to destroy western civilization from within and any Christians that go along with this are absolute fools and they know nothing about political Islam.

  5. This mosque will go through and will be built…that is obvious now.

    Just wait and see what happens after that.
    If America goes down the tube there is nobody to blame but themselves.

    I am anti-Islamic. I am honest. Pamela should be honest.
    Islam is a very dangerous organization. It is directly confrontational to western values and our constitutions.

  6. All I can say is this…Do a Muslim a favor and convert him or her today. Do your best. It will be the best gift you could give to them.

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