Diversity & Cultural Enrichment in the UK

One foreign criminal a day wins right to stay in Britain

It would be a good idea to deport the moronic judges and law makers who have allowed this farce to carry on. Starting with Cherie Blair. Once great Britain has totally lost the plot.

Hani al-Sibai is one of many Islamic headbangers who found refuge amongst the kuffars. He was convicted in Egypt of plotting terrorist attacks, which doesn’t stop him from pursuing jihad in the UK: Watch Hani al-Sibai’s anti-West outburst

One foreign criminal is escaping deportation nearly every day by using human rights laws, shocking figures reveal.

UK Border Agency statistics showed 350 offenders, including a double murderer, were allowed to stay in the UK last year on human rights grounds instead of being sent home. In many cases, dangerous offenders were granted the right to stay despite the courts accepting that they pose a risk to the public.

Among those to have taken advantage of the Human Rights Act to stay here are killers, rapists, serial burglars and drug dealers. (Not to mention the soldiers of Allah, can’t paint all Muslims with one brush,  its only a tiny minority of extremists…..) Critics said the figures should prompt a further examination of how human rights laws are being used. (Daily Mail)

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  1. Well UK folks – you get the government you deserve. It is time you take more interest in the governing of your country!!

  2. Letting these leeches into your country is truely cultural enrichment. Britain is going to the dogs at a fast pace.

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