Iran: Back to the Stoning Age

No worldwide outcry from Muslims living in the West

Sharia justice: Iran TV airs “confession” from woman facing stoning

Iran defiant — and why not? “Iran TV airs ‘confession’ from woman facing stoning,” from the BBC via JW

Iran back to the stoning age (Andrew Bolt)

THE Iranian woman whose sentence to death by stoning sparked an international outcry is feared to be facing imminent execution, after she was put on a state-run TV program where she confessed to adultery and involvement in a murder.

Speaking shakily in her native Azeri language, which could be heard through a voice-over, Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, 43, told an interviewer on Wednesday that she was an accomplice to the murder of her husband and that she had an extramarital relationship with her husband’s cousin.

Her lawyer told The Guardian that his client, a mother of two, was tortured for two days before the interview was recorded in Tabriz prison, where she has been held for four years.

With so much devotion to traditional Islamic teachings, Afghanistan’s clerics don’t want to be left behind:

About 350 of the Islamic clerics, or ulema, met for three days this week, the meeting ending with a declaration calling on President Hamid Karzai to enact sharia, or Islamic law, including punishments such as stonings, lashing, amputation and execution. (Reuters)

5 thoughts on “Iran: Back to the Stoning Age”

  1. My heart breaks for this lady. Why cant we do anything about these injustices? We have lost all our power and we gave it away so easily. The frustration I feel I cannot begin to say. I hope he death is swift at the hands of these vile men who run this country. She has to endure hours of rape before the stoning because of the belief of Islam that this will keep her from entering Paradise. I hope and pray she does not suffer long.

  2. She was almost certainly threatened – or more likely her family was threatened to force her into the ridiculous confession. Any in any case, whom she sleeps with is her affair, not an affair of the rapist iranian police and rapist mullahs.

  3. You just lost my support, Kaw. “…whom she sleeps with is her affair?”

    Western women wear the word ‘whore’ or ‘slut’ like a badge of honor these days thanks to people like you. They initiate 80% of all divorces knowing full well that the government will be her provider and society has removed all stigmas for their behavior.

    For all of human history in every culture, emphasis was put on the chastity of women…..until now. Every one of those 1.5 billion muslims would rather die than allow their women to cheapen themselves like ours have……and I don’t blame them.

  4. Joe, aren’t you taking things a little bit too far? Yes, I agree that many – not all – young women today, do cheapen the sanctity of their body, they do some dreadful thing in the divorce arena, their children being hurt the most to satisfy their desire to have multi partners and this is such a shame that many of them are bloody minded. As a feminist from the 60’s and 70’s I and my friends sometimes despair at the behaviour of young women today. They are in many cases pulling down all we fought for. They will lose these wonderful things if they are not careful. Just because we have such freedoms in the West does not mean we can behave like men in as far as out drinking them – out – sexing them – out driving – out swearing them – it is not a pretty picture they present. Fortunately every young woman is not of this ilk and thank God for that. These are more generally young women from socially disadvantaged groups who have not had a caring mother and father to guide them. Not in all cases though. Society has let down its guard and we are paying the price for overindulgence, too much money to spend so they attract the wrong type of media attention. The media also has a part to pay in all of this. They glamorize drug taking, and the antics of young Hollywood women. They rarely portray the young bright and hardworking young people of both sexes. They unfortunately get more sales from the glossy magazines about the drugs, sex and generally bad behaviour than anything else. It is a testament of our times that none of us should be trapped into thinking this is the norm. Young women like Jessica Watson are showing what courage and work and following a dream is all about. She is not the only one – there are thousands.

    To compare our way of life to Islam and why their men do the things to their women that they do, is not to be admired. Stoning of women, hanging them from the back of a truck, female genital mutilation, virtual house arrest for their entire lives is nothing we want. Use your brain Joe, have another think about what you have written.

  5. What do arabs know about sex? How can they when they prevent their women from having satisfying pleasure? Talk about women being whores all you want there is probobly no one who needs a whore more than an arab to teach him a thing or two. And what does marrying a virgin do to prevent divorce? Women can’t get divorced unless the husband wants it. So are you going to tell me forced sex makes a happy heavenly marriage? Muslims may think they are protecting their women when in fact its their ineptness. Talk about brutality.

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