Poll Results

Are Muslims just people who want the same thing we want, a good life and a future for their children?

Only some of them…  17 %

Yes, most of them…. 20 %

No, they want to be martyrs who kill & die for Allah  26 %

Who cares? We are better off without them…. 37 %

New Poll starts today:

Should Muslims be allowed to build mosques in the dar ul-harb?

One is too many…

Yes of course!

I don’t care…

Only when we can build  churches/synagogues  in Mecca

One thought on “Poll Results”

  1. No Muslims are not just people who want the same things as we do. These people have a particular agenda and that is world domination. They would like nothing better than to force their ridiculous religion and culture down every ones throat. They are far better off being left in their desert kingdoms, killing each other off. It is far better them than us.

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