Rachel Madcow: "this months scary white peoples story"

Part # 346700 of our  “we need mo bigga mental institutions….” series

Hard to believe that such lunatics can get a gig on TV in America. Does she think she is ‘honorary black?’

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Madcow gets her Islam from Suhail Khan,  a Grover Norquist buddy and fellow muslim brother

Suhail Khan is the son of Maboob Khan, who, as head of a Wahabbi mosque in California, had hosted Osama bin Laden’s number two man, Ayman al-Zawahiri, and raised money for him, and that as a member of the White House staff - a position Norquist engineered for him - he had authorized radical Islamists to meet with President Bush.

Suhail Khan’s father was the late Mahboob Khan, a Ph.D. in solid-state physics. His biography claims that he helped establish the Muslim Students Association (MSA) while a student in Boulder. The elder Khan also served as member of Majlis a’Shura (the governing council) of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). Mahboob Khan founded a mosque after he moved the family from Colorado to southern California in 1975.  The mosque, together with an Islamic center and an elementary school, comprises the Islamic Society of Orange County (ISOC), of which Dr. Khan served as president before moving on to San Jose in 1980.

Excellent credentials for a “moderate”. Madcow, you did it again!

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    msnbc!!!!!!!!! hires a muslim D********** licker@@@@@@@ to do their dirty job instead of a respected journalist

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