Ramadan Munchies….

Ramadan Hunger:

A man had part of his ear bitten off when he was attacked on a night out in Wellington, detectives said today.

The man was attacked by a group of “Asian” men…..

Islam elevates women:

Iran: 74 Lashes for Women with Tight Clothes & Loose Hair…

“Beat ’em, bust ’em, that’s our custom….”

Mohseni-Ejei deems it unfortunate that the Islamic dress code hasn’t been enforced well enough on women’s bodies in the past 15 years, and longs for violators of “public chastity” to be punished by “two months in jail or 74 lashes.”

But the whipping is for your own good, women of Iran. Especially you city girls, who are the worst violators. Reuters reports that those who want to see a crack down on immodest attire see this as a way to “protect women against the sex symbol status they have in the West.” (womensrights)

“Ground Zero  cultural centre may welcome people of all faiths, but  the “mosque does not”

“This mosque adds hurt and insult to our injuries,” said Ms. Basnicki, a mother of two whose husband, Ken, died in the collapse of the World Trade Center’s North Tower.

She also spoke of the planners’ “contradictions,” conceding that the cultural centre may welcome people of all faiths, but adding that the “mosque does not.” (Source)

Sharif El-Gamal et al “Won’t Budge” Off Ground Zero Mosque Site (Atlas Shrugs)

“New York is the capital of the world, and this location close to 9/11 is iconic.” Imam Faisal

Indeed. The above is a quote from Ground Zero mosque Imam Faisal.

“The story is repeated around the globe, the story of Muslim denial, self-pity, and demands for extraordinary sensitivity from others even whilst trampling on every sensitivity of absolutely everyone else.” Douglas Murray

Enemy of the state Pelosi:

Radical Pelosi Calls For Investigation of Ground Zero Victory Mosque Opposition (Audio)

America needs a purge…..

Crazy Pelosi today called for an investigation of those who oppose the Ground Zero Victory Mosque.
She wants to know who’s funding their efforts?… Seriously.  Only 20% of Americans agree with Pelosi in supporting the Ground Zero Victory Mosque. Over 60% oppose the mosque at Ground Zero.  Breitbart TV reported/via Gateway….

Prominent Muslim Paper: Obama Wrong on Ground Zero Mosque – “It Would Be Monument to Terror”

Figures. Even rational followers of Islam know the Ground Zero Mosque is not a good idea… But, not our far left President.  MEMRI reported/via Gateway

Maoist scum defends Ground Zero mosque

Former Obama White House Communications Director and Maoist, Anita Dunn, appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe to discuss the Ground Zero Victory Mosque and bash the GOP. She says Newt is extreme for his stand against the victory mosque.
Via Breitbart TV (Gateway)

Real bad crazyness:

MSNBC’s Norah O’Donnell: Those who oppose Ground Zero mosque are like the 9-11 terrorists

Via Breitbart:

On Morning Joe, Norah O’Donnell says that those who oppose the Ground Zero mosque are acting “like the people who attacked America and killed 3,000 people.

4 thoughts on “Ramadan Munchies….”

  1. Pelosi mentioned that Muzlims had been working on this for 10 years, something of a “Treasure Island”.
    Hey, she is right. To a Muslim, North America is “Treasure Island”. It means BIG BOOTY!

    She wants the opposers of the mosque at ground zero investigated for how and where they get their funding? What about where the money is coming from to build the “Treasure Island mosque”, Nancy?

  2. “Mosque is not a good idea”

    Would the U.S. Constitution allow a church of satan to be built two blocks from ground zero? After all, it is a religion, am I right?
    Islam is much worse than the church of stan because you don’t see stanists running amok, burning, raping, pillaging, whenever they don’t get their way.

  3. It is quite apparent that American legislators have evolved over the past 50 years and have changed from reasonable God fearing people to insane, brainless buffoons, devoid of common decency. The very thought of constructing a mosque near ground zero 30 years ago would have been unthinkable and the person who suggested such an outrageous idea would have been certified, mad. This is what happens when muslims are allowed to live in the west. Instead of becoming American/Australians they want their adopted country to become the country they ran away from.

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