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Migrant of the Month: Who let him in? (Andrew Bolt)

Killer Update:

Serial Killer Who Targeted US Blacks is Palestinian Arab Illegal Alien, Police Hid “Mid-Eastern” Description

For several weeks, police have been quietly searching for a serial killer who stabbed poor Black victims in Flint, Michigan, then fled to Leesburg, Virginia, where his sister lives.  Many family members of the victims were angry that the police did not disclose the White identity of the murderer, saying it was racist.  But, now, it’s very clear why they hid his identity and true visual description:  Elias Abuelazam is a Palestinian Arab illegal alien who was here on an expired passport. (Debbie Schlussel)

Arab League Tries to Turn Pro-Israel Pacific Countries…

(ANSAmed) – SYDNEY, AUGUST 11 – The Arab world has launched a ”seduction offensive” in the South Pacific, where most of the region’s 14 archipelago-states traditionally support Israel within the United Nations and other international bodies, hindering the votes of much more populous nations…. (the destruction of Israel, nothing else matters)

Prospects of Religious Freedom Appear Grim in 100% Islamic Maldives

Visitors to this Islamic island nation get a sense of religious restrictions even before they arrive. The arrival-departure cards given to arriving airline passengers carry a list of items prohibited under Maldivian laws – including “materials contrary to Islam.”  (Islamization Watch)

Medical Team Members Murdered One-by-One…

The team of aid workers murdered in Afghanistan were shot down as they tried to flee and hide during an ambush by militants, the sole survivor of the attack has said. (Telegraph UK)

Ramadan begins in Hunter University of Newcastle (Newcastle Herald)

It follows an increase in students from countries such as Saudi Arabia, Malaysia and various Middle Eastern countries on campus.

University of Newcastle Islamic Society vice president Hani Zakaria said it allowed them to explain more about their religion. She said fasting helped Muslims get closer to God and understand the less fortunate.

‘‘It’s really promoting harmony, understanding and mutual respect between everyone,’’ she said. (I have an ‘interfaith bridge’ for sale, any buyers?)

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  1. “materials contrary to Islam.” – specifically, the Bible…

    As I recall, Maldives is sinking (notice I didn’t say “going to suffer because of global warming”) and wish to relocate their country to our country?

    OK, but we should ban materials contrary to Christianity, specifically the toilet-paper koran…

  2. Having trouble understanding quite why taxpayers in western countries should be asked to fork out large sums of money to provide Pakistani flood victims with food in the month of Ramadan when they are not supposed to eat any anyway. Ah, but, of course, they are only obliged to fast in the day and are allowed to pig out at night all they want. Not a lot different to the normal human pattern of fasting at night and eating in the day then, really. Why bother, Mahmood, why bother?

  3. * Migrant of the Month: Who let him in?

    I heard this on the morning news & thought it sounded like a peaceful import … update on Bolt – two shot dead in Lygon Street.
    Two killed in second Melbourne shooting

    * Maldives … has been looking around for another country such as Oz or India to relocate its population & muslim political system to, as it sinks beneath the waves.

  4. * Migrant of the Month: Who let him in?

    1969 – that would back in the John Gorton / Billy McMahon era – pre-Whitlam / Fraser / Hawke / Keating / Howard / Rudd / Gillard / ??

    What a wonderful bipartisan legacy.

  5. * Migrant of the Month: Who let him in?

    1969 – that would back in the John Gorton / Billy McMahon era – pre-Whitlam – Fraser – Hawke – Keating – Howard – Rudd – Gillard – ??

    What a wonderful bipartisan legacy.

  6. Mullah Lodabullah
    Here’s hoping the pricks will do a decent job on each other and do their duty to help each other meet their para(sites)dice..

  7. Toolin’ Round the mosque with HAVAH NAGILAH

    Perhaps it is time to recognize a much maligned group in the US. I am referring to those young people with EXCESSIVELY LOUD sound systems in their vehicles. If a movement were started to get them to show up at mosques country wide, playing “HAVAH NAGILA” at prayer call, the muslims will know the warm feelings we have for them. Somebody has copies of that, and could arrange for download, along with a list of prayer times sites, so that they could be on time. I can see it now, pickup trucks and fancy cars, blaring HAVAH NAGILAH at top volume, circling the mosques everywhere. Ramadan is the perfect time to tell them how we feel about their god damned mosque in New York, and everywhere else…….
    Charles Orange

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