Serial Killer/ Stabbing Suspect Identified As Elias Abu el Azam

Serial Stabber Suspect Named, Nabbed in Airport Trying to Flee to Israel ABC

Wanna bet that he was not a rabbi?

Most “citizens of Israel” living in the Flint area are Palestinian Arabs. (FreeRepublic)

Police believe Abu Elazam may be behind 20 attacks beginning in May. Five of the victims died from their wounds.

Leesburg Today

After inspecting court records the Flint Journal newspaper in Michigan today identified the suspect in 20 stabbings in three states as Elias Abuelazam.

Police were led to the 33-year-old Michigan man by a tip from the public and confirmed his identity using surveillance video from a Flint, MI, party store when Abuelazam had worked. He was last at the store Aug. 1, one day before the first of three stabbings in Leesburg, according to reports.

The suspect was identified in a warrant issued this morning for assault with intent to murder in one of the 16 Michigan stabbing cases, according to the newspaper.

The warrant gives Abu Elazam Bradenton, FL, address.

Leesburg Police this morning said the stabbing suspect has ties to the Leesburg community.

The Flint Journal is reporting that Abu Elazam is a former Leesburg resident, married his former wife in Leesburg and that his sister is a Leesburg resident.

Leesburg Police have acknowledged only that a “person of interest” in the local attacks is in custody. Department spokesman Chris Jones said that no warrants have been issued for the Virginia cases.

9 thoughts on “Serial Killer/ Stabbing Suspect Identified As Elias Abu el Azam”

  1. Booker, who is white, dismisses the notion that the attacks are racially motivated.

    “I’m obviously not black. The guy’s just a stone cold killer,” Booker said.


    We must help the police. Any guesses what could have motivated Abu Elazam to murder as many people as possible.

    Of course he could be crazy, but we have to wait for that to be confirmed by his friends and family.

  2. Definately not crazy – just another muslim twat. There is precedent for what the pigs has done – in the 60’s a series of serial murders in SF area was tied to a group of frustrated muslim morons – the identity of the perps was hushed up as were their reasons – which were based on their perversion of a religion.

  3. Jim,
    We do not know anything about him. He may be a non-muslims. but statistically it is more likely that he is a muzz.

  4. Sheik,
    The news reports I have read note that his family is Arab Christian but have not specifically stated his own particular brand of belief. If they have I stand corrected. Again, he may also not be the perp so best to let the police do their work.

  5. With a name like his, he most certainly has to be a muslim rat. The West is a breeding ground for these scumbags who get easy access to otherwise difficult destinations because of American passports. I reckon every muslim living in every western country should and must be deported back to their peasant homeland for the good and safety of all people. Better still, throw them out by the scruff of their scrawny necks with just the clothes on their backs.

  6. Google George Habash, Huddie.

    Or perhaps you remember Hannan Ashrawi?

    Pali Christians, dhimmies, who are better Jew-haters than the Muslims who (still) allow them to live amongst them.

    They believe its a defense against being wiped out. In the end, nothing will safe them…..

    Strategies of Denial

  7. I’m an Israeli -Palestinian Arab and I’m a Muslim .
    He is Christian folks so give it a rest .
    I must say though we never had a Palestinian serial killer – not like the ones in the USA at least – may it be a Muslim or a Christian (I don’t know why u even care so much about religion, there are many psycho fks in every race and religion ) …
    so this is a first … I think

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