Smoke Free Battlefield

No More Smokes for Deployed Troops

If liberal politicians get their way, the battlefield, with bombs bursting and people dying, will ultimately be regulated as a smoke-free workplace.

Congress needs to quit the nit-picky social engineering of the military. It kills morale. Ironically, even a condemned man is offered a smoke before being shot by a firing squad.  (Thanks to Interested Participant)

6 thoughts on “Smoke Free Battlefield”

  1. >b>So what are the anti-smoking Nazis going to do the soldier on the battlefield – shoot him?

  2. Government Warning:

    Medical authorities warn that islam is a … religion of peace

  3. Medical authorities warn that islam is a … religion of peace

    Yes, more dangerous then hydrophobia in a dog.

  4. Nice another public service anouncement and all because ‘obviously’ the Government cares about the health and safety of its troops. /sarc

    Even though I don’t smoke i’d refuse to pass this ‘directive/order’ onto the lads. I’ve seen it so many times, when all is going to crap, sanity can be found in a pack of cigarettes and they want to remove this one simple pleasure. I don’t get it.

  5. Ironside,
    It is the strategy of the left to destroy our futures by destroying our education systems, giving our enemies homes, and then shutting down those that would protect us against attack. Simply more evidence that obama and cohorts are criminals.

  6. The clowns who want to implement these sorts of rules/regulations just don’t have a clue…

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