Targeted Killing

The Religion of Peace:

Just how low are the expectations for Islam when no one is surprised by the cold-blooded murder of Christian doctors by Muslim fundamentalists for trying to help Muslims in need?   (CAIR hasn’t even bothered to denounce the killing).

Taliban Abandon Limits on Cruelty (BBC)

Even the most basic standards of human decency don’t stand much of a chance against the free hand of Islamic fundamentalism.

Obama’s “Peace Partner’s” Chilling Hunt, Slaughter of Med Aid Group Suspected of Christianity But Spares Muslim Driver — Pak-trained killers ‘used Facebook’ to track aid group

Atlas Shrugs

Pak-trained killers ‘used Facebook’ to track aid group

They day the group was ambushed, the medical workers were returning from a 120-mile trek on foot and horseback to treat villagers in the remote Nuristan region.

Intelligence sources told The Sunday Times it appears the Taliban tracked the medical team for days. Other intelligence sources said the group’s Facebook page may have alerted the Taliban to the trekkers’ intentions before they had reached Nuristan.

“It appears the doctors were followed across the mountain passes between Nuristan and Badakhshan by the Taliban. The information we have suggests that this was a targeted killing,” an Afghan security service agent told the paper.

Some of the killers had been trained in Pakistan, police told the newspaper.

In crossing Badakhshan, Little and his other aid workers had no idea they were walking into an area rife with Taliban.

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  1. Why do these fools go to these areas? Where there is no thanks to what help you provide or what goods u deliver. They curse you form the heart, get out let the muslims fend for themselves. Not a pie from me for the muslim shit holes. Aid must be withdrawn let their muslim brothers help these barbarian savages.

  2. Greaticon,
    These people do what they do out of love and unselfishness trying to bring a bit of light to an otherwise dark World.

    I think they’re nutters but I do admire them. G-d bless their souls.

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