"Tolerance" in the "Occupied Territories" (Judea & Samaria)

PA lowers volume on mosques near ‘settlements’

BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — The Palestinian Authority has reportedly agreed to an Israeli request to lower the volume on mosque loudspeakers in Palestinian villages surrounded by settlements.

The Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth reported Sunday that the PA has also agreed that Friday prayers will be held in one mosque per village, after several Israeli settlers complained to Israeli authorities over the volume of the call to prayer.


Ehud Ahmed Barak bars IDF troops from eating, drinking or smoking at checkpoints during Ramadan

Many people on the Right are upset about Barak’s dhimmi orders.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak has ordered IDF troops not to eat, drink or smoke at checkpoints during the month-long Ramadamadan Muslim fast. Ramadamadan starts on Saturday…..  Carl in J’lem

Update: just like the mythical Andalucia!

Sounds like a fairytale: how long will it last?

A wonderful supermarket opens in the West Bank, thrilling the Israeli and Arab shoppers (who get along just fine, thank you very much). Pajamas Media

The Hebrew-language newspaper reported that the head of Israel’s Civil Administration, Yoav Mordechai, contacted several PA officials to make the request and ultimately reached an agreement with the Ramallah-based government. A representative did not return a phone call from Ma’an seeking to confirm the report.

PA religious endowments (Awqaf) minister Mahmoud Al-Habbash confirmed some changes, such as holding Friday prayer in one mosque per village, however he said changes were made for religious reasons and not for the benefit of Israel’s settlers.

“Our religious affairs are not subject to political bargaining,” he told Ma’an radio on Monday.

“Israeli media fabricate such reports to serve political interests,” he added. “They try to create a gap between the Palestinian political leadership and the Palestinian people by taking on such sensitive religious issues.”

Hamas: PA against Islam

The awqaf minister also condemned Hamas, whose leadership quickly seized on the report and issued a strong rebuke to the PA. “Have Hamas and Israel formed a joint agenda dedicated to attacking the PA?” he said.

In the Gaza Strip, Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said the agreement proved that the “Abbas authority” was committed “not only to curbing the resistance, but has also expanded to fight the Islamic religion for the benefit of the occupation.”

Abu Zuhri said the latest move came in the context of other “actions to fight the Islamic faith in general” including the dismissal of a large number of Hamas-affiliated imams, muezzins, and orators from their jobs.

Regardless of the pretext, however, Israel’s settlers say they are happy with the agreement.

Settler leader Yitzhak Shedmi described the initiative as important and said his fellow West Bank settlers were already noticing the changes on the ground.

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  1. Is there some kind of disease that is going around that infects Western politicians and journalists. This disease has very similar symptoms to full blown dhimmitis, even though no there is no evidence of infection of Islam.

    Lets give it a name – How about

    Judeao-Christian dhimmitis Syndrome.

  2. That’s all you need. The Government that should be backing its soldiers is working against them, I cannot believe this stupidity.

    Would be really good if the Soldiers and their Commanders told the Government to go and get ****ed.

  3. DP111
    I’d go as far as to call it the ‘soft cock syndrome’. The people in power these days a ‘softer than custard and twice as yellow’.

  4. Defense Minister Ehud Barak has ordered IDF troops not to eat, drink or smoke at checkpoints during the month-long Ramadamadan Muslim fast.
    Ehud Barak is crazy to bend to their demands.
    What are they afraid of?

  5. The agreement must have been thus; If you turn your Muezzin loudspeakers down around the settlements, we’ll agree to quit eating or drinkin during Ramadan fast.
    Quite the compromise.

  6. [ramadan] Israel turns its back on the God of Israel, in favour of allah?

    Bad move.

  7. Do they have a choice? They are surrounded by maniacs. You cannot go against them unless you are seeking an early death. This is insanity on a big scale.

  8. I believe there is a system to mute the unpleasant sounds that come out of the arselifters barracks where they play the sounds out of phase to the original cacophony. If there is any company selling this I would love to buy one of these systems. I am plagued by this pestilence in my area.

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