Totally Deranged

The MSNBC Smear Machine

Here’s a totally insane, clueless airhead making a fool of himself  trying to smear Pamela Geller.

Shrill, dumb, loud & stoopid.

Thanks to Barenaked Islam:

Don’t cha love it when these liberals have nothing of substance to report on so they revert to name calling? While this is a hit piece on Pamela, it’s really a smack upside the head to Harry Reid for agreeing with the Right about the Victory Mosque. He He He!

More of the same from the Caliphate News Networx

CNN on Ground Zero Mosque: It’s All Geller’s Fault! (Atlas Shrugs)

Echoing Salon, who got their talking point from Daisy Con herself, the left lemmings are off like a pack of wild dogs.

The mad frenzy continues:

The ex-waiter/mystery millionaire  Sharif El-Gamal  tries blackmail and threatens opponents:

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    Manhattan mosque row heats up

    [MARK COLVIN: In the United States the row over a proposed mosque in lower Manhattan is getting increasingly heated.

    The US President Barack Obama is under fire for confusing his message over the controversial plan to build an Islamic community centre two blocks from Ground Zero.

    It’s dividing political parties and US commentators. Opponents are threatening to hold a big rally against the mosque on September 11.

    Our correspondent Craig McMurtrie reports ]

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