US: Mega Mosques Spring up All Over

Creeping Sharia:

Mega Mosque Plans Target America’s Heartland (video)

From Erick Stakelbeck at Stakelbeck on Terror.

The proposed mega-mosque near Ground Zero has sparked outrage among many Americans. But far from Manhattan, there is another mosque firestorm brewing.

Backstories on the Islamization of Tennessee here.

The Sharia Effect: Obama’s Approval Highest Among Muslims

No surprises here. Birds of a feather…..

Why can’t Barack Obama tell the world about American tolerance?

Sally Quinn, WaPo: “Obama is a Christian”

Obama’s Kenyan grandmother, a life long Muslim, also claimed she was ‘Christian’ before he was elected. This year she went to  Mecca to attend the hajj…….. Obama’s chickens are coming home, to rrroooost…!

Sally knows best:  “Obama is a Christian”. I guess you gotta be a completely clueless moonbat to not be able to tell the difference……. (Sally Quinn, WaPo)

“Help yourself and G-d will help you”

Glenn Beck then went on to claim that submitting to God’s will is not Christian. He said “Submission to his will. That’s Islam.” Beck implies that Christians do not submit to God’s will.

Eye on the world:

Muslims demand respect while they give none at all

No, its not a ‘clash of civilizations’, its the final battle between civilization and barbarity

Crack me up:

Chuck Johnson Now Using 5th Grade Pretzel Logic to Tie Right-Wingers to Violent Crime

Gateway Pundit

5 thoughts on “US: Mega Mosques Spring up All Over”

  1. Obama’s approval rating highest amongst Muslims now there’e a surprise. Now they KNOW he was born and schooled as a Muslim and the KNOW he now calls himself CHRISTIAN so why are then not up in arms screaming for the APOSTATES head. Because the KNOW he is not an APOSTATE he is just a fellow Mohammedan practicing TAQQIYA and LYING to the Kaffirs just like Mohammad taught them to do thats why.

  2. Any opposition to any islamic encroachment or demand will be taken as an “attack” on islam, and may result in some becoming “radicals”, despite islam’s claim to be peaceful. Even “controversy” is enough to unhinge some of the poor things.

    Follow the bunny:

    Controversy shakes Muslim youth in U.S.

    Anti-Muslim sentiment has been on display this month, and Islamic students in America are voicing concerns that attacks on their faith could drive some to become radicals.

    By TARA BAHRAMPOUR, Washington Post

    * A rotting hulk of a once-great Noospaper

    [For weeks, their faith had been under attack by some opponents of a proposed Islamic center near ground zero in New York City.

    Every time they turned on the TV, there were new reports of anti-Muslim sentiment: mosque construction being opposed hundreds of miles from ground zero; a Florida pastor vowing to burn copies of the Qur’an to mark the anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001; a poll showing that 43 percent of Americans hold unfavorable views of Muslims. And last week, a Muslim cabbie was stabbed in New York.

    All of it points to a swelling hostility that many of these students had scarcely known was there and that religious and political leaders worry could fuel alienation and radicalism among some young American Muslims.]

    * Is there anything that doesn’t fuel “alienation and radicalism”?

  3. “We’re all Muslims”? Speak for yourself, Mayor Boob Box. And if you are, I’m waiting for you to don the hijab and burqa and say your prayers on your knees 5X a day towards Mecca. Don’t expect the rest of us, however, to follow in your footsteps. Moron!

  4. It often happens. You foresee one result, the future gives exactly opposite. 9/11 where 3000 innocents died is not something that should 0ffer to loss and gain scenarios. However, there cannot be any doubt that Islam has been in the headlines since 9/11 as never before.

    Similarly, the campaign again Ground Zero mosque, is already motivating American Muslims to fight for their right to freedom of religion, which earlier they would not have so keen about.

    America may be set get more and more mosques all around its landscape, as Mosques are the very life-blood of Muslim society.

  5. islam will be in the headlines when it comes time for the TOG (Temple of God) to be built on the TM (Temple Mount), as the Jerusalem Temple may be seen as the very life-blood of Jewish society. There will be no mosques during the millennial reign of Jesus Christ, and most likely no muslims to “pray” to allah in them anyway.

    The future: Ezekiel 38/39, Isaiah 17 and so on.

    How will muslims react when the site fence goes up on the Temple Mount? Do you think they will show as much restraint as Americans are showing to the GZM, or will they bay for Jewish blood & seek to destroy Israel (God’s covenant land)?

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