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After arresting five  Muslim men  who planned an armed terrorist attack on a Sydney army base to further the cause of Islam by killing as many people as possible, Dhimmi in Chief  Simon Overland finds it necessary to run to the next mosque and assure Muslims that there is nothing to worry about:

Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Simon Overland has visited a Melbourne mosque to assure worshippers they are all Australians and shouldn’t feel like second-class citizens.

Mr Overland went to the 8 Blacks prayer centre in North Melbourne, believed to have been attended by three of the five men charged this week over terrorism offences.

Many Muslims have said they fear reprisals following the counter-terrorist raids in Melbourne on Tuesday that resulted in the five, all of Somali and Lebanese background, being taken into custody.

How nice!  Simon Overland emulating George W. Bush!  Remember how good ol’George took his shoes and socks off a day after 9/11 to tell us all that Islam ‘is a religion of peace?’

The Muslims  of course, are “embarrassed and shocked” that the suspects once attended a mosque that’s home to Australia’s top Muslim cleric, Sheik Fehmi Naji El-Imam. (Sydney Moonbat Herald)

Terrorism plot: suspects in court

Five men being questioned over an alleged terrorist conspiracy had sought a religious ruling to authorise an attack in Australia, a court has heard.

Shereen Hassan, the vice-president of the Islamic Council of Victoria, says Muslims have been shocked by the raids and are calling for calm amid fears of a backlash.

“But we have faith that the overwhelming majority of Australians will not react in this way and remain calm,” she said.

“[We] urge the wider community and the media to respect the privacy of the families concerned.

“The overwhelming majority of Australian Muslims unequivocally condemn all forms of terrorism.”

Mohamed Baaruud from the Somalia Advocacy Action Group says the community cannot believe some Somali Australians have been implicated.

“We are all shocked,” he said.

“This is the last thing we were expecting.”

ABC News

The Sydney Moonbat Herlard has a long list of Muslim grievances right here:

Under siege: Muslims blame the media

Zetland Mosque.kid

Sydney’s Muslims are, by far, Australia’s most alienated and the city’s mainstream media are largely to blame, Islamic leaders say.

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  1. islam is not on trial, despite allah’s fingerprints being all over the place, and its followers as both defendants and court room observers:

    [AS he prepared to martyr himself by attacking the Holsworthy army base, alleged terrorist Wissam Fattal asked his mother: “Don’t you want paradise? Don’t you want your son and yourself to go to paradise to the highest degree?” ]

    [He told her, in a telephone conversation intercepted by Australian police in a massive operation called Operation Neath and read to a Victorian Supreme Court jury yesterday: “This terrestrial life is pain, mum.” In the courtroom, Islamic women were dressed in the hijab. In the dock, the five accused men, two Lebanese and three Somali, wore suits and ties.]

    * Not confident enough to refuse to acknowledge an infidel court – no refusing to stand for the judge, no outright disrespect for “the system”?
    Give them time, or while they are doing time in Superlax da’wa centre (if convicted).

    [In intercepts from October 2008 onwards, the prosecution alleged, Fattal prepared his parents in Lebanon for his martyrdom. On October 13, 2008, he told his mother about the extent of decadence in Australia. “I am entrusting my cause to Allah, the Glorious and the Almighty,” he said.]

    * Nothing to do with islam – it never does, as long as dhimmis refuse to see the bleeding obvious.

  2. I used to live in Melbourne and I love the Aussies, I just hopexxxxxxxof these Devil Worshipers kick the shit out of a few of the horrible bastards all in the name of peace mind you!
    The revolution is coming, we need some good old Anzacs to start it off and the rest of the world will follow all in the name of peace.

  3. Mohammedan response to mohammedan violence

    We were framed
    We cant believe it
    We weren’t there
    ad infinitum

  4. Media reporting causes muslim violence (which simultaneously has nothing to do with islam). If the press doesn’t report on all the negative things involving muslims, the bad things will magically stop happening.

  5. I just wonder whether, if they had sent a female MP to ‘reassure’ them, she would have had to use the back door, cover her face and take 4 witnesses!

  6. * “We are all shocked,” he said

    Punxsutawney Ahmed returned to its burrow, until the next instalment.

  7. They’re all shocked! shocked I tell ya, that jihad is going on here!

    The police chief doesn’t want them to feel like second class citizens, I hope he knows he’s going to be one soon if he doesn’t smarten up. Chief, can you spell DHIMMI?

  8. Almost reminds me of Belushi in Blues Brothers- “Honey, it wasn’t my fault! there was an earthquake! I had a flat tire! The dry cleaners lost my tuxedo! There was a hurricane! It wasn’t my fauauauauault!!!”

  9. “Australians are infidels” – muslim accused
    “islam is not on trial” – learned judge

    [In a phone conversation intercepted by police in June last year, Abdirahmin Mohamud Ahmed told Saney Edow Aweys it would be easy for an “angry” sheik in the mountains of Somalia to tell them to “enter this place” and they had to ask “people with knowledge”.

    “If the sheik says to the guys enter this place . . . it’s a catastrophe, brother,” Mr Ahmed said.

    Mr Aweys, who has been identified in many recorded conversations repeatedly describing Australians as “infidels”, told Mr Ahmed he was “soft” and told him if a fatwa was granted, “I am included”.]

    * still nothing to do with islam:

    [On April 24, when Mr Sayed visited Mr Fattal, who was in the Melbourne Assessment Prison facing assault charges, Mr Fattal told him: “This is the road to paradise, I swear to Allah.”]

  10. Banned for the Fifth time today from Facebook Lol,i think i will take a break of FB. Band of Dhimmi….

  11. “But we have faith that the overwhelming majority of Australians will not react in this way and remain calm,” she said.

    This is the constant attempt to shame the public so that they do not engage in the normal response of community or people – self-defence.

    When is the community going to say enough is enough. So long as the wider public continues to excercise restraint, so long will the authorities ignore the wider public, and appease the community that does not excercise restraint.

    Its a matter of power – if the majority public behaves like a dope, it will be treated like a dope.

  12. * “But we have faith that the overwhelming majority of Australians will not react in this way and remain calm,” she said.

    OT, but when someone threatens to burn a book of satanic verses, the powers that be lose faith in the overwhelming majority of muslims, and denounce the person as lacking American values. The good thing with islam is that no matter what the situation, the infidel is always wrong, always the one causing trouble, causing a backlash…

    “islam is not on trial”, but I’m sure the defence will trot out the alleged perps’ tragic backgrounds in Somalia, Afghanistan, the failure of the Australian education education system, and anything else under the sun that isn’t on trial. Bank on it.

  13. Undaunted,
    He is a “arse-licker” with no talent as a policeman who holds onto his job by giving blow jobs to his superiors in parliament. Well, an unkind description but very true!!

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