Smoking the Koran Causes "Backlash"

Sharia rules. America rates high on the sharia compliant scale of imam Rauf:

Newsflash: Koran burner Derek Fenton booted from his job at NJ Transit

So much for freedom of expression in the land of the free:

The protestor who burned pages from the Koran outside a planned mosque near Ground Zero was fired from NJ Transit over the controversial act, sources and authorities said yesterday. Read more:

Queensland lawyer Alex Stewart smokes pages from the Koran and Bible, fanatical frenzy ensues….

  • Atheist smokes holy books on YouTube
  • Video slammed by offended religious leaders
  • Lawyer says “Bible smokes better than Koran”

A BRISBANE-based lawyer and atheist who videoed himself smoking what appeared to be joints made with pages from the Bible and the Koran expects to lose his job at a Queensland university. (Sheik reported: “Feelings Hurt” )

No doubt the Queensland University of Technology is upset about the prospect of all those enraged Christians rioting, burning tires and Alex Stewart in effigy, chanting “Death to Australia,” and all the rest — no, wait…

Moral Equivalence Alert: “Australian lawyer smokes pages of Bible and Koran, asking ‘Which is best?,'” from the Telegraph via JW

Other offerings:

Gambian President: Islam not a religion of violence, but if you burn Qur’ans or draw Muhammad, we’ll kill you

He said it. “Gambian president: Islam is the best religion,” from the Ahlul Bayt News Agency, September 14 (thanks to JW)

“Controversial Act”:  Derek Fenton was fired for burning pages of the Koran near Ground Zero on 9/11.

Our enemies are laughing their sorry asses off over so much cowardly caving in:

NJ Transit confirmed Fenton was fired but wouldn’t elaborate.

“Mr. Fenton’s public actions violated New Jersey Transit’s code of ethics,” an agency statement said. “NJ TRANSIT concluded that Mr. Fenton violated his trust as a state employee and therefore was dismissed.”

Several neighbors in Fenton’s Bloomingdale neighborhood stood up for his right to express himself with flames.

“Good for him for burning the Koran,” neighbor Jacqui Marquez, 40, said. “Everybody’s entitled to their opinion … by firing him, they’re sending a message that there’s no freedom of speech. They’re completely wrong for doing this.”

“He’s a family man,” neighbor Randy McConnell, 43, said. “He loves his kids and he loves trains. I don’t agree with what he did, but he shouldn’t lose his job over it. That’s his right.”

Backlash Watch

After arresting five  Muslim men  who planned an armed terrorist attack on a Sydney army base to further the cause of Islam by killing as many people as possible, Dhimmi in Chief  Simon Overland finds it necessary to run to the next mosque and assure Muslims that there is nothing to worry about:

Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Simon Overland has visited a Melbourne mosque to assure worshippers they are all Australians and shouldn’t feel like second-class citizens.

Mr Overland went to the 8 Blacks prayer centre in North Melbourne, believed to have been attended by three of the five men charged this week over terrorism offences.

Many Muslims have said they fear reprisals following the counter-terrorist raids in Melbourne on Tuesday that resulted in the five, all of Somali and Lebanese background, being taken into custody.

How nice!  Simon Overland emulating George W. Bush!  Remember how good ol’George took his shoes and socks off a day after 9/11 to tell us all that Islam ‘is a religion of peace?’

The Muslims  of course, are “embarrassed and shocked” that the suspects once attended a mosque that’s home to Australia’s top Muslim cleric, Sheik Fehmi Naji El-Imam. (Sydney Moonbat Herald)

Terrorism plot: suspects in court

Five men being questioned over an alleged terrorist conspiracy had sought a religious ruling to authorise an attack in Australia, a court has heard.

Shereen Hassan, the vice-president of the Islamic Council of Victoria, says Muslims have been shocked by the raids and are calling for calm amid fears of a backlash.

“But we have faith that the overwhelming majority of Australians will not react in this way and remain calm,” she said.

“[We] urge the wider community and the media to respect the privacy of the families concerned.

“The overwhelming majority of Australian Muslims unequivocally condemn all forms of terrorism.”

Mohamed Baaruud from the Somalia Advocacy Action Group says the community cannot believe some Somali Australians have been implicated.

“We are all shocked,” he said.

“This is the last thing we were expecting.”

ABC News

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Many Many Backlash!

Fanatical Frenzy Watch

Unburned Koran Causes Many Backlash’

Iran Calls Quran Burning an ‘Unprecedented Crime’…

The Iranians seized on reports of Koran burnings near Ground Zero and elsewhere in the U.S. to fan deadly riots Monday in mostly-Muslim Kashmir.   (NYDaily News)

Enraged over reports that a Qur’an was burned in Michigan, Muslims attack church in India

This is madness — and yet the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations, to say nothing of Barack Obama, continue to focus their ire on the ones doing the Qur’an-burning, rather than on the ones committing acts of irrational hatred and violence because of the alleged Qur’an-burning. “Reports: Upset over Michigan incident, Muslims attack church in India,” by Niraj Warikoo for the Detroit Free Press, via JW

Two More Afghans Die in Protest of Burning That Wasn’t… (RoP)

“Submit, infidel! Submit!” A young Kashmiri boy shouts slogans during a protest on the outskirts of Srinagar, India.

Twelve dead in Kashmir, Christian school torched over Qur’an desecration

More madness. “Twelve dead in Kashmir, Christian school torched,” by Izhar Wani forAFP, September 13 (thanks to JW):

Misunderstanders of Islam attack Christians in Indonesia

BEKASI, Indonesia — Assailants stabbed a Christian worshipper in the stomach and pounded a minister in the head with a wooden plank as they headed to morning prayers Sunday outside Indonesia’s capital.   Where is Obama calling on these “assailants” to stand down? (JW)

Where are Muslim Priorities? (RoP)

Where’s The Outrage? Christian Pakistanis Denied Flood Aid, Increase in Violent Acts Against Non-Muslims

Interestingly one nut job threatening to burn a Muslim Holy Book, brings out the mainstream media in force, and generates protests across the Muslim world. But in Pakistan non-Muslims are being denied a share of the aid being given to flood victims, or being told to receive aid they must convert, and there is nary a word coming from the traditional media. (Yid with Lid)

Egyptian Security Forces Storm Monastery, Assault Monks

(AINA) — On Tuesday, September 7, at 8 PM a 300-man security force, backed by a large number of cars and armored vehicles, attacked the monastery of St. Macarius of Alexandria in Wadi Rayan, Fayoum province, 150 KM south of Cairo. The monks in the monastery were assaulted with tear gas, batons and stones. Three monks were seriously wounded.   Click here to see video of the monastery

Imam Rauf: ‘Silence! I Kill You?’

Faiz Khan, A founding member of an organization run by Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the driving force behind the planned mosque near Ground Zero, claims that the 9/11 attacks were an “inside job” and that Muslims have been made scapegoats, The NY Post (why would anybody surprised? The Muzz has been peddling this kind of dreck for years now….)

Wasn’t it supposed to be ‘Islamophobic’ to suggest that the Religion of Peace will kill if it doesn’t get its way? (

Australian lawyer smokes pages of Bible and Koran, asking ‘Which is best?’

An Australian lawyer, Alex Stewart, has smoked pages torn from the Koran and the Bible, posting the video on YouTube just days after an American Pastor’s threat to burn the Muslim holy book caused worldwide outrage.

Instant Backlash: Video deleted, Brisbane Lawyer Expects To Be Fired For Burning Koran And Bible

'Backlash'- Religion of Non-cooperation Circles the Wagons

Google Muslims fear backlash after attack…’ and you get  377.000 results (0.15 seconds)

Canuck Jihad:

Muslims fear backlash from orchard owners…

Muslim community not to blame for bad apples: Harper (thanks to Blazing Cat Fur)

Vlad Tepes Blog has this:

Religion of non-cooperation:

A reader, who shall remain nameless lest he be “Muslim Backlashed”, received this e-mail instructional from Read it carefully, unless I missed something this is not an appeal for cooperation with authorities nor is it a denunciation of jihadi terror. It is in fact a call to the Muslim Community to circle the wagons and act according to a specific agenda that speaks more to a cover up than cooperation.

Salam Alaikum,

Ater speaking to representatives of 2 of the accused in the case they have given this instruction.

1.Do not speak to the media. Refer them to the lawyers of the defendants
2.Do not talk about the case or the defendants in detail even in private. It is more than likely that some people are under surveillance and anything could be used against the defendants. This is of CRITICAL importance. Do not send emails, post on facebook, twitter etc… about the defendants.
3.If at any point our support is needed we will be informed but for now we must sit tight.
4.Make Du’a
5.There will be some letters circulated asking to ensure the case is fair and transparent – you can act up on these letters.

This is of the utmost importance please try to respect these rules.


Shrinks to the front:

Canadian Islamic Congress On Ottawa Terror Muslims Seek Counseling for  Emotional Distress:

“The CIC affirms that Canadian Muslims, more than other citizens, are deeply concerned and disturbed about the arrests and especially about psychological, social and emotional impact of these arrests on the well being of Canadian Muslims.”

In other words screw you Kuffars, we Muslims is sensitive. How dare your kafir police arrest our terrorists…..!

Pakistan Needs More Christian Aid Workers…

RoP links:

BREAKING NEWS: Three U.S. Christian Workers Killed In Pakistan, source

ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN (BosNewsLife)– Suspected Islamic militants have killed three American Christian aid workers who were helping victims of Pakistan’s worst floods in recent memory… (BosNewsLife)

Beggar Nation Too Proud to Beg: Pakistan Snubs Indian Flood Aid Offer of $5 Million…

Never enough: US’s flood aid ‘not enough’ to win over Pakistan

SUKKUR, Pakistan — US aid pouring into Pakistan’s flood-hit regions is helping reverse widespread anti-American sentiment but will not be enough to win hearts and minds in the long term, experts say.

Muslims deserve our trust,  kidnapping is un-Islamic:

MOSUL, Iraq (AFP) — A Christian  was abducted and killed in northern Iraq after his family had paid his kidnappers 15,000 dollars as a ransom for his release, police said on Friday.

Canuck Muslims Fear Backlash Over Arrests

“It’s so very frustrating,  It’s very unfair —  demonizing communities again and creating a situation where everyone’s guilty till proven innocent. Muslims aren’t perfect but they and Islam certainly do not tolerate terrorism or conspiracy to terrorize… ” (‘Fearful Muslim Nightmares” – Winnipeg Free Press)

FBI: Hate crimes against Muslims rare

This is why they have to fabricate them. Remember: the thuggish Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has actually trumpeted fake anti-Muslim hate crimes in the past, in order to use them to score political points. They did this again just weeks ago in Georgia.

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Update from the RoP:

Seattle cartoonist can’t cope, afraid of  “backlash”

Molly is shaken: “I’ve had some death threats from Muslims on Facebook and e-mail,” she said.

Some people really do deserve the burqa.  Yours truly gets death threats every day. If it wasn’t for this genocidal jihad BS I could actually do something much more interesting and have some fun.

Molly, you are a twit! That’s why its important to  Support ‘Everybody Draw Muhammad Day’

CAIR’s Ahmed Rehab suggest we should all hate Jews instead. (Being a Muslim, they just can’t have it any other way) He forgets that the Arabs have been vilifying Jews for centuries, but never mind, “the show must go on”, he sez.

Ahmed hot & bothered:

“You won’t for example find 60,000 people promoting a day of drawing racist or anti-Semitic cartoons, even though they would have the right to do so under freedom of speech–at least not without a public backlash.”      More about Ahmed? Read it here….

Raped by America/naked in Luisiana

Shafiq Mohamed tells cops Allah told him to walk around naked/He said that “America raped him” and this was the way to save himself. News Time has more

South African weekly prints Motoon

(Reuters) – A South African weekly on Friday published a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammad complaining that his followers lack a sense of humor, angering Muslims and raising fear of reprisal attacks during next month’s World Cup.

UK:  Tearful Granny Loses Battle To Fly The Flag

A grandmother says she was reduced to tears by council officials who took down St George flags she had put on lampposts outside her home.  SKY NEWS

Switzerland: Cheese causes terrorism

The rise of green terror: The green movement is the home of the modern totalitarian – and saving the planet sure excuses a little terrorism….

Arsonist Suffers Burns from Attack over Cartoons…

Imbeciles. They were driven by hatred against Lars Vilks. But the arson attack against the artist’s house almost cost one of them their life. ROP/Islam in Europe

Netherlands: ‘I prefer my wife not take a taxi.. the driver might be Moroccan’

Is he right? You tell me….

Netherlands: Non-Western immigration Muslim invasion  costs 7.2 billion euro a year

Don’t we have better use for that money?

88 YEAR-OLD NAVY VETERAN ordered to take down American flag from outside his home

No need for flag & country. America is no longer a Christian country. Now that we got the Obamessiah, what else does one need? Barenaked has more

Churches Destroyed in Nigeria…

Two churches belonging to the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA), a Baptist Church, and a pastor’s house have been demolished by Fulani youths in Kano State, northern Nigeria, after a few members of the Muslim community objected to their existence. H/T ROP

While we wouldn’t dare say ‘boo’ to a Muslim here, Christians are persecuted in a Muslim country

Since 2003, Iraq’s Christian community has been subjected to assassinations, kidnappings, extortions and rapes. Over half of the estimated 1.5 million Christians in Iraq (less than 4 per cent of the population) have fled to Syria, Jordan and elsewhere. The US Commission on International Religious Freedom… Read More

Pali Work Accident

Pal News fiction:

Gaza – Ma’an – Two teenage Gaza residents were killed by Israeli forces as they snuck out of the Strip allegedly looking for work, Palestinian medics said on Friday.


They were “looking for work” with AK 47 rifles and suicide belts.

Pakistan: Twitter, Facebook & Youtube banned for “sacrilegious content”

What do you expect from a failed nation that was built on nothing but Islam?

Moe’s Night Journey

Aisha said the prophet never left his bed that night and snored like a walrus…..

Italian MEP Gabriele Albertini calls European trip “an anti-Israel propaganda mission.”

BRUSSELS -An Italian centre-right member of the European Parliament decided on Thursday to quit an official delegation due to visit Israel next week because he feels his fellow MEPs are too “anti-Israeli.”

Rather than a peacekeeping mission, it looks like an anti-Israeli propaganda mission is being prepared,” Albertini, a former mayor of Milan, said. J’Post Great. I love this guy!

Does Mullah Omar Matter?

Where’s Ayman?

al Qaeda’s number two leader Ayman al-Zawahiri has “gone dark,” according to people who monitor audio and video messages released by the terror group.  ABC News

“Gentleman” terrorist held in Chile

Police officers escort Pakistan’s Mohammed Saif-ur-Rehman Khan, 28, center, as he arrives to a hospital for a medical check-up in Santiago, Tuesday, May 11, 2010. Traces of explosives were found on Khan, who was summoned to the U.S. Embassy because his U.S. visa had been revoked…. AP

Looks like they got Mullah Omar:

BREAKING: Oliver North Confirms Mullah Omar Capture/Big Government has more


Don’t you just love it:

Al Reuters reports “backlash”

Tim Blair

Reuters claims:

Pakistani merchants and job seekers in the United States, still reeling from economic hardship since the September 11 attacks of 2001, are posing as Indians to avoid discrimination in the wake of the Times Square bomb attempt.

Once again, a man of Pakistani descent is at the center of a security story, leading to backlash against the Pakistani-American community.

Once again, “backlash” is cited without any evidence of backlash. Slate‘s Jack Shafer lashes Reuters’ backlash balderdash.

Reality sux:

Inner Struggle Watch

Can’t get ’em young enough:

Iraqi police nab 10-year-old jihad/martyrdom bomber

Putting children to good use. There’s nothing greater than being a “martyr”.  “Iraq police nab 10-year-old suicide bomber,” from AFP,

From the RoP:

Russia: Father of Female Suicide Bomber: It’s ‘Allah’s Personal Affair’…

Allah must have whispered in her ear… can’t blame him now, can we?

Second Moscow Bomber ID’ed as ‘Modest School Teacher’…

Beware of school teachers. (but can you trust your Musel-doctor…?)

US Born Islamic Cleric on Obama’s ‘Kill or Capture’ List…

Why is Obama trying to kill fellow Muslims?

Multiculturalism in UK Update: Sex with Sheep Part II…

Strange that we never get any comments from Muslims about this kind of  abuse love….

Mother of Six Has Nose Cut Off by Husband, Brother-in-Law…

Nose-less in Turkey? Nothing that can’t be fixed with a burqa….

Muslims kill and terrorize unbelievers,  blow up trains and blame us for “Islamophobia”

Muslims fear backlash for tomorrows terrorist attacks:

No matter what Islamic jihadists and Islamic supremacists do, no matter how bloodthirsty they are, no matter how gratuitous and brutal their attacks, for the mainstream media Muslims are always and everywhere the victims. “Macheteculturalism,” by Mark Steyn at The Corner, April 6 (thanks to JW):

[…] Sadly, in Landskrona the other day, an elderly couple parking their car made the mistake of attracting the attention of a young man of a certain, only vaguely hinted at, religion-of-peacey persuasion. He beat the 71-year old man brutally, and the 78-year old woman to death.The killing has shocked the town. The leaders of four local Muslim associations held a press conference to deplore the “accident” and warn that it could “cause xenophobia”. Indeed. That’s the real news angle here:

Sweden: Muslim Community Fears Violence After Attack On Elderly Couple

Here’s another for you, Mr. Steyn:

Islamophobia on the rise after Moscow Metro attacks

As Steyn says, this is beyond parody.

"Backlash" Garbage

By Debbie Schlussel

In response to the Islamic terrorist attack on Northwest Flight 253 by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the usual suspects are holding press conferences fertilized with the usual, predictable, empty condemnations of Al-Qaeda, while they refuse to condemn Hezbollah, HAMAS, Islamic Jihad, the Muslim Brotherhood, and pretty much every group and person who has murdered and continues to attempt to murder U.S. citizens as part of the Al-Qaeda Network.


In Detroit, Dawud Walid a/k/a Delano Anthony Willis, Jr. (a man with a significant criminal rap sheet), Executive Director of CAIR-Michigan, told the media that Muslims are “worried about backlash” and, “People in the community are just frustrated.”  Whatchoo Talkin’ ‘Bout Willis?!  That’s chutzpah, but we let him get away with this outrageous response.  So he continues with it.

When will the day come when Muslims are “worried about Americans being murdered by their fellow co-religionist” and when “People in the community are just frustrated”–not to mention, embarrassed–by that?  NEVER.

Other news:

Instead, the Islamic community is uppity, indignant, and self-righteous about this BS “backlash” that never has happened, and unfortunately, never will.  If only there was “backlash,” we’d have less of these attacks and less whining-with-no-basis Muslims.  But we simply don’t have the guts.  We don’t even have the guts to yank a guy’s visa, when his own Muslim father says he’s a terrorist.

More from Debbie, here>>

Tomorrows Headline Today: "Fears Over 'Backlash' Drives Muslims to Commit Mass-Killings"

Do a 3 minute google search, here:

For Muslims, backlash fear builds

Perhaps we should call this a politically correct massacre:

Protected Species?

There is a sickness in American which needs to be cured. The body infected is Western Media across thepolitical spectrum, and the bug in this case is the idea of “Political Correctness”, picked up by theAmerican Left after being in bed withStalin without protection. This contagious form of insanity requires a person to apply a layer of double-think to any event that even might have political ramifications and, since politics and morality are made one by the PC germ, that covers a lot of ground. More here>>

In the wake of Fort Hood jihad, Houston authorities try to assure non-Muslims that steps are being taken to keep them safe — no, wait…

Silly me. I thought that after an Islamic jihadist murdered twelve innocent non-Muslims, it would be the non-Muslims who would need reassuring and protecting. But of course that non-existent backlash takes priority over 12 dead unbelievers.

“Some Muslims fear backlash after rampage: In the wake of Fort Hood tragedy, Houston authorities try to assure the faithful steps are being taken to keep followers safe,” by Moises Mendoza and Lindsay Wise for the Houston Chronicle, November 7: via Jihad Watch

KILLEEN — Almost exactly 24 hours after Thursday’s shootings at Fort Hood, Sgt. Fahad Kamal knelt in a small red-brick mosque near the base and prayed for strength.

The 26-year-old combat medic from Sugar Land worships every Friday at Masjidu Ttaqwa on Fort Hood Road, where suspected shooter Nidal Malik Hasan attended services after moving to Killeen from Washington, D.C., this summer.

“I just want to show myself in a positive way for the religion I represent,” he said. “I just hope people don’t stereo type.”

Groups reeling

From Killeen to Houston, Thursday’s killings at Fort Hood left Texas’ tight-knit Muslim community reeling. Though the attack has been universally condemned by U.S. Muslim organizations, some worry that it could give the ignorant an excuse to stereotype and lash out at Muslims — or worse.

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